Tamati Coffey

Coffey Tantrum: Agrees Experts Give Him No Chance

Tamati Coffey, former weatherman and now Labour candidate for Waiariki, has a very thin skin. He is currently throwing a tantrum because every reporter, academic and pundit (who he calls ‘experts’), gives him no chance of winning the Waiariki seat.

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Champagne socialist takes break from Australian holiday to think about homelessness…


Some people have an easy life. Labour’s candidate for Waiariki, Tamati Coffey, is in Australia tasting the wine and cruising the rivers as he takes a break from owning a bar and dabbling in politics. As a former (albeit minor) TV celebrity, small businessman and property investor Tamati Coffey doesn’t have to think about homelessness much. But he did take a break out of a river cruise to share an important message with his followers. ? Read more »

Heaps of people voted for him in 2013?

Tamati Coffey keeps saying the last General Election was 2013 and the paper doesn’t bat an eyelid.

“At the last election a lot of people said ‘you’re on the wrong roll’,” he said.

He said a large number?of people said they were unable to vote for him in 2013 as they were on the main rather than Maori roll.

“The feedback was ‘go for it'”,?he said.

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You Read It Here First: Tamati Declares for Waiariki


Back in June,?we announced that Labour Rotorua spokesperson Tamati Coffey was seeking to switch electorates and stand in the Waiariki for the Maori seat against Maori Party co-leader and incumbent Te Ururoa Flavell. It seems the mainstream media have finally caught up and have officially broke the news: Coffey wants Waiariki seat.

Tamati Coffey has put his hand up to contest the Waiariki seat in next year’s general election.

Mr Coffey told the Rotorua Daily Post tonight he had put in his nomination to the Labour Party to be its candidate for the Waiariki Maori seat.

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Labour candidate takes cheap shot, prepares to jump electorates

Things are getting interesting in Rotorua.

The Labour Party candidate there, Tamati Coffey, has been busy over the last week getting ready to jump to the Waiariki Electorate (a Maori seat). First he announced he had become an accredited living wage employer, now he is flinging mud at local MP, Todd McClay.

It all started with a major Rotorua employer announcing it was closing. Lumbercube employs approximately 80 people and says the closure is ?due to challenges in becoming commercially operational?. Fairly vanilla stuff. Lumbercube is a private company and has faced some difficulties since opening last year.

Nevertheless it is a major employer so there has been political point scoring. This was in the Daily Post yesterday:

Labour spokesman Tamati Coffey has condemned the “rather relaxed” approach he believes Rotorua MP Todd McClay has taken over the Lumbercube mill closure.

This is funny. Todd McClay has spent a lot of time with mill management over the last four months. For Tamati this is the next passing car to bark at. He hasn’t even been to the mill before.

Mr Coffey has since told the Rotorua Daily Post losing so many jobs was devastating for Rotorua families, the community and the economy.

Mr Coffey said in his opinion Mr McClay seemed “rather relaxed” about it and this rubbed “salt into the wound”.

“Offering up Work and Income as a solution isn’t aspirational and certainly isn’t the brighter future National promised when they were elected,” he said.

“The workers have to be priority number one. Saying Work and Income is the sole solution is just not good enough. If we can’t make primary processing work in Rotorua with vast forests on our doorstep, then forestry is in real trouble,” Mr Coffey said.

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Struggling candidate’s desperate bid to establish credentials

What do you do when your candidacy is struggling and people think you’re the wrong fit for the job?

Re-establish your credentials.

In the Labour party, this means a hard swing to the left and a good dose of economic illiteracy.

Two years after being made Labour party candidate for Rotorua, Tamati Coffey has signed his business up to the living wage campaign.

Ponsonby Rd Lounge Bar is the first in Rotorua be an accredited living wage employer.

The Eat Streat venue, owned by television personality Tamati Coffey and his partner Tim Smith, opened just over a year ago. The pair said they wanted to ?bring something different to Rotorua?s hospitality industry.?

?I?m really happy,? Mr Coffey said.

?For me, it?s saying to our workers, ?We are a partnership and here?s your fair share?, as opposed to ?Thanks for your hard work, your peanuts are in the bank?.

?I?m a firm believer that the way you treat your employees is reflective of the way they treat your customers. That?s why I know our clientele are going to love the heightened experience of being looked after by our living wage backed and valued team.?

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Tamati Coffey’s husband insults a journalist and life long Labour voter


The pressure must be getting to Tamati Coffey and his husband, Tim Smith, in Rotorua.

A seasoned journalist in the area,?Phil Campbell of Steam n’ Mud was asking some questions from Rotorua Labour and Tamiti Coffey when Tim Smith decided to hit “reply all” and insult the journalist, who was copied in on?the?email.

