Obviously David Carter hasn’t been to S&M’s on a Wednesday night

David Carter has ‘cleared’ Denis O’Rourke in his investigation into the relationship that isn’t a relationship because Denis O’Rourke specifically decided it wasn’t a relationship.

No matter how you look at it a Master/Slave relationship is still a relationship. What is obvious though is that David Carter has never been to Scotty & Mal’s bar on a Wednesday night, because if he had then he would never have made the ruling he has.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter says he has had to accept that New Zealand First MP Denis O’Rourke is not in a relationship with his taxpayer funded employee and housemate Stephen James.

NZ First’s justice spokesman Mr O’Rourke was the subject of a complaint to Mr Carter by Queenstown man David Simpson who claimed Mr O’Rourke and his out of parliament assistant Mr James were in a long term relationship. Parliamentary rules forbid MPs from employing their spouses. ? Read more »

A true tale of seduction: Part 2

ashton kutcher shirtless two and a half men

So to recap…we have a bloke style business with blokes wearing steel-caps and overalls and they certainly don’t have any sort of sooky behaviour in this workplace.

Carl, one of the workers has met and hooked up with a trolly dolly we call Cindy.

Carl and Cindy have been going hammer and tongs exploring a wild sexual encounter over several weeks.

We left Carl hanging yesterday morning, metaphorically and literally, tied up by his own consent by Cindy keen to explore some bondage with her new lover.

So what happened next?

31% of you guessed that Cindy’s husband turned up. 27% thought he may have been rogered with a bottle and needed surgical assistance. 20% reckon he was left tied up and robbed. 11% think he copped one in the chook. 4% thought the story will appear in the women’s mags. 4% think they have moved in together to further explore their sexual awakening. 3% think Carl is a new submissive for Madam Lash and is lovin’ it.

So what is it?? Read more »


A true tale of seduction [plus POLL]


Let me tell you a little story…it is a true one and only the names have been changed.

My mate Martyn is the GM of a company where the majority of the workforce wear steel-caps and overalls…in other words not a company where the workers sitting around on computers all day. They work with their hands and the work is hot and dirty.

He was telling me about one of his employees who we shall call Carl.

Carl is a bit of a ladies man and single…before Christmas he hooked up with a trolley dolly who by all accounts was a spectacular root and very adventurous in the scratcher. Apparently there wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do and had a voracious sexual appetite that knew no boundaries. Carl by all accounts is no dud root himself. Read more »


Referendum: Voting Guide

I will be voting for change int he referendum and for SM.

Here is a handy voting guide for you. [click to enlarge]


Referendum: Vote for Change

Tomorrow you have a choice in the?referendum?on whether you want to retain MMP or Vote got Change. I will be Voting for Change and I will be selecting SM.

If you need a reason for rejecting MMP and Voting for Change then look closely at those who are telling you to support MMP.

The bloggers at The Standard, The Labour Party, The Green party, NZ First and Winston Peters,?the CTU, the NZEI, the PPTA, the Service and Food Workers Union, the PSA, the?NZ Diary Workers Union, the NZ Nurses Organisation, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union, the Maritime Union of NZ, and the EPMU.

All of those people are telling you to support MMP. Do you really share a world view with them?

John Key however is voting for change, he is voting for SM, I now ask that you follow John Key’s lead and do the same.

We need to stop the tail wagging the dog.


England’s dirty secret

Turns out it is dominatrixes:

It’s been described as?England’s dirty secret, and was once the gleeful preserve of the most outr? outings by tabloid newspapers: the visiting of a dominatrix. But the desire to be whipped into submission has arguably moved from seedy to high street, with an Ann Summers on every corner, “dominatrix chic” fashion editorials and pop hits such as Rihanna’s “S&M” offering a bubblegum take on bondage.

Kate Peters spent a couple of years photographing real dominatrixes, during which she began to realise how very common it is: “I would end up going a mile down the street, to a house with a converted dungeon in it.”

