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Spock’s selection: It’s news Jim but not as we know it

I have scanned the Stuff and New Zealand Herald websites to find examples of news headlines that are more suited to a women?s weekly magazine than a serious MSM News outlet.


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NZ Herald cave to MFAT spin doctors and shouty SJBs

Earlier this morning we asked some questions. This post contains some answers.

Yesterday morning the Taxpayers? Union outed the full amounts our Government is giving to the corrupt Hilary Clinton Foundation via its offshoot the ?Clinton Health Access Initiative? ? with $7.7 million having been forked out to date and $5.5 million set aside for the next two years.? Rather than taking on the question about why the NZ Aid budget is so large, it said:

?Given the lessons of the Saudi Sheep saga, we are staggered that MFAT appear to still think handing out money for diplomatic purposes is sensible. Even worse, this money comes from the NZ Aid budget which should be going to programes which are the most effective at helping the world?s poor – not sidetracked into political objectives.”

?”It is possible that officials have reason to believe that the Clinton Foundation?s work does provide good value for money, although given the controversy in the US that seems unlikely. The refusal to front up and explain leaves a stench of buying political access.”

?Given New Zealand?s faux pas in co-sponsoring the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel on Christmas Eve, and the heavy criticism of New Zealand which has resulted, the continued support of the Clinton Foundation risks even more damage to New Zealand?s ability to wield any influence in the US.?

Immediately the Israel apologetics and those who adore Hilary Clinton so much they brush aside the conflicts of interests, foreign government donations and other skulduggery from when Clinton was Secretary of State (in New Zealand there is quite some overlap between the two groups) and attacked the Taxpayers? Union on twitter.

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If we judged what was important by NZ Media news stories

Some people seem to think that if the New Zealand mainstream media are not particularly interested in a news story then it can’t be very important. I propose the opposite point of view. If the NZ media are covering it then it probably isn’t very important because much of our media has more in common with a women’s weekly magazine than they do with a serious newspaper.

These days it is often the new media outlets like Breitbart and The Rebel Media who do in-depth?analysis and coverage of worldwide events. To prove my point let’s compare some of yesterday’s?headlines.

The New Zealand Herald headlines and videos:




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The Dhimmi NZ Herald publishes an article offensive to Muslims




Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear.

You don’t want to make followers of Islam angry NZ Herald, you won’t like them when they are angry, just ask Charlie Hebdo.

This is what happens when you are ignorant of an ideology. The NZ Herald knows that showing a cartoon of Muhammad is breaking Sharia Law with consequences of violence and death so they don’t do it like the submissive Dhimmis they are but like most apologists there is still so much that they still don’t understand about Islam.

They wrote an article about an Italian in New Zealand who lost his job for saying “Hi Darling ” to a woman who turned out to be his manager. As part of the same article they published a list of what you should do to avoid losing your job in New Zealand and included something that is a a major issue for practising Muslims. Can you guess what it was?

Dos and don’ts of on-the-job communication:

? Don’t be too vocal on any job until you’ve proven yourself to be a good worker.

? Don’t use pet names, particularly not for your boss.

? Do smile and extend a handshake.

? Don’t be too forward or too friendly until you have established a more solid working relationship.

? Do keep calm when conversing with your colleagues and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

  • Corazon Miller A Newspaper

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How long before A Newspaper becomes A Magazine?

When I saw the headline the other day about Millie Elder-Holmes I face palmed. Any doubt I had about A Newspaper’s slide into Women’s Weekly fodder has dissolved. Here are a few of the headlines we have been treated to.

Revealed: Millie Elder-Holmes’ full back tattoo

SCCZEN_A_031214NZHDPFIGHT11_620x310 -The Herald

-The Herald

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Charter School investigation: Vanguard Military School Part One

In my new series investigating Vanguard Military School, I once again ask the questions and report back the answers without spin. Today’s article is based on my interview with Vanguard chief executive, Nick Hyde.

Vanguard Military school’s impressive NCEA results were not included in the newspaper article.

Within ten minutes of arriving at Vanguard, I had been told the bad news and the good news.

The bad news:

The day before my interview with Nick, The Herald published Auckland schools’ NCEA results and left? Vanguard Military school off the table. Vanguard was the only school out of the approximately 80 schools in Auckland that was left off.

The good news:

Vanguard achieved a 96.2% pass rate at NCEA Level 1 and a 100% pass rate at NCEA Level 2.

Both these results are well above the average for secondary schools across the country and a result like that after only one year of operation is unarguably newsworthy. When the omission was brought to The Herald’s attention they told Nick that it was because they hadn’t been provided with a full set of data. Vanguard confirmed that NZQA who hold all the results had sent them to the Herald. The Herald then updated the table on line to include Vanguard’s results. It was of course far too late for the paper version which had omitted Vanguard’s results from its table.?

Our results put us at 11th in Auckland at level one and 1st equal at level 2. Many people out there in the public domain would have been very keen on seeing our school measured against other schools. I have harped on about trying to make Vanguard a top ten school in Auckland over a five year period. To be 11th after the first year in one area and first equal in another is totally outstanding.

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Face of the day

Shayne Currie

Shayne Currie

Shayne Currie is my face of the day. He is the man at the top The NZ Herald and it is fair to say that the buck stops with him.

If his staff lie in articles the buck stops with him.

If they defame people in attack articles the buck stops with him.

If they attempt to undermine inquires the buck stops with him.
If they do anything totally outrageous like I don’t know… deliberately putting an innocent man’s face in an article about public masturbation, then he is totally responsible.

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Herald Editorial says Brown should go


You know the jig is up when your biggest supporter writes a front page editorial telling you to go…and go now.

The NZ Herald has thrown Len Brown under the bus.

When news broke of the Mayor’s two-year affair with Bevan Chuang, this newspaper suggested that if Len Brown’s family could forgive him then the city should, too.

Two months on, that sentiment is no longer sustainable. An issue far more important than the mayor’s private life is now at stake. Tomorrow, Auckland councillors will not only formally censure Mr Brown but begin a process designed to clip the wings of the mayoral office. If that happens, the Super City may no longer have a leader with the independent authority to drive things forward. The only means of avoiding that outcome is for Mr Brown to resign. He must go in the interests of Auckland and Aucklanders.? Read more »

I figured out what’s wrong with the NZ Herald

They are morons.

No, hear me out. ?I have a case to make.

The NZ Herald is a news organisation. ?With me so far? ? Right.

What should they be doing, when at work? ?Reporting on news? ?Right.

What is news?

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David Fisher’s Fat Fetish continues to fester

Kim Dotcon’s staff reporter, David Fisher, has crawled right up Dotcom’s massive rectal crevice this week in the Herald.

He really does seem to have a man-crush on the fat German. He reckons Dotcom is coming out fighting:

Dotcom comes out fighting -?Fortune stripped, company crushed and freedom denied – Kim Dotcom admits to being angry and says he is just getting started on getting even.

Coming out fighting…getting even…sounds like Kimmy the fat German is making a play for The Earthquake’s replacement in WWE.? Read more »