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Korean comfort women.?Ms. Park Young-Shim (center) poses with her comfort woman friends in North Korean region during the Pacific War. A man with the rifle appears to be Japanese soldier.

Women Made to be Comfort Women?

The phrase ?comfort women? is a controversial term that refers to approximately 200,000 women who were recruited as prostitutes by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. Many of the young women were forced into servitude and exploited as sex slaves throughout Asia, becoming victims of the largest case of human trafficking in the 20th century.

During World War II, the Japanese established military brothels in the countries they occupied. The women in these “comfort stations” were forced into sexual slavery and moved around the region as Japanese aggression increased. Known as “comfort women,” their?story is an often-understated tragedy of the war that continues to strike debate.

There were advertisements found in wartime newspapers; a failed attempt at attracting volunteers into prostitution. Instead, young women as young as 11-years-old were kidnapped and forced into service where they faced rape, torture and extreme violence at military camps known as ?comfort stations.?

Most were teenagers… and were raped by between 10 to 100 soldiers a day at military rape camps.

The Japanese government denied that they ran any such system until 1991 when a brave woman named Kim Hak-Soon came out and revealed the Japanese atrocities to the world. Japanese Governor General’s Office in Seoul incinerated all related documents before the closing of WWII.

A 1994 report shows that there are still hundreds of former sex slaves alive. Most of them are women of Asian countries occupied by Japan before and during the Pacific War. Among them are 160 South Koreans, 131 North Koreans, 100 Filipinos, 50 Taiwanese, 8 Indonesians, and two Malays. These numbers are only for those who revealed their real name.

There are much more victims living out there who do not want to identify their tragic past. Even after Korea’s liberation from Japan in 1945, many of the Korean victims chose to live in the Asian country where they were forced to serve sex to Japanese soldiers.

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Len explains why he can fix climate change

Members of the Flat Earth Society may still claim climate change doesn’t exist. Some people may also claim cities have no role in battling climate change. Neither is further from the truth. That’s why cities as well as nation states have been invited to participate in the world climate change conference being held in Paris next month.

That’s why more than 200 mayors from around the world have been invited to attend. That’s why the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Cities and Climate Change asked me to participate as the leader of one of the world’s most liveable cities, speaking at the Climate Summit for Local Leaders and sessions on Sustainable Public Procurement.

And that’s why as mayor of New Zealand’s biggest city I am part of the official New Zealand Government delegation.

I am looking forward to working with government, business and community representatives in Paris to reach an agreement that inspires local action on climate change.

I am sure these discussions will certainly help us further advance Auckland’s action. While there is a lot at stake there is a lot to gain and we want to be on the cutting edge of solutions, innovation and far reaching benefits of acting on climate change now.

Action at both national and local levels is mutually beneficial and will bring a better quality of life for Aucklanders while improving New Zealand’s position as an international leader.

Cities are key players in the response to climate change, globally and in New Zealand.

I’ll tell you what Len. ?For once I agree with you.

As soon as you quit as mayor of Auckland, the average temperature will drop. ? That’s because of the drop in anger and embarrassment at your mayoralty, your lack of morals, and your shameless use of free money to further your personal ends.



– Len Brown, via NZ Herald

Face of the day


Whaleoil broke the Len Brown Story and even got a Canon Media Award for it. I don’t think I have ever seen a politician with skin as thick as Len Brown. Even A Newspaper called for his resignation and still he clung on shamelessly to power. He has raised the bar for the level of shame required before a Mayor should resign.

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Protect that Child and ignore the wombles

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has launched a campaign about name suppression and flown Derryn Hinch over to speak about the travesty that is name suppression.

I may have been convicted and in the process changed the law, but the law changed put through by Simon Power were small and more interested in stopping people like me rather than actually tightening up on suppression orders.

Derryn Hinch has gone to jail for opposing suppression orders.

Derryn Hinch wants to be able to turn on his mobile phone and see the names of all sex offenders in the neighbourhood.

The outspoken Taranaki-born broadcaster, who now leads a campaign for a public sex offenders register in Australia, has come home to launch a pre-election campaign by the Sensible Sentencing Trust to get a similar register in New Zealand.