While not tempted herself, Peters has a broadly positive view on the BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission and masochism) scene.

“At one event, I put a drink down on a table and then realised it was a cage with a man inside. But the people all seemed comfortable – so it’s like, ‘Why not?’

“I actually thought it was nicer than going to a normal nightclub.”

So John, do you really think you can do a deal with the Greens?

Today we have seen the absurdity of National contemplating doing a deal with the Greens to form a government. There is no way in the world green activists will let their party support National if Labour is the other option. They hate National as today has shown.

Someone in the MSM needs to ask John Key who his coalition partners are going to be in 2014, and if he doesn?t have any potential partners why he isn’t coming out and making the kind of statement David Cameron did about AV. When his party?s future was threatened by the electoral system Cameron manned up and hammered home his message.

John Key needs to call a press conference and give a speech like Camerons, or he is dooming National to become the Natural Party of Opposition.


David Cameron’s Strategic Nous

In May of this year Britain had a referendum on their electoral system. David Cameron took a very strong role in the referendum as he knew that under AV (the equivalent of PV), the Conservative Party would face a political environment that was dominated by Labour & Liberal Democrat coalitions.

Cameron made a very, very public plea for voters to reject AV.

John Key is more popular than David Cameron ever has been, and his intervention in this referendum will ensure a second referendum and a voting system that will not work against National. Cameron?s strategic nous meant that AV was defeated and Britain has an electoral system that the Conservatives can win under.

John Key should give a press conference doing what David Cameron did. Give voters clear reasons to reject MMP and vote for SM.

John Key is, will you?

John Key is going to vote to get rid of MMP in the referendum, will you?


Key and Electoral Reform Referendum

John Key faces some tough choices about the referendum on electoral reform. He will be aware that it is in the best interests of the National Party to reform the system, as when the minor parties get kicked out of parliament National will need to win a majority to beat the Green-Labour Coalition. This will be near impossible as the earlier post shows, as National have won a majority only once, in 1951.

Key will be thinking a little about National and a lot about himself. In his best interests is to maximise the vote this time, as there is something in it for him. He is using National as a vehicle to promote his power now, and there is nothing in it for him to make sacrifices for National’s long term future because he is not part of National’s long term future.

Anyone doubting this should look at Labour and see how Helen Clark took a once strong party and completely gutted it. She has left Labour with no money, no competent leaders and no hope. A group of inept middle managers from Helen’s era are currently doing their best to ensure Labour can’t win in 2014, fighting asymmetrical wars they cannot win against a blogger with nothing to lose. Mike Williams shake down of donors means the donors are giving Moira the bums rush, and there is still historic debt from Helen?s desperate attempt to hold power in 2008.

Let’s get this straight. If Helen had have cared about Labour she wouldn?t have stripped it of cash and talent, and she would have aggressively recruited good people to caucus through her time in government. She made a few changes far too late, so MPs like Grant Robertson, Stuart Nash & Clare Curran are now having to fight the deadwood. Had Clark cared about the party she would have bought Robertson, Nash & Curran and similarly talented contemporaries into parliament in 2002 and 2005 and cut out some of the deadwood. She didn?t because she didn?t want to rock the boat, and have people throw tanties like Chris Carter did that could affect her votes.

The Board of the National Party should be concerned that in the future National will not be able to form a government under MMP, and that John Key isn’t focused on this aspect because all he is focussing on right now is winning this election. Just like Clark did when she was PM. This is an opportunity for the President to take decisive action like he did in the Rodney selection process, and issue a call to arms and get National supporting a vote for change so at least there is a second referendum in 2014.

Without the second referendum we run the very real risk that constitutional reform will be handed to the politicians and passed by a simple majority in?the?parliament rather than allowing the people to have a say. The long term risk of the current approach is that there will be nothing stopping another party or indeed National from using a simple majority to further make?constitutional?changes.

Now is the time to get it right. Not prevaricate and certainly it is high time to cash in some of that vast amount of political capital.