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Australasia has failed Fiji, says ex-PM

Australasia has failed Fiji, says ex-PMAustralian and New Zealand diplomacy has failed Fiji, former Prime Minister and World Trade Organisation Director-General Mike Moore said yesterday. Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith defended his country’s approach on TV… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mike Moore is right on the money about Fiji. Both Australia and New Zealand with their arrogant “we know best” attitude have not done Fiji proud.

In fact we have probably exacerbated the situation.

“This represents a huge diplomatic failure by New Zealand and by Australia over several decades,” he told Q and A.

“Foreign policy is projecting and protecting your interests and promoting your values and building up over many years those values and those interests. We have failed.”

Mr Moore said “a game changer” was needed to look at the problems rather than take a critical approach.

“There has to be a game changer there, and to allow people to move, keep their dignity and keep their faith.”

Exactly. Tough talking, sanctions and travel bans have been spectacularly unsuccessful. Time now for a different approach. One of offering assistance to remove the impediments to true democracy in Fiji. By impediments I mean a culture of nepotism, graft, bribery, corruption and racism. Setting a new non-racist constitution and aiding iji in establishing a census would be huge hurdles we should be assisting with.

But no, instead we will focus on getting the hopelessly corrupt UN to stop using Fijian Peacke-Keeping troops. Oh right, that’ll work.

Industry fury at Govt for cancelling conferences

Industry fury at Govt for cancelling conferencesThe conference industry has lashed out at the National Government for the cancellation of two conferences since the election, saying it should support the $1 billion industry and not be trying to destroy it. The latest cancellation… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh Boo-fucking-hoo, any business that exists solely on the basis of the government spending money is no business at all.

The gravy train has to end.

Who decided that Whales were cuddly?

New challenge faces whale huntersOfficials are looking into claims there is a new legal avenue that could be used to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean. Australian academic Professor Don Rothwell and other experts, convened by the International Fund for Animal… [NZ Herald Politics]

Just who decided that whales were cuddly and we shouldn’t farm them like other animals in the sea. I haven’t tasted whale meat but I’d like to.

Personally I think the best way to preserve animals is to put them on the menu. We aren’t short of cows and sheep are we? They’re not likely to go extinct anytime soon, are they?

Now if only the Maori had decided to farm the Moa instead of mass slaughter, imagine the export possibilities. Same with all the other “endangered” birds in NZ. Put them on the menu and farm the suckers, then they won’t be endangered anymore.

Same with whales, pick a species that is plentiful, set quota, study them to make sure they are still a growing population even after harvesting, end of problem.

Bill English should be sacked

Fran O’Sullivan: Conservative’s push may be anything butBill English is a self-admitted conservative who may yet prove to be the type of Finance Minister who will push for big economic shifts – like proposals to make Auckland a super city – to send strong signals about the way this Government… [NZ Herald Politics]

In Fran O’Sullivan’s piece this morning Bill English openly criticises the Prime Minister. This might be ok if Bill English ever had any original ideas of his own but frankly he should just STFU and implement what John wants. Could you imagine Brian Talboys voicing opinions contrary to Robert Muldoon? Or Cullen being openly scoffing about Clark? Not even Winston at his worst in the Bolger days would slur a word from the Green Parrot against his Prime Minister. Bill English is simply out of line.

His silly opinions are not warranted and frankly not wanted. This country needs vision and innovation not his tired second-hand poorly learned policies from Ruth Richardson and Roger Douglas. John Key was elected to provide that vision and the sort of ideas that netted him $50 million. All Bill English has managed to do with his life is father 6 children, lose a boxing match and get the lowest ever party vote for the National party ever. He sure as hell doesn’t have a cool “Fitty” sitting in the bank. Mr 20.9% should pull his head in or John Key should cut it off.

While we are at it on the sorting out non-performers how about booting Nick “the Pinko” Smith to touch, the man (can I still call him that) is a liability.

If we continue to have loose cannons like English and Smith in cabinet then this will be a one term government. I think we need to look to the Australian model again and re-introduce the concept of a Treasurer. Someone visonary with balls to front popular yet innivative solutions to the issues we face. Clearly Sir Roger Douglas would the best person for this role but unfortunately he is politically unpalatable. The clear front runner for this role would be Stephen Joyce. He has no baggage, has shown innovation in the past though the election campaign was rather brown bread it was at least successful. Bill English can then be the Finance Minister but answerable to the Treasurer. Bill is far more suited to the more boring nuts and bolts and orders following than trying any original thought. At if we try this model again the treasurer won’t be a drunken sot propping up the bar at the Green Parrot.

Ryall's strong-arm kills health conference

Ryall’s strong-arm kills health conferenceHealth Minister Tony Ryall has leaned on his ministry to pull the plug on a conference of more than 300 health professionals in Wellington next month on primary health care delivery. The conference, planned by the ministry and… [NZ Herald Politics]

The culture of waste is over. Both Tony Ryall and Paula Bennett have shown it by ending silly talk-fests.