He will take part in a trust-organised debate tomorrow against liberals Dr Gwenda Willis and Kim Workman.

Kim Workman is one of those wombles who means well but is a hopeless crim hugger that the media uses all the time to promote their crim hugging stance.

Stephen Franks gives him a right good ticking off in his latest blog post.

On Sunday afternoon?I’ll be in Auckland to?chair a?public discussion?of? the secrecy that justice insiders defend so tenaciously. Derryn Hinch is the main speaker.?He’s endured prison?to stand up for open courts and freedom of speech.

Doing my homework, I’ve been reminded of the intellectual blindness engendered by the beliefs of well meaning people. ?Kim Workman is a good man. He writes thoughtfully on his?blog “Smart on Crime”. The?post prompted by the absurd discharge?of the Maori prince is worth reading by anyone who needs to understand the criminal justice establishment. They need to feel morally superior (compassion is their claim)?over?the rest of us, but they acknowledge the need also for research on their side.

So how do they end up so far from reality? This?well written piece shows us. The reasoning is respectable so far as it goes, but it stops well before it gets anywhere near the main issues. It misses the same point as is missed by the justice insiders generally.

It measures everything according to its potential to redeem?the offender. Redemption is worth trying if it does not prejudice more necessary purposes. But the fate of particular offenders is trivial, when the proper measure of a justice system, indeed any social mechanism for inculcating and upholding norm observance, is the extent of offending overall. Recidivism rates may affect offending rates, but they are much less important than rates of recruitment to offending.

Most serial offenders and hardened criminals will never be redeemed. I’d like to see Kim Workman offer to take in some of these scum into his own home if he thinks they can be redeemed.

I suspect he’d baulk at that suggestion.

Almost all cultures rely heavily on reputation mechanisms to discourage the establishment of such patterns. They commonly involve exacting a price over the long term from individuals, their families,?and communities that harbour them. They also commonly?provide well recognised paths to discharge the shame burden, to demonstrate remorse. As Kim Workman acknowledges, Maori norm enforcement?relied heavily on whakaama ? shame. What he does not go on to acknowledge was the extent to which shame mechanisms need practical impacts and ‘stigmatization’. They?depend on tangible consequences to shameful behaviour.?Whakaama (shame)?becomes irrelevant and toothless when it?is separated from the consequences, when the forgiveness carrots are poured out in sackloads without?any sticks of? ritual humiliation, group responsibility and formulaic depredaton (muru and utu)..

But?well meaning?’sickly white liberals’ (in Winston Peters’ memorable words) have gutted our law of its links with reputation sanctions. They’ve left the law?struggling ineffectually to rely on formal punishments alone.

So Mr Workman, when you deplore the powerful?trend toward?more?severity in punishments, when you rail against the lack of recognition of the truth?that speed and certainty of consequence are much more important than severity in deterrence, take a look at your own responsibility. You’ve helped eliminate from our law the most powerful and speedy social sanctions of all at?the critical?time (in application to young people).

Rethinking Justice?applauds the secrecy of our youth courts. You defend our disgraceful name suppression law. You supported the Clean Slate law. And in your blog you whine about the ordinary peoples’ rejection of the expert demand that criminal justice policy be left to experts. You exemplify the establishment’s comprehensive rejection of the reputation based natural social sanctions.

You genuinely believe you have research and reason on your side, but it is fatally limited. Your post on Paki?takes the shame analysis no further than the effect of shame on rehabilitation prospects. Shame may inhibit rehabilitation for offenders outside a community with high social cohesion (i.e. where the social sanctions are presumably severe, and scope for collective redemptive support). But where is the consciousness of its importance to offending rates?

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I’m not THAT Len Brown, says Len Brown…

via the Tipline

Happy New Year to you all

Not sure if you have seen this or if it is worth adding to the W/O blog

Even Scottish TV thinks Len is dodgy

Len’s miffed namesake

First there was Patrick Gower of Kent, England, who was the unwitting recipient of a flurry of tweets last year destined for his namesake in the press gallery. Now Len Brown the Scottish TV producer is being confused with Auckland’s lame duck mayor.

via Twitter

via Twitter

Mallard Redux

I was looking over the footage from last night’s appearance by Trevor Mallard on Campbell Live… and then realised… he used exactly the same apology the last time he got into trouble. ?Most amazingly, it’s word-for-word.

