Stone Shi

So, a rich man gave money to Labour and the Greens, yet no one reported it

Earlier today I posted about the media announcing that Stone Shi gave $50,000 to the National party and that Jenny Gibbs has given a hundy to Act.

But, what is curious is the lack of reporting over another large donation, given just a few weeks before Stone Shi’s donation.

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Another big donation for National, none for Labour yet

National has scored another big donation, again from Stone Shi.

The National Party has received another $50,000 from the head of milk exporter Oravida, which was once caught up in a conflict of interest claim.

Oravida’s founder Deyi (Stone) Shi made the donation earlier this month.

Shi’s company, which also exports wine, seafood, freshwater and meat to China, has close ties to National. Former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley is the chairwoman and director David Wong-Tung is the husband of Revenue Minister Judith Collins.

Collins came under pressure over her links to Oravida in 2014 after she met with Shi and a Chinese border official while on a ministerial visit to China, weeks after Oravida had lobbied the Government about difficulties in getting its products into China. Read more »

OIA records show Collins dinner in Beijing was always a private dinner

Grant Robertson continues to pursue Judith Collins despite the OIA documents released today showing clearly that the dinner in Beijing was a private dinner from the get go.

Justice Minister Judith Collins’ office initially asked for a foreign affairs briefing before a controversial dinner in China with Oravida representatives and an unnamed border official.

Collins has insisted the dinner was a private affair with no official business discussed.

However, documents released to Fairfax Media under the Official Information Act show that five days before the dinner her office sought the briefing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat).

An October 15 email from her office noted:

“On Sunday, October 20, the minister will be having a dinner that will include (redacted name). He has agreed to meet with the minister arranged by Mr Stone Shi, Oravida. The minister would like ambassador Carl Worker and his wife to attend this dinner. A briefing from Mfat will be required.”

Worker did not attend and the dinner went ahead with Collins, her official, Oravida executives Shi and Julia Xu and the Chinese official present.

But later emails show that Collins’ office declined Mfat assistance and said no briefing would be required.

The New Zealand embassy in Beijing asked about the dinner and said it assumed the booking would be made by Shi. It also asked if transport was required. Read more »

Is creepy Labour stalking Judith Collins?

Stone Shi's house on Paritai Drive Image/ TVNZ

Stone Shi’s house on Paritai Drive Image/ TVNZ

Yesterday Labour via Shane Jones levelled an appalling accusation against Judith Collins, that she is living on Paritai Drive in Stone Shi’s house.

This particular nasty little rumour has been flying around for months as Labour and Winston Peters worked together to try to neutralise one of National’s most potent weapons.

Embattled Justice Minister Judith Collins appeared to be close to tears this afternoon after she was targeted by the Opposition over her links with wealthy businessman Deyi Shi.

Ms Collins was yesterday facing Opposition claims she lobbied a senior Chinese border control official on behalf of Mr Shi’s company milk exporter Oravida during a dinner in Beijing in the wake of the Fonterra botulism scare.

However on the way into Parliament this afternoon Ms Collins appeared to become distraught when asked by reporters about suggestions from Labour MP Shane Jones that she had been staying at Mr Shi’s home – the luxury Paritai Drive mansion originally built for Mark Hotchin.

“I’m really disgusted actually that Shane would do that. It’s actually really hurtful. I’ve been to the home that Mr Shi has bought on many occasions because he is a close personal friend and he’s away a lot but I’ve never lived there.

“I don’t stay there, I’ve been there. It’s because it’s a very place to go and look at and I’m sure that if he wanted to he could sell tickets for people to go and have a look at it.

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