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Starting in 1976 threatening letters began circulating around Circleville, Ohio. Public domain.

Poison Pen Letters..

For years, the residents of an Ohio town were plagued by messages that revealed their darkest secrets

Travel approximately 25 miles from Columbus in Ohio and it is quite possible to overlook one of many small towns dotted around America. Situated along the banks of the Scioto River, Circleville is the type of small-town America in which?everyone knows everyone else. It is likely to be the kind of place where residents can leave their doors unlocked overnight without fear of recriminations. On the face of it, Circleville does seem like the kind of place that big city citizens might turn to in order ?to get away from it all?. During 1976, all of that changed. Someone began a campaign of terror against the entire town with the Circleville letters.

It?s a place that rarely attracts outside attention. But in then the frightening letters started to arrive.?The?sinister, sexually explicit and threatening letters began to appear in the mailboxes of Circleville residents. All were postmarked from nearby Columbus, Ohio, and none included a return address. Only one person?s letters have been well documented, those of Mary Gillispie.

Residents began receiving threatening letters that made reference to personal circumstances. Each letter was written in block capitals ? harsh, unnatural formations that gave the letter urgency and sinister feel.?What made the case even more interesting was that the letters appeared to originate from Columbus, not within the close-knit Circleville community.

On of the first letters was received by Mary Gillispie, a school bus driver, telling her that the letter writer was aware that she was having an affair with the superintendent of schools and that it had better stop.

In addition to allegations of an affair, the letter carried an ominous threat. It read, in part:
?I know where you live. I’ve been observing your house and know you have children. This is no joke. Please take it serious.?

The envelope was postmarked Columbus, Ohio. There was no return address, no signature inside, no way to tell who sent it. A week later, Mary received another letter with a similar tone. Mary kept the letters to herself, until her husband Ron also received one.

And this letter, addressed to Ron Gillispie, told him that if he didn’t do something to stop this affair, that his life was undoubtedly in danger.

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Winston First refered to Police

Bwahahahahahaha! Cop that suckers….your law, your the first to be refered to the coppers, hope they prosecute, you don’t have the Labour party immunity. Simon Bridges will be grinning from ear to ear.

[quote]Dated: 12 June 2008

Decision Number: 2008-09

Subject: Two banners displayed on a house in Tauranga promoting New Zealand First

Findings and Determination: Banners on a house in Tauranga promoting New Zealand First did not display promoter statements. The offence will be reported to the Police.
Contravention of sections 63(2)(a) and 65(1)(b) of the Electoral Finance Act 2007, by failure to display promoter statements, amounting to offences under sections 63(4) and 65(4) of the Act. The facts will be reported to the Police in accordance with section 70.[/quote]

Other decisions are posted here and note that despite Labour’s muelling the Commission has found that National’s pamphlet is not an election advertisement. The Greens were lucky although they had an authorisation it was the wrong one but deemed inconsequential.

The big decisions are still to come and those are all complaints against Labour.


Trouble shooters to vet all party ads

Trouble shooters to vet all party adsLabour Party has set up a powerful central vetting committee, including Helen Clark’s chief of staff, Heather Simpson, to inspect every proposed publication by every Labour candidate and every Labour MP in election year.
The party…
[NZ Politics]

Audrey Young writes about the new politburo set up by Labour for vetting all party advertising, websites and missives before they go out for compliance under the “commonsense” law the Electoral Finance Act.

The fact that they had to do this shows that there are not too many members or indeed candidates in the Labour Party that have any commonsense.

The article does however raise some interesting questions.

– Why is the partybeing run from the ninth floor?

– Why are taxpayer provided premises being used to run the Labour Party?

– Why aren’t Labur using their Willis Street HQ for these meetings?

– Why are taxpayer funded staff Heather Simpson, Jenny Michie, communications manager in the Prime Minister’s Office Andrew Cutler, and a staff member from the Labour whip’s office being used for these meetings?

-Surely their salaries must be counted now as an election expense?

I think it is hugely embarrasing for Labour to admit that “lack of clarity and uncertainty” over the new act have caused them to set up a largely state funded politburo to look over their advertisements.

One thing that is positive is now if their any breaches from Labour the police know exactly who to go to for serving of prosecution notices.

EFA slaps Labour in the ass

The Electoral Finance Act is turning out to be a real bear for the government. They are the only ones getting pinged and their mates at the EPMU look like they have lost their voice through their fawning support of Labour’s draconian bill.

The latest laugh though is surely the most amusing. I have now heard through several sources and confirmed with my own eyes that Labour’s bosses are in a fluster over the EFA. So flustered in fact that they have ordered them down.

The only site that is up is the taxpayer funded, that given current interpretations of the EFA will probably be deemed to be an election advertisement anyway despite the public paying for it. – down – down – down – down – down – down – down – down – down – down – down – down

Let me know in comments of any others.

