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The smell of burning toast



David Shearer is toast, and no amount of carping and whinging by the left wing and out of the loop Labour MPs can say otherwise.

Labour leader David Shearer is demanding a fair go after his MPs united last night to rubbish coup rumours.

The rumours started brewing late Monday night and gained intensity yesterday morning after speculation surfaced that MPs had started circulating a letter of no confidence.

The three MPs said to be circulating the letter – Andrew Little, Clayton Cosgrove and Shane Jones – were adamant, however, that there was no letter and labelled the rumours “crap”. ? Read more »

Labour cheats caught again

Labour just can’t stop cheating when it comes to democracy. It seems that the Opposition Spokeman for Homeless MPs has been caught campaigning on behalf of Len Brown.

Labour MP Phil Twyford is meeting the Parliamentary Service following an accusation from ACT leader Rodney Hide about improper use of parliamentary resources.

Mr Hide, who is Minister for Local Government, released a statement today saying he had referred “a member” to the general manager of Parliamentary Service today for using parliamentary resources to promote candidates.

That is understood to be in relation to Labour MP Phil Twyford using office resources to endorse Auckland super city mayoralty candidate Len Brown.

Mr Hide said he wanted to remind MPs that they were prohibited from using resources provided to them as an MP to endorse candidates in local government elections.

“It is vital to maintain local government’s democratic independence and to act in accordance with New Zealand’s important democratic principles,” he said.

“As such, individual MPs should not use their taxpayer provided resources to influence local government elections in any way.”

He said he wanted to caution other MPs against “such inappropriate behaviour”.

Phil Twyford is claiming the “genuine mistake” defense. That is kind of like the “guilty of nothing more than being helpful to his constituents” defense used by Michael Cullen to explain away the corrupt behaviour of Phillip Field.

Twyford this afternoon acknowledged he should not have used his parliamentary email to endorse candidates in the local body elections.

“Parliamentary Services have told me that there is a case to answer and that it has been referred to the Speaker’s Office. This was a genuine mistake. I am now aware of the rules and I won’t be making this mistake again.

“It wasn’t my intention to break the rules and I apologise.”

I call bullshit on that. I most most certainly his intention to send out that email.

Twyford’s email, obtained by Stuff, was sent from the parliamentary address of Sonny Thomas, who is a former Young Labour member. It has Twyford’s email signature at the bottom.

It says: “I am writing now to urge you to vote, if you haven’t already, in the local government elections. A lot is at stake.

“If you are in Auckland, your choice will help determine what kind of super city we end up with. If we elect the right people to the mayoralty, council and boards they will be able to un-do much of the harm Rodney Hide has done over the last eighteen months. Vote Len Brown for Mayor.”

The email includes contact details for people to get in touch with if they want to door knock or join a telephone campaign “to get the vote out”.

“For the Council and local boards please vote for Labour and City Vision candidates,” the email says.

It lists candidates supported by City Vision.

“Whatever you do, don’t vote Citizens & Ratepayers. They are, after all, National and ACT,” the email states.

Once again Labour has been caught red-handed, I wonder if this will prompt Bernard Orsman to look a bit deeper in covering Labour and Len Brown’s inappropriate use of ratepayer and taxpayer funded services. Somehow I doubt it.

Labour = Fraud, Labour loves Len Brown, Len Brown = Fraud

Around the Blogs

Bridget Saunders blogs about Cougars and gets heaps of comments that are hilarious.

The self rated best sysop in the world gets all foamy about me and DPF. He really needs to take a chill pill. Despite their defaming me repeatedly in the comments I have been banned from responding because Lynn (that surely is a girls name) thinks I am technically illiterate and because I am a creep. So the rules for them are to throw shit, then ban any response. Good oh! Assholes.

DPF laughs at their desperate smear.

Barnsley Bill has a video link to a Youtube vid of a guy getting dirty with heaps of plump birds.

Where in the World is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemplyed of no fixed abode. Not one single post since November 11 from Frank….ooops…Winston or anyone else. Knock, knock anyone there?

After fighting the election with no new policy and having three websites to prove it you would have thought Labour would have at least kept the 2005 policy up on the web, but no, they now officially have no policy at all, and we are still paying for their website too. You would think with the lack of blogging a_y_b would have had time to update the site since he managed to keep his job, albeit in a different office now that has a view that isn’t quite so appealing.

John Edwards admits affair

Sen. John Edwards has just had his V.P. aspirations spiked permanently after he has revealed that the rumours were true and that he has been having an affair and lied repeatedly during his campaign about it.

Obama’s choices are narrowing. Edwards was perhaps his best pick. I wonder what Shrillary will be doing?

