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Gary Leon Ridgway. King County plea agreement: Pleaded guilty Nov. 5, 2003, to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder in a deal that spared him from execution and finally brought answers in the infamous and long-unsolved slayings.

Gary Leon Ridgway. King County plea agreement: Pleaded guilty in 2003, to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder in a deal that spared him from execution and finally brought answers in the infamous and long-unsolved slayings.

Green River Killer

Chillingly, He referred to Killing Young Women as his “Career.”

Warning :Some parts in this story are disturbing

He may be America?s most prolific serial killer. Yet the name Gary Ridgway?a.k.a. the Green River Killer?is not as well known when compared to the many other murderers who have haunted nation?s headlines. Convicted of killing 49 women over the course of two decades, Ridgway has confessed to killing almost twice that number, and admitted in later statements that he claimed so many lives he lost count.

On August 15, 1982, Robert Ainsworth, 41, stepped into his rubber raft and began his descent south down the Green River toward the outer edge of Seattle’s city limits. It was a trip he had made on many occasions, yet this time it would be different. As he drifted slowly downstream, he noticed a middle-aged balding man standing by the riverbank and a second, younger man sitting in a nearby pickup truck. Ainsworth suspected that the men were out for a day’s fishing.

He asked the older man if he had caught anything. The man replied that he had not. According to Smith and Guillen’s book, The Search for the Green River Killer , the man standing then asked Ainsworth if he found anything, to which Ainsworth replied, “Just this old singletree.” Soon after, the two men left in the old pick-up truck and Ainsworth continued to float down the river. Moments later he found himself surrounded by death.

As he peered into the clear waters his gaze was met by staring eyes. A young black woman’s face was floating just beneath the surface of the water, her body swaying beneath her with the current. Believing it might be a mannequin, Ainsworth attempted to snag the figure with a pole. Accidentally, the raft overturned as he tried to dislodge the figure from a rock and Ainsworth fell into the river. To his horror, he realized that the figure was not a mannequin, but a dead woman. Seconds later he saw another floating corpse of a half nude black woman, partially submerged in the water.

Quickly, Ainsworth swam toward the riverbank where the truck stood earlier. In shock, he sat down and waited for help to arrive. Within a half hour, he noticed a man with two children on bicycles. He stopped them, told them of his gruesome discovery and asked them to get the police. Before long, a policeman arrived at the scene and questioned Ainsworth about his find. The officer disbelievingly walked into the shallow river and reached out toward the ghostly form. The officer immediately called for backup.

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The unintended consequences that do-gooders never think of

A living wage? Increase the minimum wage?

Good ideas right?

Perhaps not…on the surface it’s all motherhood and apple pie until the rubber hits the road.

In Seattle the minimum wage has been jacked up to $15 by the local authorities. It is the highest minimum wage in?the?United States.

And it has had an effect…just not a positive one.

In a few weeks, Seattle?s new, highest in the country, $15 per hour minimum wage will go into effect. Like many liberal policies, it was passed by City Hall with the best of intentions.?The only problem is, in the end, it may do more harm than good for many.

Private businesses, unlike government entities (which, in theory, can always raise taxes or borrow), must make more than they spend in order to pay the rent, make payroll, keep the lights on, pay their business taxes, and, heaven forbid, have some left over for the owners and investors who are taking the risk and putting in the long hours.

Earlier this month, Seattle Magazine asked, Why Are So Many Seattle Restaurants Closing Lately?:

Last month?and particularly last week? Seattle foodies were downcast as the blows kept coming: Queen Anne?s Grub closed February 15. Pioneer Square?s Little Uncle shut down February 25. Shanik?s Meeru Dhalwala announced that it will close March 21. Ren?e Erickson?s Boat Street Caf? will shutter May 30 after 17 years with her at the helm?What the #*%&$* is going on? A variety of things, probably?and a good chance there is more change to come.

The magazine went?on to report that one ?major factor affecting restaurant futures in our city is the impending minimum wage hike.? Anthony Anton, president and CEO of Washington Restaurant Association, told?the magazine, ?It?s not a political problem; it?s a math problem.? He estimates that restaurants usually have a budget breakdown of about 36 percent for labor, 30 percent for food costs, and 30 percent to cover other operational costs. That leaves 4 percent for a profit margin. When labor costs shoot up to say 42 percent, something has to give.

Restaurants can take actions to adjust, such as raise their prices, acquire cheaper ingredients, and cut their operating hours and labor force. However, all those actions generate reactions from the public which can still lead to lower revenues for the restaurant and, for some, the decision to close their doors.

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Face of the day

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller is planning a ?Draw the Prophet? event in Garland, Texas in the same location as a Muslim group held a ?Stand with the Prophet? conference in January. The First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest will be hosted by the Curtis Caldwell Center, which is owned and operated by the Garland Independent School District.

Geller?s event comes on the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in January. Following the attack, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) scheduled the ?Stand with the Prophet? conference at the public school district?s conference center. Geller, the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), scheduled a protest outside the event that was attended by approximately 2,000 people.