Young Labour harbours racists

Young Labour membersThere was a bit of a furor around the place when the muppets at GayNZ thought the Bebo of Bill English’s son was fair game. Eddie at the Labour party client blog the Stranded leapt to the defence of GayNZ. The solution here is to play hardball. Over the coming months we’ll be looking at publiclly accessible social networking pages of Labour supporters, Labour MPs and depending on the response from some client blogs, the children of Labour MPs. It’s time to get even.

This bebo page was brought to my attention a wee while ago. It belongs to James Barnett, a self confessed Labour party member and one of the few Labour party members who still supports Russell Fairbrother. In his comments section he boasts that Michael Cullen “knows his name” and that he knows Cullen’s (ninth) wife. In another part of his Bebo page he admits he tries to meet “as many politicians” as possible. Here’s a kid with one hell of an ego.

Russell Fairbrother's only fanUnfortunately, his ego doesn’t match his political savvy. He also professes his hatred of ‘nigger music’ and his love of anything that is not ‘nigger’.

It’s not just ‘niggers’ he can’t stand. On Herr Barnett’s cultural hitlist emos or ‘fukn losers’ and threatens ‘some serious verbal abuse, telling ’emos’ to ‘get a fukn life’.

He also proudly displays his membership of a group called Free Zimbabwe. Pretty benign until you find the gallery promoting the white supremacist Ian Smith who imprisoned the entire leadership of the black nationalist movement. Smith was once quoted saying that colonialism was a “wonderful thing” and that he didn’t believe in black rule of Zimbabwe “not in a thousand years”. A ‘nigger hating’ egotist with a penchant for white supremacists.

Is this the best Labour can come up with?

I bet Russell Fairbrother is ecstatic that this little twerp publically endorses him. Does this mean that Russell Fairbrother also is a big fan of racism? Not only that young racist James is also an office holder in Young Labour.

On another note this site carrys no authorisation from either James, Russell Fairbrother’s financial agent nor from the financial agent of the Labour party. This may well be the first case of a website needing all three. You see it isn’t a blog, so it needs James’ authorisations. It also promotes Russell Fairbrother and so is attributable to his campaign and needs to be aithorised and accounted for and because it carries the full Labour logo several times as well as Labour’s web address several times it needs Labour’s financial agents authorisation and also needs to be attributable to their campaign.

I bet Annette “Full Moon” King never even thought sites like this would be caught.

Law of "Common Sense" ruling

Labour’s much vaunted Law of “Common Sense” is starting to unravel.

Unfortunately for Annette “Full Moon” King the courts in new Zealand operate by the rule of law rather than her imaginery Law of Common Sense.

Consequently the complaint started by David Farrar then taken over by National to have the EPMU decision of the Electoral Commission overturned has been successful in the High Court.

Oh how the ribs are hurting, our so-called ramshackle PR disaster hits home again.

Now I shall pray to the good Lord that Labour tries to rush through an amendment….pleeeeease God let them try it.

Oh and BTW the union just had a zero wiped off of how much they can spend propping up Labour.



National's case just got stronger

EPMU president selected as Labour candidateEngineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) president Don Pryde has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Clutha-Southland.
Mr Pryde, 49, lost out to party official Clare Curran in getting the nomination for the Dunedin…
[NZ Politics]

It looks like National’s case against the EPMU being an eligible third party just got stronger with Don Pryde the national President of the EPMU being selected to stand for Labour in Clutha-Southland.

Obviously bussing the members in worked this time.

Another Labour MP breaking the law they voted for

Russell Fairbrother should join Trevor Mallard in the dock being prosecuted for breaches of the Electoral Finance Act. It is scandalous that these hypocrites can continue to break the law that they passed.

Thanks to a vigilant fan who sent me this photo.

Mallard caught red-handed – Months ago by bloggers

Mallard caught red-handedTrevor Mallard’s van with a Labour Party logo and his contact details on it is an advertisement and is in breach of the Electoral Finance Act, he has been told.
But Annette King’s fridge magnet with a Labour Party logo and her…
[NZ Politics]

Trevor the Muss has been caught out after a complaint to the Chief Electoral Office about his silly red car…….two months after I posted about his flagrant display of illegal campaigning as did Michael Ellis who took the photos, complete with photos.

It seems that the Chief Electoral Office moves way faster than the Electoral Commission who still have several complaints from me that they are waiting on.

As Mallard has been caught and as it is Labour’s second offence I am wondering why this hasn’t been refered to the police for action? I also wonder why it seems to be only Labour that is caught breaking the law?

It is about time that this law was scrapped and it is about time that the Police acted. Labour passed the law and Labour continues to break it. Class A hypocrites.


Chris Trotter on Mike Williams and the EFA

Listen to Chris Trotter speaking with Larry Williams about Mike Williams and finally ending up with a chat about the EFA.

Trotter, like the good Labour lickspittle he is, runs the party lines about “somebody” who spoke up, couldn’t be seen and Mike moved on. Unfortunately for Trotter we now know who it is and it s beyond belief that Mike Williams didn’t know who was speaking.

Finally Trotter finishes up by describing the legislation as appalling or some such thing. Oh and Farrar gets a mention, interestingly as a legal expert.