Oh boo hoo, suck it up cupcake and stop blaming blokes

An SJW after spotting sexism in the distance.

A Newspaper writes: Quote:

QuoteSurvivor’s latest victim says living in a Thailand jungle was “10 times worse” than she expected, calling one night “unbelievably terrible”.

Wildcard entrant Franky March was eliminated during last night’s episode of Survivor NZ after her tribe, Chani, lost another immunity challenge[…]

She told the Herald she developed a misconception [since last October] that the show was going to be easy.

“I half thought, ‘They probably have a semi-shelter set up, and they probably have soap, and? maybe a Portaloo even?’ But no, there was none of that,” says March.End of quote.

In other words, she hadn’t watched one episode. Quote:

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SJB: Public Restrooms are Sexist!

[..] For as long as I can remember, I’ve been lining up to use the loo. At weddings, festivals, gigs, sports; any large public event with gender-specific toilets, and the women’s line will snake around the block. “What do you ladies DO in there,” you’ll sometimes hear Dwayne from accounts chuckle. “You take FOREVER.”

Contrary to commonly held belief, we are not gushing over the guy at the bar or swapping lipstick tips (though this sometimes happens, too.) What we’re mostly doing is what we came to do; pee.

Ok, women use the bathroom more than men. Got it.

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Yeah, because violence and vandalism is ok if you are a road maggot

To anyone else this looks like an incident of road rage, vandalism and violence…but because it was a chick on a bike it is ok?

A female cyclist exacted her revenge on a catcaller in a van who pestered her at a junction by chasing after him and ripping off his wing mirror.

The incident in central London was caught by a GoPro camera attached to the helmet of a nearby moped rider.

As the trio of vehicles all stop at a red light on a junction with Tottenham Court Road, one of the men inside the van can be heard asking: ‘Alright, want my number?’ ? Read more »


Fix your racist, sexist toddler with this University workshop

A?Washington state college is offering a workshop to help teach parents how to nip their toddlers’ sexist, racist, and gender-normative behavior in the bud.

Evergreen College?s upcoming event, ?A is for Anti-Bias,? includes a presentation, handouts, group activities, and homework that will help you cure your children aged 3-6 of any attachment to reality that they might already have developed.

The class is taught by a grad student who, according to the event page, is ?engaged in education initiatives focused on inclusion and equity.? In other words, indoctrination in cultural Marxism.

The event is sponsored by an organization called ?Teaching for Change,? which holds workshops across the country to initiate a national conversation about toddler biases — yes, toddler biases. The group is working to craft ?an approach to early childhood education that sets forth values-based principles and methodology in support of respecting and embracing differences and acting against bias and unfairness.? Cut through the academic jargon there and what you have is an agenda for politicizing your children in the divisive, corrosive evil of identity politics.

Teaching for Change also offers plenty of at-home resources on their website to help inculcate a radical racial and sexual consciousness in your baby before he or she (or xe) even learns to spell. The younger, the better!

And of course, there is even a set of lesson plans to help parents teach your child how to build an active resistance to President Trump?s agenda.

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Part Two: Out of context I don’t think so

When we posted a video containing extracts from lectures given by Dr Sahib he demanded an apology and said that the anti-Semitic and misogynistic words we had put together in the video were taken out of context. In order to show the context for one quote I watched one video and wrote the following post. Before I could analyse the second video however the mosque shut down their Youtube channel’s public access and I thought I would be unable to show the context of the rest of the quotes.

Fortunately, a reader had taken the time to download the videos so I have been able to continue in my quest to provide context for each quote.

The context of the second quote was that it was taken from a lecture about slander. A story was used to illustrate the message. Dr Sahib tells his audience about a 15 year old wife who?was falsely accused of doing something forbidden with the man who leads the end camel of the caravan. She had been accidentally left behind by the caravan after she had left her camel to answer the call of nature. Her camel had a tent like structure on it so they were not aware that she was not inside when they left. The guy who rides at the tail end of the caravan finds her sleeping without her face covered. He looks away and says something and she wakes up and immediately covers her face. He then gives her his camel to ride on. When they reach their destination she ends up sick for a month unaware of the slander that is being spread about her and the last?camel guy. When she is told about it she says to her husband?

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Comment of the Day

My attention was drawn to this comment on Martyn Martin Bradbury’s hate speech blog, where Bradbury gets schooled on issues regarding hate speech and its pernicious effects.

Bradbury had been mansplaining about how it was OK for Muslim hate-speech preacher?Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib was really just a silly old man rather than the nasty antisemite ?and misogynist he actually is.

