Shayne Currie

WO Property: NZ Herald editor’s millionaire’s pad

I got the idea for this segment from a NZ Herald piece yesterday. I figured if it is OK for them then it is OK for me.

NZ Herald editor Shayne Alexander Currie is sitting on a goldmine in one of the leafy suburbs of the isthmus of Auckland.

He owns a property at Valley Rd in Mt Eden. It?s a Grammar Zone, iconic Mt Eden Villa. The Whitepages suggests an S Currie has a phone subscription at that home too. How quaint. ? Read more »

Be still, my beating heart

Scout has revealed that the axe is swinging at a newspaper.

A huge shake-up is under way at the New Zealand Herald with several high-profile names facing redundancy, SCOUT has learned.

On Wednesday, staff at NZME ? owners of the Herald – were invited to attend a company presentation announcing expansion plans to integrate its print, digital and radio news teams in a 24/7 operation. Lunch was served and staff were feeling positive. ?? Read more »

Phone hacking illegal, but email hacking fine. Well, if it’s my email it is

Nick Davies will forever be known as the journalist who broke the phone-hacking scandal in the Britain, bringing down the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid.

At a Christchurch WORD event on Tuesday night, he discussed his views on the media and his book, Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch, with The Press editor Joanna Norris.

Starting in 2008 after a tip-off, Davies, who works for The Guardian, began investigating illegal phone-hacking and bribery by journalists employed by News International.

He wrote more than 100 articles over two years on the activities but it was only when he revealed News of the World journalists had listened to and deleted voicemail messages left for murdered teenager Milly Dowler that public outrage forced the police to re-open investigations.

By 2011, it was revealed more than 210 people had been complicit in the illegal activities and victims numbered more than 5000.

Don’t hold your breath that the same will happen in New Zealand when it comes to email hacking. ?Journalists,?decent, trained and skilled, have been directly involved in the Dirty Politics hacking against me and others. ?? Read more »

Dirty Media – NZME. and NZ Inc. “Rent a Quoting”?

I know that New Zealand is a village but when it comes to reporting, repetition seems to be the mother of un-invention.

Fran O?Sullivan, who is now the NZME. Business Editorial Director of all things has put out yet another puff piece on the dairy industry.

In it she does her usual reach around using large quotes from her favourite pet of the moment, this time on a Sean Keane.

?For a tempered – and “outside in” view – it is hard to go past Sean Keane of Triple T Consulting?.

Who is Sean Keane you may ask and it is a good question as he doesn’t have a huge online profile since returning to NZ in 2008. And outside in? How about inside inside at the Herald?

Could it be the same as this Sean Keane? Of Triple T based in Hong Kong? Online it seems he’s in New Zealand?


?One of the most insightful analysts is Sean Keane of Triple T Consulting based in Hong Kong?.

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Who’s embarrassed now Audrey?

Katie Bradford NZ

Katie Bradford

Alleged leading media commentators had this to say about “ponytailgate”.

NZME.?ran the hit job with vigour. They, and other media went all in on John Key’s prat fall.

Audrey Young said this:

Today I’m embarrassed that John Key is Prime Minister.

I have not felt that in the past six-and-a-bit years he had led the country.

But to learn today that he pulled a waitress’s pony-tail on several occasions at his local cafe makes me cringe.

It is one of those stories that denigrates him and his office.

The public don’t agree Audrey.

John Armstrong should be embarrassed too:

The day is surely not far away when John Key’s gift of the gab is unable to talk him out of a political quagmire into which he has so needlessly dug himself.

Whether that day arrived this week is very much in question, suffice to say that, if not, it came perilously close to doing so.

Going up in?the?polls is a political quagmire?

John Drinnan is another NZ Herald “journaliust” who should be embarrassed too:

drinnan tweet

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Dirty Media – Today Audrey Young Should Be Embarrassed To Be a Staffer at The Herald

Yesterday Audrey Young wrote under the cloak of NZ Herald sanctimony that she was embarrassed John Key was Prime Minister. I wonder what she is thinking today of her employer.

It turns out that today’s story in the NZ Herald was a sting under the close watch and approval?of Shayne Currie (and outgoing Editor Tim Murphy who is still in the building).

I have warned of this behaviour emerging as standard at the NZ Herald with the recent appointment of Dirty Politics insider Fran O’Sullivan as a former tool of the ninth floor to now born-again centre left scorned woman. ?O’Sullivan only last week announced from the lofty heights of her self-appointed throne that we need a more “adult” media.

