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King Salmon can’t even get the most benign environmentalists on their side

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King Salmon has been offered a sweetheart deal to move their salmon farms to pristine parts of the Marlborough Sounds. ?A toothless RMA process, and no public input.

The Ministry for Primary Industries has initiated a process to give King Salmon an “easy ride” for approvals for new salmon farms in the protected Outer Marlborough Sounds, says the Environmental Defence Society.

“MPI is essentially acting as a co-applicant for approvals that will override the Marlborough Council?s plans that prohibit aquaculture development in the Outer Sounds and that protect scenic and landscape values,” says EDS CEO Gary Taylor.

The Environmental Defence Society is essentially a fox in charge of the hen house. ?They are the business end of environmentalism that can generally be relied on not to be at all militant. ? But this King Salmon deal has even the EDS up in arms. ? Read more »


King Salmon farm relocation plan a poor solution to ecological devastation

If the proposal goes ahead, Minister Nathan Guy will recommend new regulations be created under s360A of the Resource Management Act enabling the farms to be relocated into areas where farming is currently prohibited.

King Salmon would still have to apply to the council to create the farms, but the usual resource management process, with public notifications and hearings, would not be followed.

Council environment committee chairman David Oddie declined to comment on how the salmon farm issues were being handled, as it was a Central Government matter.

A planning, finance and committee meeting would be held next week and Oddie believed the council would discuss its approach to the MPI proposal then.

When asked why the proposal was released this year, MPI director of economic development Luke Southorn said MPI, the council and community had developed best-practice guidelines for the salmon farms which they wanted to implement as soon as possible.

Three existing farms in low-flow areas were failing to meet best-practice standards, and three others were predicted to have issues meeting those standards in the future.

The sea floor directly under and around the farms are unrecognisable when compared to the same sea floor where there are no salmon farms. ?Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean?we can’t be upset and disgusted. ?? Read more »