This has got to be one of the silliest posts to have turned up on the Kiwi blogosphere for some time, with a fair number of suspects competing for that dismal accolade.

Maybe the most disconcerting thing here, Martyn, is your blitheness about the stress that hate speech causes real people: members of vulnerable minorities; especially young people, and children not least of all. ?What?s so controversial about claiming Jews and Christians are the enemies of Muslims?? What?s the matter with you, Bomber? How do you imagine that hate speech, or the wholesale denigration of an entire minority actually works?

A boy of four wearing a yarmulke, assaulted in Mt. Eden last year ? because Jews are portrayed by some fanatics as the enemies of Islam and as members of a race trying to take over the world. That?s how hate speech works. A Muslim kindergarten child in the US harassed verbally ? and physically ? by his TEACHER ? because all Muslims are supposed to be terrorists. And one day that child is supposed to grow up to become one. That?s how hate speech works.

You bring up Gaza. Did the Islamic Women?s Council of NZ, who are a thousand-fold more qualified to talk about Gaza then you are, raise Gaza? Of course not. They rebuked Sahib unequivocally and expressed nothing toward the Jewish community but magnanimity and solidarity. Not much sexy contrarianism there, Martyn. But I?m guessing that they know all too well the thing that you?ve completely managed to miss: that children or young people of any minority are not in the least bit responsible for Gaza, for Isis, for anything else ? but they?re always the first victims of the radical evil that hate speech is. ? Read more »

The Gender pay gap myth is being promoted by the CTU

A friend of mine who is a member of the CTU sent me this the other day. It is an e-mail from the CTU Vice President Rachel Mackintosh.

…think about the rest of the year. What if I told you, sure, you?ll still be working – you just won?t be getting paid for it.

Sound ridiculous? Well, on average New Zealand women earn 87% of what men do. Today, Tuesday 15 November marked 87 per cent of 2016 and because women are paid 13% less than men that means if you are a woman working until the end of the year you are working for free.

This is a deliberately deceptive statement based on comparing apples with pears. If I earn $20 an hour as a woman doing the exact same job as my male colleague and he earns $20 an hour I can still produce statistics to show a gender pay gap. Let’s say we both entered the job at 23 years of age and I left after 5 years to have my children and don’t return for ten years. I then chose to work part time in order to be able to fit the job around my children. Eventually, I return to full-time work but because I have been out of the workforce I am now paid a lot less than my male counterpart who never left. If over a 25 year period you add up what he earned and compare it with what I earned presto chango there is the mythical magical pay gap!

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Men subject to a Man tax, yes really

It’s not racist when Black people do it and apparently, it is not sexist if the victims of inequality are men.

Nothing says gender equality quite like selectively taxing people because of their gender, and a Manhattan pharmacy is on the cutting edge of it.

In protest of America’s sexism towards women with the?well-debunked?“gender wage gap,” the?Thompson Chemists pharmacy of SoHo?have announced?that all male customers will be subjected to?an extra seven percent “man tax.”

Take that, patriarchy!

Starting Monday, the pharmacy began posting the following signs in their windows: “New store policy: All Female Customers Shop Tax Free”?and “All Male Customers Are Subject to a 7% Man Tax.” See below:

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I am so sick of all this diversity rubbish

The Labour Party don’t e-mail me anymore but the other day this turned up in my in box.



It is a business survey that was focussed solely on diversity.”Diversity” is one of those buzz words that the PC world love and think is all about inclusiveness and ?multiculturalism. In a video I watched recently multiculturalism was referred to as multi-conflict and I think diversity is actually racism and sexism in disguise.

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Sexism and Societies expectations of men

It is time to have a look at the other side of the coin. Lefties, in particular, are always happy to pick on men and to accuse them of sexism and misogyny?and other crimes but how many of them ever consider the sexism that men have to put up with? ?We simply don’t talk about how sexism affects men.

I recently watched a video about a feminist who went undercover as a man for 18 months. She didn’t realise how difficult it is to be a man until she became one. One of the thing she mentioned that really stood out to me was the pressure and expectation put on men to be the provider. ?There were men that she got to know that were doing soul-destroying jobs that they hated but felt they couldn’t leave because their role was to provide for the family no matter what.

I know ?for a fact that my father spent years in a job because it paid well, not because it was something he enjoyed. ?He did it so that my mum could be home full-time for us kids. It was as much a sacrifice for him as it was for my mum giving up her career yet Lefties would only acknowledge my mum’s sacrifice.

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