I have to hand it to Shayne Currie, nothing in Dirty Politics was as downright evil and sneaky as this hit job on someone who didn’t want their story to be run using his own staff. He went ahead in full knowledge of what happened. ?There can be no throwing of his staffer under the bus for this incident no matter how much his left wing luvvies try. ?It is Currie’s responsibility as to what goes in the paper.

Nicky Hager will not be happy. ?He expects more from media he omitted to mention in Dirty Politics. ?Oh that’s right, he is currently collaborating with the NZ Herald as he thinks he has them all eating from the palm of his filthy little hands.

In the meantime Audrey goes from yesterday’s sanctimony back to her gin and pulling a pay check from an embarrassing employer.

And I am betting the planned and deliberate deceit from the NZ Herald machine is now far worse for this woman than a little pull of her ponytail.

Dirty Media Appointed In “New” Role – As First Broken on Whaleoil


As first broken on Whaleoil?and more recently over the weekend Fran O’Sullivan’s trip back to the centre left is complete now she’s stood up for Campbell live and more recently public broadcasting all the while cutting off her nose in politics?with the ninth floor to spite her face.

The leftie luvvies at The Standard and The Daily Blog appear completely bamboozled by?this rapid?transformation. Remember this is a woman who does nothing without self-interest. ?? Read more »

The sanctimony and hypocrisy of the NZ Herald

Quite apart from their propensity to make stuff up at the NZ Herald they also possess weapons grade sanctimony and hypocrisy. They play Dirty Media but pretend they are holier than thou.

They are running a campaign using a tainted journalist and someone who trades in private and personal data to run allegations against the NZ Government for spying.

They are laundering information on behalf of a traitor, Edward Snowden, and assisting Nicky Hager, perhaps New Zealand’s most prolific spy and holder of other people’s data.

They write editorials decrying the situation but their editor was involved in his own spying against a competitor.

In 2009 Currie was sued by a former assistant editor of the Herald on Sunday for unjustified dismissal. Reporter Stephen Cook, who helped Currie launch the tabloid, was sacked in 2008 after two drug squad detectives visited the Herald on Sunday offices looking for him. Cook had reportedly been seen at an address, which was under police surveillance. On the day the case commenced Currie faced further scrutiny when the New Zealand Herald revealed examples of industrial espionage, including allegations he sent a reporter to the rival Sunday Star-Times’ print site to obtain advanced copies in a bid to get stories for his own paper. The allegations were again reported in the Sunday News and Sunday Star-Times branded “unprecedented spying”. ?

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Drinnan joins Fisher on the making stuff up naughty bench at the Herald

We all know David Fisher makes stuff up, he got slammed as did his editor Shayne Currie, by the Press Council for making stuff up over a Customs story.

John Drinnan is another who makes stuff up, often interviewing his keyboard and yesterday he got his chops busted.

So egregious were his “fabrications” yesterday that MediaWorks issued a very strongly worded press release.

Their spokeswoman, Rachel Lorimer said:

CLARIFICATION ? Jono and Ben and Campbell Live

There is on-going speculation that the Jono and Ben show is being considered as a possible replacement for Campbell Live.? This seems to be based on a fabrication by the Herald and has unfairly led to significant negativity towards Jono Pryor, Ben Boyce and the rest of the Jono and Ben team.

For the avoidance of doubt, MediaWorks Corporate Counsel, Alex Nicholson makes the following statement:

“The statement in John Drinnan?s articles in relation to the Jono and Ben show, which is attributed to ?TV3 bosses?, is a complete fabrication and is not based on fact. Jono and Ben has?never?once been mentioned in any MediaWorksmanagement forum, discussion or document as a possible replacement for Campbell Live.??

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Herald journalist attempts blackmail of businessman, and posts audio of it proving his actions

Michael Botur is a journalist at the NZ Herald, or at least he says he is a journalist at the NZ Herald in his recorded phone conversation with Rod Jenden from Wet and Forget.

Botur has been all over twitter last night claiming he was abused by Rod Jenden:


But in listening to the audio it is Botur who is doing the abusing…and potentially attempting to blackmail Rod Jenden by using his position as a journalist and the name of the NZ Herald in order to obtain a settlement. ? Read more »