Our Western fashion designers are chasing the lucrative Sharia dollar

This one line from the article in Stuff sums up today’s reality.

But Lee argues if governments of Western countries can trade with the Middle East, then why can’t they make fashion for these countries?

Lee has a point. If our governments very own Murray McCully is prepared to sell the Middle East’s only democracy Israel down the river in exchange for the lucrative Saudi Arabian dollar then who are we to criticise our designers for bringing Sharia to the fashion world. Rename it ” modest fashion” and in no time you are making a fortune helping oppressed, subjugated women to feel that at least they no longer look like a garbage bag.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 25: A model showcases designs by Carena West on the runway during 2016 New Zealand ...

GETTY IMAGES AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – AUGUST 25: A model showcases designs by Carena West on the runway during 2016 New Zealand Fashion Week on August 25, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Michael Ng/Getty Images)


Isn’t the above burkini wear just lovely? I wonder if they got their inspiration from these?

Floral rubbish bags in campaign to keep CBD clean CREDIT: Pead PR

Since being featured on the runway, the $399NZD made-to-order burkini has garnered demand in New Zealand as well as from the UK and Middle East.

Clothing giants around the world are investing creatively and financially into the market of modest fashion.

Dolce and Gabanna's range of hijabs and abayas is a step towards catering to the multibillion dollar market

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce and Gabanna’s range of hijabs and abayas is a step towards catering to the multibillion dollar market

The fashion aesthetic growing in popularity caters to a large market of shoppers, particularly Muslim.

West said despite the political atmosphere her design was well received.

“It is in the company’s best interests to adapt to the changing market and include these products in their collections.”

…New Zealand has a population of over 46,149 people affiliating with the Muslim religion according to the 2013 Census, a number that grew by 28 per cent from 2006.

Despite West’s move to feature a traditionally Muslim item of clothing in a predominantly Western society, this trend hasn’t been picking up as quickly in New Zealand.

Senior marketing lecturer Mike Lee explained this could be because it is a contentious topic.

“I think people have been avoiding it, because it’s such a touchy topic.

“No one wants to be the first to dip their toe in the market in case it gets bitten off because it can be any number of opinions for or against.”

Many launches of modest fashion campaigns including West’s burkini have received some backlash on social media accusing designers such as those of Nike of supporting the suppression of women.

…Aside from clothing, brands are also subtly incorporating multicultural elements into their traditionally Western background, such as selling oudh, a strong musky Arabic perfume.

Kiwi designer West believes as New Zealand continues to evolve and accept multiculturalism retailers here will also follow suit.

“I think that New Zealand is a brave and innovative country, and I’m sure we will see more and more development around these ideas in the next few years.

Brave and innovative? I’d call it naked financial self-interest where principles can be bought and equality sold down the river in exchange for the almighty Sharia dollar.

“You can’t pretend that globalisation doesn’t exist!”

Besides, by any standard, a trend worth $500 billion is anything but modest.


Here in New Zealand we have activists not wanting their Kiwi Saver dollars to be invested in companies that have any involvement in making weapons. I personally find so-called “modest fashion” as repugnant as they find weapons. Weapons can be used to protect lives as well as to take them. ” Modest clothing” however is the fashion equivalent of a ball and chain.

The nightmare of being a Christian in the left supported paradise of Palestine

The lefties say they are all about women’s rights, gay rights and religious freedom but they hate Israel which is the only country in the Middle East that has all three. Palestine, the poster child for every leftist’s?cause de jour, on the other hand, is revealed in an interview to be persecuting and?subjugating Christians and stealing their land!

Without question, Samir Qumsieh is one of the most courageous Christian leaders in the Middle East. Qumsieh is one of the few willing to risk his life to speak out against Muslim persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories and the Middle East, generally.

For the past four decades, Samir Qumsieh…has fought for the rights of the region’s miniscule Palestinian Christian minority. He has even dared to speak out against the subjugation of Christians living under the rule of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The plight of the Christians living under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a subject truly taboo. Yet Qumsieh perseveres ? and pays the price. He regularly receives death threats, and he has been the target of a petrol bomb attack. Muslim extremists have also distributed leaflets in the Bethlehem area condemning him for his outspoken views and activities on behalf of persecuted Christians.

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Another perspective of France’s intentions regarding the Burqa and the Burkini

The below article is another perspective of France’s intentions regarding the Burqa and the Burkini. It is not arguing right or wrong but attempts to explain the French perspective. Only you the reader can decide whether the French perspective is moral or not.

This goes back to the philosophical issue of the tolerance of intolerance, or more broadly of whether objective moral truths exist or not. Western democracies, such as France, have self-determined that there are objective moral truths in the universe, of which include concepts of non-intervention (on the person, and when possible); of personal freedom; and of religious freedom.

The problem, however, is that western democratic philosophies don’t have room in them for unlimited freedom or tolerance. Some things may not be tolerated. This is lost on many observers of western democratic philosophy, especially the uninformed who see the Bill of Rights and incorrectly assume that the protections and tolerances they afford are unlimited (which is not the case; there are many exceptions in place, both legally and ethically, concerning the rights laid out in that particular document). As an example relating specifically to religious tolerance, even a “deeply held” religious belief in the spiritual power of snake handling is not protected in the States because of the great risk untrained professionals have, both towards themselves and others, of injury when handling snakes.

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It’s integration Jim, but not as we know it

The MuslimStern Facebook page has called on German authorities to ban alcohol claiming that Cologne women were responsible for their own attacks by comparing them to a naked antelope thrown in front of a lion

The MuslimStern Facebook page has called on German authorities to ban alcohol claiming that Cologne women were responsible for their own attacks by comparing them to a naked antelope thrown in front of a lion

Salafists? represent the most fundamentalist group in the Islamic world. According to Wikipedia the derogatory name for them is?Wahhabism. ?This group believes that Jihad against the West is acceptable and is a legitimate expression of Islam. Ironically Salafism is sponsored globally by Saudi Arabia, which is currently the head of the human rights committee of the UN.

Considering that this group reject religious?innovation (reform) and support ?the ? implementation of sharia law, it is no surprise that they feel they have the answer to Germany’s current integration problems. MuslimStern is a salafist pressure group that has 20,000 followers on Facebook. Currently their Jihad is cultural Jihad. Their activists promote the victim status of Muslims in order to change German society. Their mission statement states that their job is to “highlight the way the media uses incidents to promote racism against minorities”.

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Pimping the Peonage

Peonage is another word for servitude and subjugation. We have always had a Pimping the Poor series and I am wondering if we should now have a Pimping the Peonage series given the number of articles promoting the Muslim culture of the subjugation of women in our media.
Vaimoana Tapaleao is the New Zealand Herald’s Pacific Affairs and People reporter and her spin on a woman who wears a Burka and gloves as well as a Niqab or Hijab on other occasions is that covering up brings out the beauty beneath and that negative public reaction to a subjugated woman is nothing more than hostile prejudice.
Burka in France

Niqab in France

Interestingly ?Vaimoana is at great pains to reveal that the woman behind the Niqab and Burka mask is a
‘blonde, beautiful, European Kiwi.’ Why do we need to know this? Her identity and beauty or lack of it is irrelevant. The mask takes away her identity and dehumanises her which is why she experiences negativity while wearing it.

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