Goff told to eff off over government stadium cash

Phil Goff has been told in no uncertain terms to shove his stadium plans up his arse.

There will be no government cash for his whimsy.

An Auckland central city stadium wouldn’t get Government funding, Prime Minister Bill English says.

A stadium is back on the cards after Auckland Mayor Phil Goff commissioned work on the feasibility of a new central city site costing up to $1 billion. ? Read more »

Hey Phil, you were moaning about no cash for your trains, why raise the stadium idea again?

Just last week Phil Goff was whinging about having no cash for his trains and needing to raise rates by 16% to pay for infrastructure.

This week he is floating the idea of blowing the thick end of a billion dollars of a fricken waterfront stadium.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has ordered the council to look into alternative sites for a stadium to replace Eden Park.

“We know that in about 15 years there’ll need to be major work done on the Mt Eden stadium if it’s to be retained,” he told Newshub.

“And yet it has significant problems – it can’t run concerts or night events for more than 21 nights a year. It’s underutilised and it’s not meeting the cost of depreciation.” ? Read more »

Five minutes into the job and Phil Goff wants to blow a billion on a stadium

Now Phil Goff wants to build a stadium!

Now Phil Goff wants to build a stadium!

Well, we did warn you. Phil Goff has just picked up from where Len Brown left off.?Now he wants to build a stadium…at?a cost of more than $1 billion.

What is it with socialists and grand projects?

New Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wants to make an early start on a $1 billion stadium on railway land alongside Vector Arena.

In an interview with NewstalkZB’s Tony Veitch to be aired today, Goff said he does not want to spend an estimated $250 million on upgrading Eden Park over the next 15 years and believes the spiritual home of rugby and cricket could be sold for as much as $300m.

Goff, who has only been in the mayoral job for two weeks, stressed the council did not have up to $1b to invest in a new stadium right now but if the council did not start planning it would miss the boat. ?? Read more »

Demolition Larry wants Eden Park and Mt Smart leveled

‘Demolition’ Larry Williams wants to destroy Mt Smart and Eden Park…all for a waterfront stadium.

A new stadium on Auckland’s waterfront continues to gather momentum.

The latest support for a waterfront stadium is the Blues franchise who say they would move away from Eden Park. Simply, that makes sense when you look at the small attendance numbers for the Blues games.

The interesting thing about the latest push for a waterfront stadium is that we are being told that private funding can more or less get the stadium built.

This is good, because stadiums are sinking holes. Stadiums rarely make money. Eden Park is a financial basket case. Ratepayers should not be left to fund the ongoing costs on any new stadium.

Until we see the colour of the private investors money, the jury is out. However it is reasonable to expect some public money going into a new stadium for very good reasons. ? Read more »

Stop wasting time on white elephants, when we have 3 already

The old waterfront stadium is back on the want list for Auckland’s troughing bludgers.

Those who support the stadium aren’t dipping into their pockets to pay for it and they don’t give a toss how much it costs either.

Neither Auckland Council nor the Government have the spare cash to pay for one. The idea is stupid.

At the risk of being a “nay sayer”, this is not a smart idea for the future of Auckland. A few facts:

In 2006 I remember being interviewed about the possibility in preparation for the Rugby World Cup of 2011. The time-bound nature of construction implied either a cost blowout or a poor-quality building. A project manager friend said to me of big construction – “we target time, cost and quality; now pick any two”. Wise man.

However, the evidence available provided an antidote to hubris. In recent history, stadiums have been a major source of financial strain for their hosts. In 2002 NZ dollar terms, Wembley ($1.5 billion), Stadium Australia ($700 million), Stade de France ($1 billion), Yankee Stadium ($1.4 billion). Therefore the very high estimates from the last time around this block – upwards of $900 million in 2006 prices – is only likely to go in one direction, up. ?? Read more »

Perhaps John Key should rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan?

Perhaps John Key should rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan?

It seemed to work for the Japanese government who ripped up the plans for an expensive Tokyo?Olympic?stadium.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered plans for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic stadium to be ditched amid public anger over its $US2 billion ($A2.7 billion) price tag.

The decision on Friday means the organisers of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will have to find a new venue for the final.

“I have decided we must go back to the drawing board,” Abe told reporters after meeting top Japanese sports officials. ? Read more »

Jon Stewart on the Qatar 2022 FIFA stadium

Drugs don’t always have to be a bad thing


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? Deadspin

I saw this link online and it got me thinking.

You’re looking at a recent photo of Eagle Stadium, in Allen, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. The stadium, three years in the works,?will seat 18,000 when it opens later this month. It’s got two luxury suites, a pro-quality press box, a 3,400-square-foot HD video scoreboard?and tickets will be just $10 a game for the all-bleacher seating. This is Texas football.

An 18000 seat stadium for $60M USD = $75M NZD?

Cost per seat = $4,000 NZD (ballpark)

The new Christchurch stadium is going to cost $500M.

Covered 35000 seat stadium = $500M (from Stuff/NBR)

Cost per seat = $14,000

It just goes to show how poor stadia are economically. ?$14k per seat means you want to be recovering $1200 – $1400/seat in profit each year to pay for capital costs, planned replacement, maintenance. ?After running costs and payments to sports bodies, you haven’t got a show of getting that money. ?Just ask Dunedin how they are going with their forecasted revenue.

Sports venues are important for communities, but a half billion dollar stadium is a big ask. ?It could also kill the Dunedin stadium, interestingly, by offering a covered alternative closer to a major airport.

I don’t know what the payout from AMI was, but the cost really worries me, particularly when the Cantabs are not renowned for their attendance.

Final note – this can only be used for rugby. ?No cricket possible. ?So the days used per year drops again… 8 S15 games, 1 AB test match, 7-8 ITM cup games… it doesn’t add up on the back of my envelope. ?Not saying they shouldn’t build a stadium, but holy crap that’s expensive for what they are getting.

Trevor Mallard Re-Ducks

The Labour Party is predictably keen to jump on any passing bandwagon at present.

Nearly a week after the fact, they’ve decided they’ve found a good attack issue in terms of the Rugby World Cup opening night issues in Auckland, and they’re doing what they do – which is talking down New Zealand.

But on Monday afternoon, after spending the whole interview with Paul Henry talking tough and promising to sack people, Phil Goff said we should all refrain from?passing judgment ’til after the Auckland Council reported back.??He also condemned the choice of the waterfront as a venue.

This argument got me thinking what Labour might have done.

Well, a quick review of history tells us Labour’s plan was to plonk a national stadium on the waterfront (which was supposedly going to be built at night and save us money???).

This was not uniformly welcomed by the range of Auckland councils at the time.??So in response, Labour threatened to?move the tournament to Christchurch.

And then when the councils refused to pay for Trevor’s monument on the waterfront he said Aucklanders had ‘no vision‘.

I just shudder at the thought of what may?have happened last Friday, if Mallard had got his way and literally everyone was?on the waterfront. ?His alternative was of course – Christchurch.

This whole tournament would have been at risk had Mallard followed through on his threats and moved the main events to Christchurch.

Labour have very short memories and they’re desperately hoping the public do too. ?The Whale has a longer memory than most.

So here’s Trevor in November 2006 trying to explain why Labour botched its numbers in the RWC bid.? According to Trevor it was?someone else’s fault.