ten point manifesto of the council of EX-Muslims of Britain

There is a support group for ex-Muslims in New Zealand

Did you know that there is a Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand? It acts as a support group for those who have become apostates because they chose to leave Islam. When I left Catholicism I had no need of a support group because Catholicism is not a cult. There are no repercussions for those who leave. There is no pressure or threats or loss of family members and loved ones. It is simply a choice and one that is supported by our democratic society. In the religious texts of Islam there is a quote that says ?that there is no compulsion in religion yet it remains the most difficult and often dangerous “religion” to leave.

This fact is brought home by the FAQ section of the Council of Ex-Muslims’ website where one of the most frequently asked questions is…

Can I to emigrate to NZ, because it safe for ex-Muslims there?


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