The MSM fashionable smear of the moment is “White Nationalist”

“White Nationalist”, “White Supremacist”, these two racially charged smears are being flung around by the MSM the way monkeys’ fling poo. One of the popular targets for this smear is Milo?Yiannopoulos who is?only guilty of the progressive crime of being white. Despite the smears being fact free it has not stopped various individuals and mainstream media outlets from repeating them as they have become the fashionable smear of the moment.

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This week: John Key v The World

John Key

Last week, Key was forced to defend an approach by his personal lawyer Ken Whitney, who was revealed to have lobbied the Government over changes to tax laws.

The week earlier, he had to bat away questions over a Niue resort contract won by National Party donors, but a misfire on the issue also left Little exposed.

He was forced to defend the sting, while trying to deflect threatened legal action for drawing links where there were none. Read more »

Little smears, defames and lies and then blames it on relying on a media report


John Shewan, the tax expert appointed to review New Zealand’s foreign trust laws, has flatly rejected a claim that he advised the Bahamas government on ways to protect that country’s tax haven status.

The claim was made by Labour leader Andrew Little, who is attacking Prime Minister John Key for appointing Mr Shewan.

In parliament on Wednesday, Mr Little asked Mr Key: “Does he not see that there is a fundamental problem with appointing a person to review our foreign trust laws who has advised a government on how to protect its tax haven status?”

Mr Little said Mr Shewan, and former Reserve Bank governor Don Brash, were asked to go to the Bahamas by Mr Key.

At least he got Mr Shewan’s name right. ? The truth however, is a totally different matter. ? Read more »


Just one of the lies Labour are spreading

A good Labour source phoned me last night to tell me what Labour is spreading around Wellington about the hacks of my emails and the next big reveal.

I have been getting updates like this regularly, and they are invariably false.

This one however is particularly concerning.

They say that the latest leak will be emails that apparently involve me hiring a hitman and arranging a hit on someone, and that as a result the Police are about to arrest me.

This is a lie. A scurrilous smear, that only the Labour party could put about.

It is my understanding that the supposed victim of this is also spreading this around town.

There is a problem with this story. It is false. No emails exist nor chats. And the alleged assault and crimes were committed well after the hack occurred.

It is something I would never do. If I knew anything about this attack I would inform the Police myself.

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Tracy Watkins on smears

Tracy muses about smears and gets right amongst it herself

Do smear campaigns work?

Short answer – of course.

If they didn’t, they would not be a time-honoured political tool.

But the trick is maintaining the appearance of keeping your hands clean. In 2008, when Labour was caught out trying to gather material to drop an “H-bomb” on John Key it backfired spectacularly. But that was in the days when smartphones were still new, and it was not so easy to plant an internet meme and see it spread like wildfire before it had been proved or disproved.

Would that story have played out differently in 2014?

When a senior adviser to Key was caught out earlier this year supplying photographs to shock-jock blogger Cameron Slater, it was confirmation that the major parties see blogs as an important outlet for stories they prefer to keep at arm’s length or don’t want their fingerprints on.

The fact that Jason Ede supplied Whaleoil with photos of rubbish from a press gallery party was less of a revelation than the fact that feeding the blogs is officially part of his job description. Key used to give a passable impression of someone who had just noticed a bad smell under his nose whenever he was questioned about National’s links to Slater. Not so now.

Key even admits to having a direct line to the blogger.

As do many other people. ?From all over the political spectrum. ? Read more »

Goff’s Smear Backfires

Phil Goff trundled along to parliament today and chucked muck at Peter Kiely and Murray McCully.

Regular readers will know that I don’t have a high opinion of Peter Kiely…in many respects I think he is a smarmy little c*nt, however Peter Kiely is a senior partner in a law firm and has and does act with the utmost of integrity in many, many matters. I may not like him personally but I’ll be f*cked if i will?allow?Phil Goff to smear people under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

Goff was dead wrong. In a statement released by Murray McCully, he states:

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully has called allegations made by Phil Goff MP against former Pacific Forum Line director Peter Kiely ?reckless, cowardly and wrong?.

?By attacking Mr Kiely without checking the facts Mr Goff has impugned the reputation of a highly professional individual without any justification.

?Central to Mr Goff?s allegation is that Mr Kiely held shares in shipping company Sofrana at the time PFL, of which he was a director, was considering an offer from Sofrana.

?Mr Kiely has never owned shares in Sofrana. The shares referred to by Mr Goff were held by Mr Kiely as a non-beneficial trustee for a Sofrana employee. Practising lawyers like Mr Kiely commonly hold shares for clients as non-beneficial trustee. If Mr Goff had asked he could have been told this.

Reckless cowardly and wrong” is fairly strong words. I dare Goff and Mallard, who chipped in with the smear in his General Debate effort to repeat what their allegation outside the house.

Maryan Street is going to get thrashed

Apparently Labour are going to “wipe the smug grin” off Nick Smith’s face in Nelson. Labour’s inept campaign takes another inept step toward oblivion.

Someone needs to tell them they are dreaming.

Nick Smith is one of the most popular electorate MPs in the country because he has done a bloody good job for two decades representing his voters. He is not known as Nick For Nelson for nothing, and his stats are better than just about any other National MP whatever way you measure them for winning more votes than National.