First here are the questions. It started with a question to Haydn Marriner who runs Rotorua Labour on Facebook, and someone who used that Facebook page to defame me.

From: Phil Campbell
To: Hadyn Marriner

May 19, 2016 at 9:29 AM

Kia ora Hadyn,

It has been brought to my attention (and I did wonder) that signs above the Tutanekai St from which Rotorua Labour operated last elections remain, though I understand you have shifted premises.

As I understand it, the apparent permanency of these signs maybe in breach of the Electoral Act 1993. As I also understand it the Electoral Commission has been in touch with the Labour Party Secretary General. The sign(s) to which I refer is/are above the overhang area, though below at pedestrian street view ?it appears reference to your previous occupation has been removed.

To comply with the Act, do you intend to remove the signage referred? If so, when is that removal likely?

In fairness, I’m also aware the local branch of the National Party has in the last year shifted premises, but National Party signs in their old building in Amohau St appear to have been removed or covered over (though the cerulean blue colour is a reminder of once was.

Yours sincerely
Nga mihi
Phil Campbell.

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Tamati Coffey: Hiss, Roar, Fizzle


I hear it a lot from people in Rotorua. Tamati Coffey, Labour Party candidate and local spokesperson, starts off with a hiss and roar and then fizzles on many an issue. He doesn’t have the drive to see things through.

We saw this recently with his campaign to ?save our water?. It started with multiple social media posts, a video and a petition. The petition’s goal was 2,500 signatures. Tamati is now 136 signatories short and most campaigners would now be pushing to get this over the line. But Tamati’s campaign has fizzled, attention stagnated and media has moved on. There has been hardly a mention of it. (Prediction: he will now do something. He can thank Whaleoil later.)

Even one of his closest supporters in the last election has attacked Mr Coffey for his lack of commitment.

Tamati Coffey, it?s always good to have a face that can get a message out there the way that you do. I admire you for that. However what viable solutions have you got to offer, other than asking the people for help? The reason why I ask, is simply because of your track record which many will be unaware of, which is the failure to back up anything you put out there with action to create change in a way that doesn?t support your positioning in society but the actual issue itself. Take for instance the Maui?s Dolphin march you lead … remember we helped you prepare for it. We created the 55 red Maui ?s Dolphin signs, all numbered 1 to 55 representing at that time ?#?TheLast55? Maui?s Dolphins left in Aotearoa, you can?t forget that?. Now what have you done in regard to this issue since then?

Yep, before the last election Tamati was leading the protests to protect the Maui dolphin. He was all wind then but he was only interested in getting in front of large crowds and looking like a politician. His interest fizzled as soon as people went home.

During the 2014 elections when you ran as the Rotorua candidate for Labour, the TPPA was mentioned to you multiple times by concerned citizens of Rotorua and in particular people helping out with your campaign (which have stopped supporting you). Why did you not listen?

Funny how Tamati suddenly became anti-TPPA overnight as the political climate among the left-wing changed. But have we heard from him on the TPPA since the?massive protests? Not really. Again: hiss, roar, fizzle.

I do not support false leadership and I will not stay silent while you exploit water like you do people.

So is this really a principled campaign to ‘protect’ New Zealand water from corporations or is this another political move which has already been forgotten about? Only time will tell.

This water campaign will end up like his others; the “save the Maui Dolphin” protests and his “Keep Waiariki Local” campaign are now just footnotes on social media.

But to put the above rant in context Marama Meikle is a staunch left-wing activist who campaigned solidly for Tamati Coffey in 2014. She organized the Rotorua anti-TPPA protests and got everyone up to Auckland for the big protest earlier this year.

Tamati Coffey has alienated a lot of left-wing supporters in Rotorua with a lot of them going over to now support New Zealand First and National. It will be interesting to see what he does for volunteers next election.

Labour Rotorua digs in heels

Todd McClay could be in for a long wait if he expects an apology from Labour Rotorua for the unsubstantiated slur on the Minister’s character.

Steam N Mud reports Labour Rotorua’s latest response to the furore over their comments:

?We love that you?ve covered the story, but we don?t have anything further to add to our Facebook post,? Mr Marriner said.

?As Labour Rotorua we have no comment, I have no comment and Tamati is comment free on the post. Hope that?s okay. We just don?t have more to add.? ??

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Tamati Coffey doesn’t even know his electorate boundaries

Tamati Coffey just can’t put a foot right these days.

One of the most basic requirements of being a candidate is knowing where your electorate is, and by default, where it is not.

Mr Coffey can’t even get this right.

In a recent post he bemoans the loss of “an icon of the Rotorua Electorate”.

It is sad to hear that Kiwi360 – an icon of the Rotorua Electorate, one so famous it even had its own stamp – has been brought and closed for good, with the site set to become the corporate offices of a kiwifruit company.


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