Clearly though the opposition still thinks it is th government and Phil Goff has criticised it, but then socialists are ften fond of talking rather than doing.

I hope he continues to lobby for the government to spend money of luxurious conferences. It won’t be long before the BBQ get fired up at David place.


City's urgent plea for help to fight boy racers

City’s urgent plea for help to fight boy racersChristchurch has made an urgent plea to the Government for help in combating boy racers “terrorising our community”, after admitting it cannot beat the problem alone. But the Government says it is already looking at what it can… [NZ Herald Politics]

The only message the government should send to help Christchurch with its boy racer problem is from the Police Minister to the local cops to enforce the already substantial amount of laws that are available to prevent hooliganism.

Proposing more laws to stop lawlessness is simply false logic. The boy racer numpties already break all the laws they can so what are a few more.

The Police must simply enforce the law. If they actually bothered to do active policing these days instead of revenue gathering the the situation should be resolved in about 5 days.


Cullen all bitter, nothing nice to say

CastrationThe unkindest cutLosing the powers of government is like being publicly castrated, says the ousted deputy prime minister. Dr Michael Cullen, who resigned his leadership and finance responsibilities after Labour’s defeat, is speaking out for the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Michael Cullen is a bitter and twisted little c**t. If I had my way he would be be castrated in the time honored “two stones” method.

This lying little prick hide billions of dollars of expenditure and bloody gloated about it.

He now has the temerity to try to lecture John Key about how to be successful. I think we already have a good measure of how to do that Michael. Net worth. Let’s look shall we.

Michael Cullen after a lifetime of public tit sucking has precisely squat. One house and a super scheme. Epic FAIL.

John Key has $50 million.

Game Over.

Bring on the SuperCity

Auckland is set for a supercity, or so says the NZ Herald according to its investigations this morning.

Bring it on, it’s high time we amalgamated the seven councils and one regional council into one voice for Auckland.

Even better – we would be getting an executive Mayor, one that would have ultimate authority to get things done.

Of interest to me was the likely lineup of Mayoral contenders.

Andrew Williams, the Cock from Campbell’s Bay was described as “odd and abusive” by the Herald. I’d go further and say is mental, a cock and a fool. Oh dear, how sad, too bad. That Goose is well and truly roasted.

Bob Harvey is an old Labour man, and I’m unsure whether to emphasise the old or the Labour party more. He’s probably due for retirement anyway.

Len Brown
of Manukau City is a great guy. He’s a hard worker, in touch with the community, and an all round nice guy. But if he had a massive heart attack only months into the role of Manukau City Mayor, he wouldn’t be a starter for the Auckland Regional Mayor. Len would only be one heartbeat away from a by-election, and Auckland deserves an executive Mayor who is stronger than that. Outside of Manukau, he wouldn’t be that well known either.

Mike Lee – competent and hardworking, but let’s face it – he was from the Alliance. Mike Lee in charge of a greater Auckland with executive power would be too much of a risk, and would be an RMA leftie lawyer’s wet dream.

So that leaves John Banks. Executive experience, strongly connected to the National Government, the most senior politician in Auckland, and having a fantastic second Mayoral term, John Banks would have to be in the drivers seat as the best choice for Auckland. He’s also the only centre-right politician in the line-up, so meets the ideological test as well.

One for commonsense over Labour lackey

Broadcast watchdog dismisses complaint against Laws – National – NZ Herald News

Radio Live is hailing a Broadcasting Standards Authority decision not to uphold a complaint against it by Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro as a “real fillip for freedom of speech”.

Cindy Kiro is a fat, ugly, meddling control freak who objected to Michael Laws’ giving her office stick over a stupid report into child poverty. In the BSA decision we finally have proof that Michael Laws is unbalanced 😉 In fact the BSA went out of its way to point out that listeners would not expect a range of balanced views for Laws’ talkback show. heh. Basically Cindy Kiro threw a tanty and used her office, the finances of her office to try to strong-arm a talkback station. She failed. Now whoever is her m inister should call her in and give her a right good Borising.

Press Releases we'd like to see

Protesters call on NZ Govt to oppose Gaza attacksOver 1000 Palestinian supporters marched through central Wellington today in protest against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. They were protesting against Israel’s air and ground offensive in Gaza and called on the New Zealand Government… [NZ Herald Politics]

So protesters want the government to condemn Gaza attacks. I think Murray McCully will be able to oblige them. It’ll read something like this;

The New Zealand government is saddened by events in Israel and the Gaza Strip. It condemns terrorist activity and supports the right of sovereign nations to protect themselves from terrorist atrocities.

The New Zealand government calls on Hamas to control and to disband their terror cells and to repudiate terrorism, and contemperaneously repudiate Articles 14, 15, 22, 28 and 32 of the Hamas Charter. Hamas must cease sending rockets and mortar shells into Israel, immediately.

Of course we will never see a statement like that, more likely there will be some weasel words. Right now though it appears that Hamas only understands violence and thus Israel practices the “Malone Doctrine” as the only means with which to get the message across.

“They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way!”