This is not just opinion. The election results bear out this:

National Party ????15,378 ????????SMITH, Nick ???NAT ???20,471
Labour Party ????13,689 ????????STREET, Maryan ???LAB ???12,000

So National have a majority of
1,689 over Labour and Nick has a majority of 8471 over Maryan.

I may disagree with Nick on a range of issues but he is the most frequent winner of the Politician of the Week Award because he gets so much right. He an example of a brilliant electorate MP, and Nelson is his seat for life even though it should be a swing seat, because he as never forgotten who sends him to parliament every three years.

When Labour do a campaign review they need to look closely at their candidates who don?t even win the all the Labour voters. As the numbers show, Maryan Street lost at least 1689 Labour voters, indicating she is a bloody terrible MP at serving her constituents. ?If Labour are serious about winning Nelson they need to replace Maryan. Preferably with someone who isn’t as sour as a grapefruit and doesn?t represent the failed identity politics that is so last decade.

Cartoon – Slinging Muck

A cartoon from John Black, exclusive to WOBH.

I’m hoping to make these a regular feature.

Flinging Poo, a cartoon by John Black


Labour: Out of ideas now making shit up

Like many Labour people Chris Hipkins has no idea how business is run, he certainly has no bloody idea how things work in the motor trade.

Team McMillan is a franchise holder for BMW, any deal done by the government (or their agents) is done directly with BMW NZ, and a cursory glance at the companies register shows that there is no connection (other than the franchise agreement) between Team McMillan BMW and BMW NZ. Clearly Chris Hipkins, the wunderkind of Labour and their bright future, didn’t do even that.

For Hipkins or Labour to suggest that Team McMillan had anything to do with the purchase of the new ministerial fleet is nothing short of outright lies.

Big fleet clients or government departments have for some time now dealt directly with the importer. A recent government deal negotiated with Mitsubishi Motors NZ did not involve any of the Mitsubishi dealer network, this is standard practice.

The reason for this is simple, government departments and big fleet customers pay considerably less for their new vehicles than the dealer pays, understandably the importer is not keen for this heavily reduced price to become common knowledge. Unless of course work-shy fools like Chris Hipkins happen along and shoot off their mouth.

I suspect that Team McMillan would be quite keen for Hipkins to repeat his comments outside the house, at the very least if I was them I would be demanding an apology from Hipkins.

More Labour lies on the DPS

I see Trevor Mallard’s?claiming?(on Kiwiblog) that Goff mis-spoke and his leader didn’t mean to?target?the police who tail John Key in Parliament but instead Labour is?attacking?the DPS who look after the?PM?when he goes to?the gym.

This change in tack?has been forced on them?after?one?of?the?major planks of their DPS spending smear on John Key was exposed as a lie by me yesterday.

Hilariously, Trev now agrees Clark did have police with her in Parliament – but only one – and only when she walked to the debating chamber.

Wrong again. Here’s a nice shot of?Mallard and Clark at Parliament?and two DPS chaps in the background. Is there anything?Mallard?can get right at?the?moment?

Mallard and Clark with DPS

However, Mallard’s?still claiming Clark never had police with her?at?the gym.

Trev’s hasty re-write of history?leaves us asking whether?Clark?ever went to the gym.? A quick search?tells us?see she did.

Braun-Elwert has been impressed with the Prime Minister’s determination. On each trip she has been a little fitter, a little more assured in her climbing. He says she goes to the gym two or three times a week, working hard and systematically on cardio- vascular and upper-arm exercises.

So which gym?gym did she go to, 2 or three times a week? Looks like Les Mills in central?Auckland:

I do recall Uncle Helen was a regular gym goer at Les Mills in Auckland Central.

So Mallard wants us to believe that Helen Clark?never took any security with her when she went to Les Mills in central?Auckland.? She didn’t take a VIP car, and didn’t have any police?company – she?just nipped off to the gym all on her own.

It just doesn’t wash, and I’d be very?surprised?if no one?comes forward to confirm?Clark?often had company at the gym.

So let’s step back and consider?where Labour’s up to with this failed DPS smear:

  1. Labour technically overspent by?more on the DPS
  2. Clark had full-time protection (even in Parliament)
  3. While?Labour claims the DPS never went with her on holiday – how much did the taxpayer fork out for the flights and?accommodation?of her company – Darren Hughes, Chris Carter, Peter Kaiser,?Peter Davis?
  4. Will Goff decline security and police advice?for the election period?
  5. Was Goff lying when he assured a victim of?Christchurch?that he’d ride?from?Wellington?to show his support with DPS on motorbikes alongside him?
  6. Confirmation?that a Labour Government would reject the best police advice and tell them how to do their jobs.

Then there’s Labour’s latest mud flinging exercise about the paint job on the historically listed Premier House in Wellington, which is used by community groups. Farrar?mocks this?latest piece?of Labour dirt.

But let us look at some of the house costs under Labour and see how they compare to around $200,000 on painting Premier House:

  • $1.133m on Vogel House when Jim Anderton lived there
  • $46.6m on Government House
  • $215,000 on Premier House in 2000
  • $177,000 on Matt Robson?s Wadestown Ministerial House

So labour spent the same amount on painting Premier house that they now claim is?extravagant?for john key, plus there is the?outrageous?amount they spent on a house for the Governor-General.

The PM had it right on Breakfast this morning when he accused Labour of scraping the bottom of the?barrel?because no one trusts their gimmicky policies.