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Someone else is mad with the Cock from Campbells Bay

The Cock from Campbells Bay, otherwise known as North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams is permanently on my shit list for threatening me with legal action for calling him “mental”.

I think he still is mental and now another blog has been set up entitles Mayor Andrew Williams is Mad in order to catalogue the numpty twat’s latest debacle, missive or stuff up.

I get a wee mention in there as well for my ongoing war with the mental cock.

Good luck Mayor Cock in trying to sue Google.

A humble apology to the President of Turkmenistan

I received this email from the President of Turkmenistan and in a WOBH first I offer my most sincere and humble apologies for suggesting that Mayor Andrew Williams, the Cock of Campbells Bay is your evil twin brother. I regret any inference to such a characterisation.

Dear Whaleoil

I wish you to be corrected that Mayor Andrew Williams is not My evil twin brother.

These rumours are malicious calumnies of western press and murder of roosters work of amateur.

I will say no more as I only ask once that you stop spreading such rumour.

You are forgiven only once as my photo in the Financial Times of December 20/December 21 does give strange likeness to your Lord Mayor of your northern shores.

Herewith is photo from Times article My Lieutenant Secretary scan for you.

I warn you not repeat calumnies in Times litany of link insie link to left.

You oblige permission to glorify new glorious Turkmenbashi, new father of all Turkmens.

Photos of glorious self entity attache for anticipate favourable article.

More photos of myself superior seniority as President greater than Mayor follow but chains of office similarity.

Turkmen President great, dear leaderDear Great leader of Turkmen with some SlopeheadGreat Turkmen Leader not evil twin of Cock of Campbells bay
Many more photos of Great Turkmen Leader (me, Gurbanguly, of course) can be found inside link.

Be understood me that Whaleoil family members in Turkmenistan is most concerned that New Zealand Whaleoil Turkman blogger think of their health and publish laudatory counter article.

President of Turkemistan (99% of vote)

Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov

Now that's a blog rating I can endorse


Thank you, thank you….Thank you Cactus

I’d like to thank…….the Labour Party for giving out free hits willingly, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode for being a lying ass, all the lickspittles, lap-bloggers, broken arses and numpties who drew themselves to my attention….you don’t really think I care what you say about me do you?….Andrew Williams, the Cock of Campbells Bay who threatened to sue me……just wait Andrew plenty more vitriol where that came from……Pearl Going the maker of plastic handbags that seemingly are invisible….I haven’t finished with you pearl dear you fake little broken arsed putz….Judith Tizard for being such a terrible MP, hope you enjoyed the video….Helen Clark for staying ugly……Michael Cullen for being a sanctimonious cock…..a special mention to my sponsors of the Blogmobile tour, you know who you are and you should be pleased, quietly with the results, many thanks for your support….

And last of all I’d like to thank me, of course I’m going to thank me, I did all the bloody work, well apart from some helpful contributions from…….yeah right I’m going to tell you who sent me in stuff.

Thank you, and remember this;

If you want to wrestle with pigs know two things are true. You’re going to get dirty and the pig loves it.

Cock of Campbells Bay socks it to ratepayers

The Mad Mayor, the Cock of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams is unrepentent over rates hikes from his council despite the Reserve Bank Governer Alan Bollard imploring local bodies to rein in spending.

The Mad Mayor goes on to show his complete ignorance of economic matters by criticising Bollard for putting interest rates up in the past saying they were inflationary. What a Cock!

He should stick to consulting the inside of flagons, I hear he does quite well at that.

I was wondering…..

  1. If a person with a double barrelled surname marries a person with a double barrelled surname what they do about their surname?
  2. If double barrelled surnames aren’t just a bit weird?
  3. Whether Andrew Williams aka The Cock of Campbells Bay really knows what he is getting himself into?
  4. If Andrew Williams really is mad?
  5. The leftwing will ever recover from believing that Helen could get four and finding out she couldn’t?
  6. If Phil Goff really thought much about his caucus seat placements in the house?
  7. Isn’t it creepy watching Phil Goff with the evil one sitting just over his right shoulder sneering at all and sundry?
  8. Why Tim doesn’t just ask Scrubone to do his stats, it’d be a shitload faster?
  9. Who on god’s green earth would have pinko’s for friends?
  10. If Jordan Carter has stopped commuting between Auckland Central and Wellington?
  11. If Jordan Carter has really got a mortgage on Labour’s Auckland Central after erecting all those signs for Judith?

Definition of a Double Standard

Cock of Campbells Bay - Andrew WilliamsMayor Andrew Williams, the cock of Campbells Bay, threatens to sue Whaleoil for calling him “mental”.

Mayor Andrew Williams, the cock of Campbells Bay calls a North Shore City councillor a smartarse, and is asked to leave an official council committee meeting as a result.

Truly he is a cock, mental and a fool while defining double standard with his very existence. I guess like most bullies, he likes to dish it out, but can’t take it back.

Still waiting for the writ, tosser.

Cock turns into a Goose

Andrew Williams just keeps on diggingHave you ever seen a cock turn into a goose?

How about a goose digging a hole?

Here’a a good example of a goose digging a hole

Andrew Williams, the Cock of Campbells Bay is now a Goose.

The Goose wonders why his hole keeps geting deeper. We all know, when you are in a hole, stop digging! Someone should tell the Goose.