Steve Joyce

Steve Joyce pulls wool over Taxpayers Union’s eyes

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Steven Joyce?s commitment to Mum and Dad taxpayers and more efficient public services in his speech yesterday to the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand is being welcomed by the New Zealand Taxpayers? Union.

John Bishop, Chairman of the Taxpayers? Union, says:

“Mr Joyce is right to encourage public servants to keep Mums and Dads at the top of their minds when making decisions that use their tax dollars. An efficient public service means efficient spending, which of course must consider where the money being spent comes from. Read more »

Media are sad at lack of “squeaky toy phallus” incident. So far!

They ACTUALLY reported that NOTHING happened. ?That’s how disappointed they are!

There has been no sequel to last year’s “dildo-gate” at Waitangi, with no sex toys flying through the air ahead of the weekend’s celebrations.

There was a heavy police and security presence at the Copthorne Hotel venue on Friday, likely as a result of last year’s protests where cabinet minister Steven Joyce was hit in the face with a sex toy during a media conference. Read more »

More good news (and I don?t mean Joyce taking credit for English?s work)

The government continues to deliver up more good economic news.

The New Zealand economy continued to grow solidly in the September quarter, posting a higher than expected 1.1 per cent growth rate for the quarter and 3.5 per cent over the last year, Finance Minister Steven Joyce says.

“New Zealand?s focus on developing a strong and open economy is delivering good results for Kiwi families, especially relative to most of the rest of the developed world,” Mr Joyce says.

New Zealand?s economic growth in the year to September was the fifth strongest in the OECD ahead of Australia (1.8 per cent), the USA (1.6 per cent), Canada (1.3 per cent) and the Euro Area (1.7 per cent).

“We are starting to see the benefits of a clear and stable focus on economic fundamentals coupled with a determination to build a competitive environment from which Kiwi companies can succeed on the world stage.”

Growth in the quarter was strong across 13 of 16 industries, including:

– Business services (up 2.0 per cent)

– Transport, postal, and warehousing (up 3.7 per cent)

– Construction (up 2.1 per cent)

– Manufacturing (up 1.2 per cent)

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Even wet leftie Vernon Small calls Labour out for by-election bribe


When Vernon Small is against Labour you know they are in terrible trouble.

When Fairfax uses pictures of pigs in the?same article then it is real trouble.

By-elections can be?swine.

National famously made a mess of its campaign in?Northland,?which it?lost to NZ First leader Winston?Peters.

Not only did it give the old tusker a new lease of life, but?one that could mean it will be reliant on him to govern come next year’s election, given his current poll rating.

It also shed a crucial seat putting it that much more at the mercy of its three support parties – ACT, United Future and the Maori Party?- which Peters never tires of calling Kling-ons.

The reasons were complex.

National chose a weak candidate, Labour caved to Peters. And the NZ First leader?sold himself as a protest vote that would allow the disgruntled to poke National in the eye without risking John Key’s prime ministership.

But National also badly misjudged the mood of the struggling region?by promising to upgrade 10 of its one-way bridges.

Voters smelled the unmistakable odour of pork-barrel politics. They asked why the bridges had not been fixed before. The?transparent “generosity” was punished not rewarded.

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National steals the only good thing from Labour’s housing policy


National’s ‘Mr Fix-It’ Steven Joyce has turned out to be ‘Mr Blabbermouth’, revealing the Government will no longer take a $92 million dividend from Housing New Zealand.

In a major policy change which appears to be a backdown, Mr Joyce says the Government will not take the divided for two years and the money will instead go to building more state houses.

The social housing corporation was forecast in the Budget to fill the Beehive’s coffers with $38m this year, and $54m next year. Read more »

Winston the elephant

There was a rather large elephant in the room through the weekend at the National Party conference.

Though the party had, in the words of one senior Beehive adviser ?stage managed the shit out of the conference? talking to MPs and delegates revealed a party that has one major issue on its mind.

And the issue is the Rt Hon Winston Peters.

National strategists have believed for a while that NZ First was making up ground but that it was winning that ground off Labour.

However, the election results in Australia, Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump all point to this being a time when established parties need to take populist insurgents seriously.

It?s not just a question of whether National will need New Zealand First and Peters to form a Government, but would he even consider it as long as John Key leads them, and if he did, would their agreement to have him join to end the same way his previous engagement with National did under Jenny Shipley in 1998.

Their preference is to have the current Government and its support parties be re-elected with much the same numbers it has now.

And that?s the official line; that?s what the goal is.

The elephant in the room is that National are slowly drifting ever more to the left, allowing Winston more play in the middle. Readers have noted that Winston is ‘starting to make sense’ to them.? Read more »

Is Steve Joyce all steam and no hangi?

via ZDNet

via ZDNet

…there is a suspicion among some in the Beehive that Mr Joyce is all press statement.

Even the Prime Minister recently seemed to enjoy repeating a Radio host?s comment that Joyce was the Minister of everything while Bill English did everything.

So it was with some anticipation among MPs that Mr Joyce last Thursday fronted up before the Commerce Committee for its annual interrogation of him on the activities of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

There is something that Steve is good at, and that’s giving away our hard-earned money, mostly to businesses that are already profitable. Where the money is really needed, like the regions, is getting further scrutiny.? Read more »

Seymour on budget waste and corporate welfare

David Seymour has used his Sunday Star-Times column to highlight some of Steve Joyce’s wasteful corporate welfare.

It’s Budget week and the message from National is the same as the past six years: no tax cuts.? Labour, meanwhile, want tax increases.

So, what better time to look at some government spending and simply ask: “Why?”? Surely, some of this money would be better spent on health, or education ? or simply given back to people, so they can invest in businesses, their families, their communities, and themselves.

First up is the $56 million-a-year Marsden Fund, which bankrolls select ‘academic’ research. ?Some of the science topics look kind of interesting, but what do New Zealand taxpayers really gain from funding research on Cultivating chamber music in Beethoven’s Vienna: a study in socio-musicology?($580,000); or anti-trade activist Jane Kelsey’s?Transcending embedded neoliberalism in international economic regulation?($600,000); or Missing narratives of modern Chinese intellectual history: modernity and writings on art, 1900-1930?($495,000)?

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Steve ?Candyman? Joyce hands out more budget goodies

Steve Joyce has become quite the “Candyman” with his corporate welfare:

Health research funding will be boosted by $97 million over the next four years. ? Read more »


Not quite sure what to make of this


Dildo Baggins seems to have put the kibosh on pink sex toys.