Bizarre claims, plus an instructional video for opponents of GCSB Bill

John Key said on Campbell Live that it would cost billions, and take more than 130,000 spies to wade through all the emails and phone calls in New Zealand.

Good luck with that…I get over 200 emails a day excluding spam, if the GCSB want to help me get through my inbox all power to them. On any given day I usually have around 40 or 50 unread emails.

It is absurd But that’s what the left are accusing the PM of planning – perhaps I’ve missed something but I doubt the PM has plans to expand the GCSB to?three times the size of Google?(which had a total headcount in the second quarter of 44,777 employees).

It is real tinfoil hat stuff. I found this instructional video to help the hard core opponents of the GCSB Bill.? Read more »

WhaleTech: Spam Storm brewing

2342Unsolicited?emails, or SPAM, have been flowing past the usually clever anti-SPAM measures of many email systems, including those of Google.

The scary part is that they appear to be accessing the address book.

As incredible as that sounds, similar stories are being reported from other corners of the Internet

Kiwi internet users are complaining of hundreds of spam emails being sent out from servers overnight.

The issue appears to affect yahoo and xtra accounts.

Emails containing spam links have been sent to people on users’ address lists.

ONE News has received dozens of the emails, and people have reported similar problems on message boards and Twitter.

This is a?massive push using some very smart email address matching technology. ?Early analysis seems to show that they are able to match addresses that are likely to be known to each other. ?It then sends you a spam email with about half a dozen addresses in the To field, and with some luck, one of them matches someone you know.

This has organised crime written all over it. ? Read more »

If only the Greens would ban spam

? Andrew Sullivan

Apparently if the 40% of US workers who could, worked from home just two days a week, we could help save the environment by?reducing yearly carbon emissions by 53 million metric tons. But there is a catch:

[O]ne spam message produces the equivalent of 0.3 grams of CO2 … And what about the 62 trillion emails sent each year? Those emails produce as much CO2 as 1.6 million cars driving around the earth.

Now if only the Greens would help by stopping their own spamming or work towards a global ban on spam…they want to ban everything else after all.

Helping Grant out

Grant Robertson is seeking some help. He wants suggestions on how to improve Wellington.

It is an interesting site. It carries an authorisation statement, but not a single logo of the Labour party, nor a parliamentary crest so he must be paying for it himself which would be a first for a socialist.

It also asks for contact details. Grant has done this before. There is?no privacy statement about what he plans to do with people’s emails? ?Is this another of Grant’s email harvesting exercises?

If you sign up to give Grant suggestions for Wellington then expect to be spammed with begging letters from Chris Flatt and Labour.

As for ideas, here are some of mine:

  1. Do something about Wellington’s shithouse location
  2. Same for the shithouse weather
  3. Remove 50% of the bureaucrats to improve the general populace
  4. Shift the government departments to Palmerston North to improve rent rates for the productive sector businesses
  5. Make all politicians who promote public transport catch?the?airport bus instead of taxis ir crown limos

New Labour Women’s Employment Policy?

Moana Mackey has hit the ground running since the election. It looks like she is promoting Labour’s new women’s employment policy.

I won’t link to the site but the short urls resolve to spam site masquerading as a legitimate news website.

Oh dear me

Here was me thinking that Chris Hipkins was gay, not that it matters to me who he shags. Turns out he may not be…he is certainly promoting a hetero porn site on his Facebook page at the moment.

Chris Hipkins and his porn promotion

I feel sorry for the poor bastard, he will get 50 lashes on the pee-pee with a wet shoelace by all the sisterhood and rainbow members of caucus. Trevor?Mallard?will be his only friend.


My first ever spam letter

Unbelievably I received this spam letter in the mailbox yesterday. It’s a bit munted because it got wet but you get the gist.

The writer is very perceptive in the second paragraph, I was surprised to receive a 419 scam letter by post complete with 97p stamp. And wow, some multi-millionaire Spanish bint appears to be my relative…..Should I write a letter back…seems appropriate…how do you even write a letter?


Zaoui no longer a risk: SIS

Zaoui no longer a risk: SISHead of the Security Intelligence Service Dr Warren Tucker has said Ahmed Zaoui is no longer a security risk.
Dr Tucker held a press conference at the Crown Law Office in Wellington at 3pm in which he announced the security risk…
[NZ Politics]

So what changed? huh? Why all the fuss and subterfuge over the years?

What a joke.?