Thomas Dewey

Could Clinton-Trump become like Dewey-Truman?


Could this year’s US Presidential election end up like 1948 with the famous but wrong headline int eh Chicago Daily Tribune (Above)?

Possibly, but not likely is what Harry Enten at FiveThirtyEight says:

We?re getting to that point in the presidential campaign ? with one candidate leading by a lot ? when the losing candidate?s supporters start to bring up the 1948 election ? the one with the famous ?Dewey Defeats Truman? headline when the polls were supposedly way off. Democrat Harry Truman, of course, defeated Republican Thomas Dewey, and Truman has been the patron saint of candidates trailing in the polls ever since.

It?s a neat little story with a nice moral: Never count the underdog out. But Donald Trump?s supporters would be unwise to look to 1948 for comfort: Trump trails Hillary Clinton by more than Truman trailed Dewey, and the polling landscape in 2016 is much different than it was 68 years ago.

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