Dud Roots

Dud RootBridget Saunders has a post on Dud roots. She reckons that they are simple not into you if they “starfish”.

I disagree. You are either good in the cot or not as the case may be. People who are a dud root deserve all the opprobrium attached with being stink in the cot.

I think another factor may have inadvertently been discovered at No Minster and that is if the said root is a cloth cap wearing socialist. For a start they are extremely likely to be extremely dowdy, ugly to boot and that should have given you a hint about their skill in the cot.

Though there is a school of thought that a friend of mine employs and that is to “Go early, Go Ugly”. He reckons he has a 100% record of blagging a root and ugly chicks are more grateful.

Last night on the tiles

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of being entertained on the town by Bridget Saunders and Rodney Hide.

We met up at Shanghai Lil’s. If you haven’t been there before imagine a Chinese Opium Den missing only the pipes or hookahs. There is however incense burning and host is legend Billy Farnell fussing over the guests. The atmosphere is spectacularly restful…I could have stayed there all night lazily drinking and enjoying conversation.

After Shanghai Lil’s we went on the the Basement for the Opening showing of “On The Conditions And Possibilities Of Helen Clark Taking Me As her Young Lover“. It is part of the NZ International Comedy Festival. Now I don’t normally “do” shows. I find them a yawn but Bridget screamed at me down the phone and sent me an email calling me a homo if I didn’t attend. Attending with Rodney was a bonus.

The play itself is an adaptation from a book of the same name by Richard Meros, who actually seems to have an alarming knowledge about Helen Clark.

Right I have been grandiloquent enough. The show was fucking outstanding and outrageous at the same time. It mercilessly mocks all sides of the political spectrum and uses a huge amount of images of the Dear Leader, some of which i think have been nicked from the Whaleoil gallery of Dear Leader. That’s fine that is why I created the gallery so we can use images that are Really truly Helen rather the faux-tograph that is the official portrait.

I don’t think they could have chosen a better actor than Arthur Meek, he played the dweeby and enthusiastic Richard Meros brilliantly. The one liners and multi liners are hilarious as was the silly woman two rows in front with the Betty Boop laugh.

Using a Powerpoint presentation as a key part of the play I have got to say t is the first PP presentation I haven’t gone to sleep in.

The play is funny, seriously funny, more than LOL funny and slightly less than ROTFLMAO funny, but funny nonetheless…Hmm perhap LMAO funny.

It is very hard to choose the best lines as there were so many, but this one sticks out.

“She is the first elected female Prime Minister of New Zealand for god’s sake she can do what she likes! Deconstructing absurd socio-sexual paradigms is meat and two veg to this woman. She has made a career out of proving people wrong. Women have no place in parliament, MMP can’t work as a system, You can’t do Waimate to Christchurch in under an hour and a half.”

It was attended by a veritable cast of stars, Rodney, Bridget, Te Radar, Michael Hurst and of course me.

I highly recommend attending and I will be going again on Friday night so if any bloggers fancy a night at the theatre, this is well worth the effort and will be $20 well spent.

Not being a arty-farty type I give this play a 9 out of 10, why not 10, well that would be perfection and there can only be one.

After that we went back to Shanghai Lil’s and Rodney bolted. I caught up with Grant Chilcott and reminisced with him and Billy about some old parties and hijinx we all got up to when I was a kid working at the Hyatt.

Hookers and Slappers – A commercial study

About Town –

Bridget Saunders has done a wee commercial summary of hookers and slappers. Very intriguing, but I must have a chat with her about giving the Clarkists yet another thing to ban.

If, as most people seem to be saying, New Zealand women are a bunch of sex predators who will do anything for a double vodka and almost anything for a mocca latte, how is it that prostitution is still a viable business?

This is a genuine question.

If so many people are giving it away, how can anyone sell it?

Or considered another way: If the ?product? is so freely handed over then won?t that bring the price down?

And if it brings the price down couldn?t prostitutes take legal action against slappers for undercutting them?

Perhaps Helen Clark can answer those questions as she un-questionably believes in letting market forces dictate remuneration. But wait, Bridge smells a rat.

After all, a double vodka costs $7.50 but full sex with a street walker costs $50 – $60 (cheaper in Papatoetoe and deals of 2 for $60 are available if you know where to look). And a mocca latte costs around $3.50 whereas the cheapest sex option costs $20.

This must make life hard for working girls. Now that prostitution has been legalised by the Labour Government I think they should make giving sex away illegal as it is bad for law abiding, tax paying, sex workers.

If Labour gets in next election they might do it too!

The problem with Bridget’s analysis is that generally you aren’t paying a hooker for sex, you are actually paying them to fuck off afterwards.