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How the unions help Labour campaign

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This is how Labour manages to campaign without it costing them any money…they use unions like the Service and Food Workers Union, one of ?Labour’s biggest donors.

Not only do they provide large cash donations they also provide staff, resources and campaigning planning.

note how nasty the letter is to members, and the fact that SFWU?member automatically are Labour members whether they like it or not.

The Service and Food Workers Union is no longer a union they are a Labour party campaign arm,=.

Service and Food Workers Union newsletter

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Labour donation facade SMASHED – Observation by the Owl

From today the Owl will start to take the lid off Labour’s Union donations and campaigns.

The first question I started with was this.

Why are unions not making any donations to Labour party especially in election year?

This is an?incredible situation.

There is a clear rule under donation declaration that services in lieu must be reported along as cash donations.

Today the Owl SMASHES the situation and will show how donations are now replaced by campaigns. Before anyone says the Owl is a foolhardy – just remember this very important fact – it took 18 months but finally a numbers of unions had to declare millions in accounted funds.? Read more »

Some helpful tips for SFWU members

Observation by the Owl

Please read the note on the SFWU website regarding Union fees deductions below.

Important Note:

Union members are responsible for checking their fee deductions to ensure they are paying the correct rate.? Refunds will only be agreed to in extenuating circumstances and shall be granted for no more than a 12 month period.

If you as a union member make a mistake or have been over-charged you need to provide “extenuating circumstances” and a refund is only for 12 months.

Well, great to see the SWFU is a caring, sharing organisation.

I recommend that the SFWU should go through the last 10 years records on behalf of their members and identify all the errors and refund them asap. That is what a caring and sharing employer would do.

This is poor business on behalf of the Union – “if I was a member”

SFWU – it is your responsibility to check your members fees – not the members!

How will Darien Fenton explain this?

What a scam.

The Owl has found that the Service and Food Workers Union or SFWU to their mates, may have been tucking its members for coin more than once.

With Darien Fenton banging on about protecting workers rights and the low paid, perhaps she could answer the Owl?s questions on behalf of the SFWU:

1. SFWU please explain and how many other Union members suffer this fate?

2. Will the SFWU repay their over-charging?

3. Is there somewhere that Union members can clarify the fee charging on the SFWU website?when there is one or more employers that a SFWU member works for?

Darien is on the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee that will be hearing Simon Bridges Employment Relations Amendment Bill?on Thursday.? Read more »

Incompetent business reporting by the Sunday Star-Times

A Guest Post by Whaleoil Business Correspondent – Winslow Taggart:

The Sunday Star-Times committed an outrageous slur on one of NZ’s best run companies today, by linking Ryman Healthcare to industrial relations issues in the retirement village industry.

In fact, by the end of the article, it turns out that Ryman has above average wages in the industry, has no industrial relations issues, and is only in the spotlight because it makes a lot of money – more than anyone else in the industry.

The Slowly-Sinking-Tabloid breathlessly reports that Ryman has made $84m in profit, slyly implying that this is because service worker wages are being ripped off.

In fact, Ryman’s large profits are because of its winning formula of constructing its apartment and village complexes in-house, building to scale (their villages are larger compared to other retirement village operators) and gaining profit on the re-sale of units. For those who don’t know, retirement village operators are mostly property developers who also happen to provide health care to residents. Much of their cash flow comes from unit sales and crucially – re-sales. Wages for nursing care would be a relatively minor part of Ryman’s cost structure.

The Slowly Sinking Tabloid also gets a nice hearty quote from a deluded union hack on the evils of Ryman making money. Says Alistair Duncan from the Service and Food Workers Union:

“Is aged care a service to the community, or is it a business? If you’re making a profit, why is that, when aged care is an extension of the health care we give people?”

The SFWU should STFU. On his logic, we should start underpaying doctors and surgeons because they profit from healthcare too. The health care system would fall over tomorrow if the unions decided health funding priorities.

The real reason the SFWU hates Ryman is because Ryman pays its staff more relative to other retirement village operators – and as a result,?there is practically NO SFWU or other union presence in Ryman Healthcare villages. Other operators?who pay less, like Oceania, have a strong union presence and recent industrial relations unrest.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why Ryman do so well – no nasty marxists to fuck things up and make life unpleasant for residents.

Utterly incompetent reporting by Michelle Robinson. She should hang her head in shame.

Unionists telling lies, repeaters repeating them

We have seen how unionists are racist, bullies and now we can see how they like to tell lies.

John Ryall from the Labour affliated Service and Food Workers Union had this to say to Radio NZ:

Service and Food Workers Union national secretary John Ryall says the Government has signalled it wants wages to be reduced and more flexibility in the workforce, and employers are responding to that.

That of course is a complete lie. Nowhere, anywhere has the government signalled anything of the sort. But that doesn;t stop them saying is and Red Radio repeating it unchallenged.

Of course there is one other group who like to repeat that exact line, over and over and over. That is the useful lap-bloggers at The Standard, and right on cue just a few hours after John Ryall spoke with Radio New Zealand there was Zetetic running the exact same lines….curious don’t you think.

These people support Labour and MMP

The Service and Food Workers Union is registered as a promotor for the General Election and also for the Referendum in support of MMP. They have made a video that has not had much coverage and so in the interests of assisting the retarded in having a political voice I will post it here.

Manufacturing news the Labour way

There have been a few news stories about happy low paid workers ecstatic that Labour’s new tax is great for them.

Ten bucks a week extra in her pay packet would make a huge difference to Tongan cleaner Mele Peaua and her large family.

Mrs Peaua, the mother of six children aged from eight to 18, takes home $434 a week from her 36 hours work as a cleaner at two Hutt Valley schools. She would use the extra $525 a year ? $10 a week ? that she would earn under Labour to buy more fruit and vegetables for her children.

“I need to get them to eat more healthy food. How can we have a better life if the children are not healthy children? I work two jobs and have no time at home for the children. I have to keep looking for more jobs and I am not at home for the children. Ten dollars more per week would give me great joy.”

Tapu Misa also quotes, the very accessible to the media, Mele Peaua:

Labour’s tax policy, which makes the first $5000 of income tax-free, will mean $10 extra a week for Mrs Peaua. It sounds like crumbs to me, but she told the Dom Post she’d use that to buy more fruit and vegetables for her children, which would be cheaper under Labour’s plan to make them GST-free.

“How can we have a better life if the children are not healthy children? I work two jobs and have no time at home for the children … Ten dollars more per week would give me great joy.” As would the $15 minimum wage promised by Labour.

Labour likes to refer media to Mele Peaua, they even use her in their press releases.

Su?a William Sio congratulated Mele Peaua, representing cleaners and the Service and Food Workers Union at the rally in Parliament grounds, for speaking out against what she called John Key?s ?bad laws?.

Mele Peaua?gets trotted out by Labour at every opportunity as a “Tongan school cleaner”, yet she’s on the Pacific Island committee of the SFWU and a key protester at Labour-organised rallies.

This is the same Service and Food Workers union that donated $20,000 plus labour to assist the Labour party in 2008.

When you see people trotted out in the media saying how wonderful something is it always pays to check their background. They may not be as?independent?in their thoughts and opinions as?portrayed?to gullible media who don’t know how to use Google.