During the Free Speech Rally in Garland, Geller spoke with Breitbart Texas about her reaction to the large and loud crowd of protesters. She said that Muslims?are trying to impose restrictions on free speech like they are doing in Paris. ?Thousands of Americans said ?no way!??

?The media can smear us and the President can stand with them,? Geller said. ?We the people are not having it. If there is any proof of that, it?s today. We dwarfed them.?

?If the Western media ran the Danish cartoons back when this Islamic supremacist movement first started gaining steam, the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo would be alive today,? Geller stated in response to an inquiry from Breitbart Texas. ?That said, the European press ran the Hebdo cartoons in the wake of that jihad slaughter. But the American press would not. The beacon of freedom, the shining light on a hill, is running scared. Well, that?s not who we are. The elites do not represent the people.?

?Enough is enough,? she explained. ?They?re just cartoons. We?re holding this exhibit and cartoon contest to show how insane the world has become ? with people in the free world tiptoeing in terror around supremacist thugs who actually commit murder over cartoons. If we can?t stand up for the freedom of speech, we will lose it ? and with it, free society.?

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Campaigners to raise the minimum wage busted advertising minimum wage jobs

Socialists are hypocrites the world over.

In New Zealand we have seen political parties on the left advocating for a living wage dreamed up by an Anglican vicar ?from Lower Hutt. The Wellington City Council adopted this arbitrary wage and one of the councillors voting for it was busted paying his own staff minimum wage and refused to pay them the same wage he voted the council to pay their workers.

We saw Laila Harre advocating and pushing the living wage as well while in the employ of a fat German man who exploited his workers paying them far below the minimum wage, ?for which there will be some?fall out in due course via the Employment Court.

Now in Seattle a similar campaign has been busted for being sanctimonious hypocrites themselves.

The website of Seattle?s Freedom Socialist Party lists its most recent presidential candidate Stephen Durham?s political positions, which include the party?s effort to ?raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour.? The group also avidly supported a successful push for a $15-per-hour minimum wage in Seattle, which passed this year. However, as?Zenon Evans at?Reason?pointed out, that same political party just got caught posting a $13-per-hour job listing seeking a web content manager with web development skills.? Read more »

Dodgy union ratbags kill jobs

The unions are doing their best to root things up for their workers at the Boeing factory in Seattle. Like the Holden and Ford workers of Australia they have progressively made life too difficult for life to continue on the way it has been.

The unions now have choices…come to agreement and save some jobs or down tools and watch the jobs move elsewhere.

The Seattle Times Editorial is blunt.

MEMBERS of the Machinists union voting Friday on a revised Boeing contract offer must look ahead. The operative word is pragmatism, not nostalgia.

This is about long-term employment to build the 777X and carbon-fiber wing in Washington, and for final assembly of the 737 MAX.

Friday?s vote comes at the insistence of the International Association of Machinists? leadership in Washington, D.C. A second vote after last month?s contract rejection was strongly resisted by Puget Sound-area IAM District 751.

In urging rank-and-file members to turn down the latest offer, local union leaders noted online:

?District 751 is recommending you reject the Company?s latest proposal because the terms of this agreement are destructive to what we have gained over the past 78 years.? The union has indeed served its members well for decades. ?? Read more »

Charter Schools – Bill Gates backs a winner!

Charter Schools are so popular now that even Bill and Melinda Gates are backing them with their own cash.

No wonder the teacher unions are opposed to charter schools, they help destroy their hegemony and control of the sector. Parents meanwhile are voting with their feet….sending more and more kids to charter schools, they believe they work despite the claims of teacher unions everywhere.

In November, Washington became the 42nd state to allow the independent public schools. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has now pledged nearly $800,000 to start a charter-school incubator for help with planning.

With the opening of Washington?s first charter school likely 15 months away, more dollars from Seattle?s tech economy are flowing toward groups that want to change the way the state thinks about public schools.

In November, Washington became the 42nd state to allow the independent public schools. The initiative campaign succeeded in part because of money from Seattle?s tech economy ? Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates donated $3 million, outside his charitable foundation, first for the signature-gathering effort and later to promote the initiative. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donated $1.5 million.? Read more »

I was wondering…..

  1. If a person with a double barrelled surname marries a person with a double barrelled surname what they do about their surname?
  2. If double barrelled surnames aren’t just a bit weird?
  3. Whether Andrew Williams aka The Cock of Campbells Bay really knows what he is getting himself into?
  4. If Andrew Williams really is mad?
  5. The leftwing will ever recover from believing that Helen could get four and finding out she couldn’t?
  6. If Phil Goff really thought much about his caucus seat placements in the house?
  7. Isn’t it creepy watching Phil Goff with the evil one sitting just over his right shoulder sneering at all and sundry?
  8. Why Tim doesn’t just ask Scrubone to do his stats, it’d be a shitload faster?
  9. Who on god’s green earth would have pinko’s for friends?
  10. If Jordan Carter has stopped commuting between Auckland Central and Wellington?
  11. If Jordan Carter has really got a mortgage on Labour’s Auckland Central after erecting all those signs for Judith?