Stratford High School

Only 1 in 18 PPTA members against Charter Schools

Outgoing PPTA President Robin Duff has acknowledged that, despite spending thousand of members (i.e. taxpayers) funds on full page advertising only 1000 secondary teachers have responded to their desperate plea for submissions to the Bill that will allow Charter Schools.

With incoming President Angela “out of her depth” Roberts acknowledging that they have 18,000 members?the PPTA must be gutted. One in 18 against and/or care enough to say so.

NZEI must also be stunned to be sending in only 700 submissions. For all of Ian Leckie’s?vitriol you would have thought every primary school teacher was going to be crawling to the steps of parliament and writing their submissions in the blood from their knees.

Roberts clearly has a superhero complex and she personally hopes “?to save the education system from the dangerous path it was heading down”. And one of the main things she wants to save the system from is the “de-professionalisation of teachers”.

At least she?acknowledges?that the NZ system is no longer “world class” (glad that mantra has gone – thought Robin Duff had something stuck in his throat) by saying:

“The aim should be to create an education system that worked systemically rather than creating pockets of success.”

?Roberts will be okay though she feels that her 12 years as a teacher at Stratford High School has prepared her for this role as PPTA President. All of the secondary teachers around the country must be excited.

Greens should have gone with Maori – Tanczos

Greens should have gone with Maori – TanczosOutgoing Green MP Nandor Tanczos said last night he believes the Green Party made a mistake putting its support behind Labour in the 2005 election and would have been better off talking to the Maori Party as it was now.
Mr Tanczos…
[NZ Politics]

The Greens are turning feral. After years of being Madge Allsop to Labour’s Dame Edna they are getting puss-faced.

Nandor Tanzcos, perhaps the only Green I respect politically despite his silly hair, is finally getting up the gumption to talk some sense. He has suggested that the Greens made a mistake in sideding with Labour.

They did, but not for the reasons that Nador suggests. The problem with the Greens is that they aren’t really green. They were captured sometime ago by un-reconstituted marxists and maoists. The Green message is only really in their name. Now if the Greens were truly Green and adopted policies that weren’t based in a large part of hard socialism then they might get taken seriously.

Being truly Green doesn’t mean you have to act and look stupid either. Take Seeby Woodhouse for example, he is a capitalist, a technologist and he is Green, in fact he is probably more Green than most of the Greens caucus put together.

If the Greens focussed on Green issues and sat on teh cross benches instead of being toadies and lickspittles to Labour then they could grab 10% and together with the Maori Party be oart of every government for the forseeable.

More bloody taxes!

MP claims full support for levy on landfill wasteGreen MP Nandor Tanczos says he has been given unanimous support from a select committee for his Waste Minimisation Bill that includes a $10-a-tonne levy on waste going to landfills.

Mr Tanczos said yesterday the bill was being… [NZ Politics]
Just what the country needs, more taxes, and for why?

There are plenty of holes in the ground that are in desperate need of filling with rubbish.

I suggest that a good use of parliament’s time would be to introduce a Waste Minimisation Bill to address waste in the public service and parliament and the first place I would take the axe to would be the Greens.

Editorial: Looking grey after Tanczos

Editorial: Looking grey after TanczosThe Green Party will be a less-appealing political movement with the retirement of Nandor Tanczos from Parliament. He of the dreadlocks and hemp suit, and all that promise upon entering Parliament nine years ago, did not achieve,… [NZ Politics]

The Herald editorial gets into the Greens over the contrived loss of Nandor in order to get the Ginga Whinga into parliament. Then they explore the utter mediocrity and hypocrisy of Russel Norman.

[quote]An Australian in a party suspicious elsewhere of foreign influence, he is no Rod Donald, the former Green co-leader who died suddenly in office. The fact that he was several places further down the list than Mr Tanczos on the party rankings selected by the rank and file Greens for the last election hints at his limited appeal. That he subsequently won the co-leadership may give the lie to that placing, but his performance at Parliament, rather than in it, has been patchy.

He revealed himself during the Electoral Finance Bill debates to be a conspiracist, accusing this paper of censorship when we published an opinion piece in his name at the same size and prominence as all other political party leaders.

He tends to make small points, poorly. On the day Sir Edmund Hillary died, Dr Norman expressed dismay that, wait for it, Television New Zealand's news updates will be sponsored by the National Bank. Why? Because the National Bank is a subsidiary of the ANZ Banking Group and the ANZ is, by acting as a banker to a Malaysian company, "involved in financing rainforest destruction in Papua New Guinea".[/quote]


Bill Ralston: Key's dose of common sense

Bill Ralston: Key's dose of common senseThere was an outburst of common sense from National leader John Key last week but, as usual, the Government quickly moved to quash it.
The wealthy beach community of Omaha is to Auckland what the Hamptons are to New York. The rich…
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Bill Ralston talks a little about the shark issue and whilst I don't agree with him he makes quite a funny comment that is worth repeating.

[quote]To solve the debate, I suggest that Jim Anderton, his experts and the worthy members of the Seafood Industry Council be placed in lifejackets and tethered to the suppurating crab pots for 24 hours to test whether or not they attract sharks. If they survive, they were right, if not, then they posthumously owe John Key and the bathers at Omaha an apology.[/quote]?

He then goes on to rather limply examine the issues around Nandor's taking one in the chook so a Ginga can get into parliament and campaign on the public tit. Still I like this bit and agree wholeheartedly with it. It is a shame that the Greens lose one of their more effective and sane MP's and replace him with a Pinko Ginga.

[quote]One of the few in Parliament who eschews the usual trench warfare of politics, regularly thinks outside the square and voices opinions that are not predictably mainstream, is Green MP Nandor Tanczos. Of course, he has just announced he's quitting at the end of the year. He says he wants the freedom to voice more radical ideas than being an MP allows.

What is wrong with today's political system when a politician cannot advocate radical ideas? Once our Parliament was a place where MPs could voice wild and crazy opinions such as votes for women, pensions for the elderly, welfare benefits for the poor, free education, public healthcare and a whole host of really dangerous ideas like those.

Admittedly, Nandor is a dreadlocked, dope-smoking Rastafarian and his ideas might seem a little radical to some. His Waste Minimisation Bill would probably see him sent to Guantanamo Bay if he was in the United States.

Frankly, the Greens need more radical stances of the kind Nandor provides. His stand on legalising marijuana won enough votes in 1999 to put the hard-pressed Greens across the 5 per cent threshold.

These days, dope aside, the mainstream parties have absorbed many of the Greens' environmental policies, making the Greens appear little different from Labour or National.[/quote]

Nandor: A radical departure

Nandor: A radical departureOne of Parliament's more colourful characters – Rastafarian Green MP Nandor Tanczos – intends to leave to return to his radical roots.
Mr Tanczos – who gained a high public profile initially because of his youth, his Rastafarian…
[NZ Politics]

The MSM is covering rather nicely and I might add playing the Green song sheet as they cynically manipulate the MMP system to get another bloody "Ginga" into parliament.?

Seriously do we really need another ginga in parliament, Darren Hughes ensures parliament meets the orange quota all by himself.?

Back to the "grassroots"

After nine years sucking off the public tit and achieving precisely nothing for anyone other than prisoners, stoners and criminals Nandor Tanczos has finally packed it in. Good riddance. The mans sole aim in life seems to be imposing the type of Socialist system his father was lucky enough to flee from in Hungary on New Zealand.

Wellington will be a safer place without him.