More Nanny Statism

It’s in the stars – fuel costs at a glance – 22 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

When did these regulation get passed?

Car dealers and private individuals selling vehicles through websites will risk being fined up to $5000 if they do not display available fuel consumption information.

Regulations coming into force on April 7 will require sellers to display fuel-economy labels if the information for them is available from the Government website

What a complete load of bollocks!

Who really gives a flying root about fuel consumption, I sure as hell don’t, I look at engine cc’s (the bigger the better) and horse power (again the bigger the better) and finally torque (yep bigger the better, all the better to put that horsepower on the road).

Our current plaything is a Holden HSV that has been through the Eastern Automotive Performance Centre. It has a new engine, new drive shaft, new supercharger, new brakes, new radiator, new race tyres and puts 500Nm of torque onto the road at the rear wheels.

We are talking a serious tarmac ripping beast that wheel spins in the dry without even trying. Fuel Consumption doesn’t even get a second thought.

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Nanny State picking on small business

Today I went shopping.

I bowled down to the local Palmers garden centre today for a couple of reasons, one they have a great cafe in pleasant surroundings and two I was looking for some stuff for the garden and courtyard.

Palmers were open as they are every year on Good Friday. Never before have the State Nazi’s visited but today they did. They visited because another garden centre that was closed for the first time in 15 years dobbed them.

I spoke to Chris the owner who now has to turn up to court to be convicted of nothing more than wanting to make some money. He is right hacked off with the nanny state right now, especially since he told his staff if they wanted the day off they could, just to let him know so he could arrange temps. You see there is no shortage of staff WANTING to work on Good Friday, there was also no shortage of customers wanting to buy from him on Good Friday either.

At the cafe there were heaps of families enjoying the day and the great fare. Those people appreciated the fact that Chris opened his store.

The State Nazi’s didn’t, they in fact accused him of all sorts of heinous crimes, like forcing the staff to work, dis-respecting Christianity blah, blah, blah.

I think it is time to get the state out of our lives and businesses.

Secret Gov't ad plan leaked by Ralston

Bill Ralston: Pssst! Sell me a bag of lollies? – 16 Mar 2008 – Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World – nzherald

Eventually, I suppose, like the new cigarette packets, unhealthy foods will be forced to carry ugly pictures of the medical effects of their ingredients. Packets of Mallowpuffs will feature a stern health warning and a nasty photo of a huge fat bum.

Someone has also leaked the proposed ad format to WOBH.


Government becomes lender of last resort

PM announces shared equity scheme for home buyersEXCLUSIVE: The Government will launch a shared equity scheme in July as one of its measures to assist home buyers into their first home, Prime Minister Helen Clark will say in her statement to Parliament this afternoon.
It has…
[NZ Politics]

Labour are batshit crazy, with finance companies dropping like a whores drawers they announce that their policy for helping drop kicks who can't afford a house is that they will become the lender of last resort!!!!!!

Cactus Kate sums it up best for me.?

Me? I have only one question, I can afford every house I look at so where is the affordability crisis?

There is always these for those who can't manage with the simple effort of saving a deposit.?

If they want to make houses more "affordable" there are easier and quicker ways. I wouldn't do them because, well just because but if you were so inclined then there is only two things to do.

  1. Make 20% deposits mandatory.
  2. Remove the stupid ARC and other Regional Council artifical boundaries limiting development.

That'd do it in about 4 weeks. Less buyers, heaps of stock, more land, even more stock, excess supply over demand voila instant cheap houses. Of course it is electoral suicide but hey everything else the government has touched this year has turned to shit, they might just try that one.

They're coming for your choooldrin

Antisocial test for children backed – 25 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Cindy Kiro, remember her, she is the one that wants a file on every child has backed provisions for testing for antisocial behaviour and then having the “chosen” choooldrin re-educated.

Except she and the inventors of this intervention in parenting call it by different names. They use things like “measures to vet young children for targeted help” and “going to tackle the problem early to stop it escalating into something that will definitely have a serious intervention later on.” and “identify children who were at risk of developing severe behaviour problems”

All that means is that schools and the government are going to tag children for intervention which really means taking your kids away and re-educating them.

