Syrian refugee

Another example of a value system that doesn’t match ours

In my article on Sunday, I wrote about how Muslims are the group impacting the West most?because of their birth rates and because of their demands on our Christian and secular societies that reflect their different values. A Syrian refugee who writes for the Huffington Post is an excellent example of a Muslim who has a value system that is completely at odds with a society that defends women’s rights. ?18-year-old Aras Bacho tweeted that women should not be out alone at night. He also blamed women for the sex attacks across Germany last year on New Year’s eve.

…In a perhaps revealing statement about the attitudes of Syrian refugee men, Bacho ? who writes frequently for the Huffington Post?s German website ? said: ?Most of the time the women are to blame. To be alone at night. On the other hand, the refugees should behave?.

…His tweet, on his verified account, has been live for over 5 days at the time of publication, and the Huffington Post shows no signs of relieving him of his duties as a columnist, with his latest column being filed 5 days after the offending tweet.

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