the wellington consensus

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The Wellington consensus is held by academics, judges, journalists and bureaucrats. They are the insiders. The politicians are carried along. The rest of us are outsiders.

The members self-select, self-reinforce and self-police each other.

The Wellington consensus is never discussed, debated or voted on. The views are so nutty they wouldn?t survive (for example, Maori-Crown partnership, smacking is child abuse, burning fossil fuels is cooking the planet).

The one recent vote that was held on ?partnership? was in New Plymouth where 83% of residents voted against having a council seat only for Maori.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy immediately declared New Plymouth voters ?not on the right side of history.? The consensus is dismissive of everyday people and democracy.

The consensus includes a self-righteous moral superiority.

Indeed. ?Democracy is subservient to The Consensus. ? Read more »