“It’s not flash”
“It was a mistake”
“I’ve cocked up”

He also employed the same strategy after he smacked Tau, saying that he had been the subject of widespread criticism which had embarrassed him.

This man has no shame.

He is a recidivist offender who to my knowledge has never said sorry .. but it’s the hardest word…

But more importantly, where on earth is Daydream Shearer? Missing in action.

Disaster Tourist

Yesterday Phil Goff went to Tauranga to share his world class expertise with sinking ships.

Trevor Mallard went large on the issue last night posting screenshots of Phil Goff’s Facebook page and John Key’s Facebook page with the clear inference that Phil Goff cares and John Key doesn’t.

Then we had this photo appearing on Stuff of the caring Phil Goff in his shiny shoes and suit using a shovel.

A caller to Leighton Smith’s show this morning though puts this all into perspective:

Goff caught staging a photo op by whaleoil

Goff was ditched by the Otago Chamber of Commerce because they couldn’t sell any tickets and so he legs it to Tauranga to stage a photo-op.

Phil Goff the disaster tourist milking tragedy and playing politics.


Interesting Names – Looters

A hanging judge is what is needed in Christchurch, looks like they might have found one in Judge Michael Crosbie.

Anyone caught looting in the wake of Christchurch’s devastating earthquake on Saturday would be harshly treated by the courts, a judge warned today.

“The court will be taking a close look at people who offended during this disaster,” Judge Michael Crosbie said.

They would be presented to the courts as being people who were capable of anything.

He made his comment in Christchurch District Court while dealing with series of remands of people alleged to have taken advantage of the disaster.

Justice Crosbie slapped remands in custody or strict curfews on those charged in cases where police alleged the offending was earthquake related.

In line with my policy on open justice residents of Christchurch take note that these people are not your friends:

  • Jack Duckmanton (20) – unemployed
  • Shannon William Johnson (19) – mechanic
  • Daniel Ezekiel Peneha (28) – unemployed
  • Deon Mathew Rich (17) – unemployed
  • Kimiona Ngatamariki (21) – chef

Name an shame people, name and shame. There is no name suppression for looters, how about we apply that to pedophiles too?

Looters will be shot

S.H.A.M.E launched

SHAME | Suppression Helps Abusers Make ExcusesSHAME | Suppression Helps Abusers Make Excuses

Today we launch SHAME.

We are fortunate to be supported by Michael Laws and John Banks, plus many others.

SHAME has been established for two main reasons.

  1. To Provide a Lobby Group to enable changes to our Name Suppression laws that make our court system more open to scrutiny and at the same time better protect victims.
  2. To assist with Fundraising for Whaleoil?s legal defence against the 5 charges he faces for breaching name suppression

We belive that the ONLY solution to our suppression laws, lies not with the Law Commission report currently with the Minister of Justice, but rather a simplification removing name suppression for all except for victims and to add the suppression of the nature of the relationship between the offender and the victim.

This is know as the Capill Precedent where the Judge in place Name Suppression in the case of Graham Capill a prominent christian politician. The Judge suppressed all details of the victim including the victim and refused name suppression for the offender.

People are n?t interested in the lurid details of the victim they are interested in the names of offenders. If something becomes a secret then people want to know that secret. Open-ness is the only solution.

This law is going to be changed, let’s make sure it is changed the right way.

SHAME can be found at:

@endsuppression on Twitter

Facebook Page

Labour doesn't like the news

The Labour pipe dream of being in the "Top Half" of the OECD this morning recieved another nail in it coffin.

Labour of course is not best pleased with the report dismissing the OECD proposals, saying they read like a "National Party manifesto".

Unfortunately for the Mouth of Wainuiomata it hasn't occurred to him thatLabour is wrong and national just possibly may be right.

Kiss goodbye any thoughts of tax cuts as the report suggested because Testy Trev says the report "raised a number of things which are just not acceptable. Take that as cuts people. Labour wants more and more of YOUR money to give to OTHERS.