They say they will only concentrate on abnormal behaviour, not typical tantrums or selfish behaviour, would be targeted. So, just to extend the thinking on that does that include homosexual behaviour, most people would class that as abnormal behaviour, what about Sikh children who wear little bobbles on their head, surely that is abnormal, Exclusive Brethren girls wear scarves covering their head, more abnormal behaviour. In South Auckland not carrying a knife to school, whilst also stupid, is also considered abnormal behaviour…….what about telling the school that Daddy gave you a kiss goodnight…..that surely is abhorrent behaviour, I mean what on earth is a father ( a potential rapist) doing alone in the bedroom of his children!!! Abnormal behaviour…..good god, that child is being corrupted, he/she should be in a single parent family at the very least…mark them down for intervention.

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Nanny State is coming for your chooooldrin

Children to be vetted for antisocial acts – 24 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Children as young as 3 are to be screened for signs of antisocial behaviour which could identify whether they are likely to become future criminals.

What exactly are these anti-social behaviours?
[quote]Last night the New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties chairman, Michael Bott, expressed concern that the plan would take the state further into private family matters.

“We may be encouraging a climate of fear where the state is looking into the private realm to find problems where there are none,” he said.[/quote]

I don”t like the sound of “interventions”. The most dreaded words in new Zealand are likely to be “Hello, we’ve come to talk about your chooooldrin”

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How close are we to Nazism?

Public praised for dobbing in man who flicked son’s ear – 15 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

This is the very fat end of the what used to be a thin wedge.

We now have Government functionaries praising our citizens for dobbing others in. With the muzzling of Free Speech and now with encouragement of dobbers and snitches we are getting close to having a government we have lost control of. The Police are no use they refuse to prosecute crimes and use excuses like “not in the public interest.”

I fear for where our country has got to and where it may end up.

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Get out Nanny State

Hands off our lives say voters – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

[quote]Voters fear Government is exerting too much control over their lives – and they believe it has got worse in the past two years.

The finding in the latest Fairfax Media-Nielsen poll suggests the backlash over the so-called anti-smacking bill has left its mark, but could also be a response to the campaign against Labour’s bid to overhaul electoral finance laws with a regime criticised as draconian and a limit on free speech.[/quote]
In the poll of 1082 voters 57% of respondents said Yes that the Government was meddling in our lives way too much. 61% said that the Nanny State had increased in intensity.

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Wrong answer John

Fireworks ban inevitable – KeyNational Party leader John Key believes a ban on the sale of fireworks is inevitable.
"I'm of the view that what's going to happen is inevitably they will be (banned)," Mr Key said on TV One's Breakfast programme today.
[NZ Politics]

The correct answer to the question was that we have had enough of the Nanny State and National will NOT support the banning of fun.

Now go away and reconsider. Grow a spine for gods sake. Repeat after me;

The State has no business regulating fun, individuals are the ones responsible for foolishness.

With regards to the burnt kids, What's more painful for this kid? Fireworks in the cot or being called mercedez!!

What sort of trashy fool takes a baby near fireworks? They don't have any other older kids to entertain? What's wrong with staying inside with the baby? Surely just the noise would send a wee baby's ears mental.

New Zealand is becoming the ultimate breeding ground for dumb white and black trash. You can't pass laws stopping this sort of stupidity. Pull your head out of your ass John and grow some balls.


They will pry my 50" Plasma out of my house at the same time as they pry my guns from my cold dead hands

Big-screen TVs may be outlawed – 12 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Fucking meddling socialists. Sorry for my return to expletives but I have really just about had enough of this nanny knows best bullshit.

I won’t get rid of my beer fridge nor my old freezer, i certainly won’t get rid of the 50″ Plasma, in fact I may take it upon myself to own several. I won’t stop driving a V8 and I certainly won’t be stopped from my right to free speech.

This policy will finally tip the swinging voter away from Clark and Labour plus her hangers on. meddling in people living rooms is a step too far.

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