Tim Shadbolt

Aspiring Labour politician’s working man stunt goes horribly wrong.

We all know how it goes. The Labour party politician wants to impress us with his working class roots.

Some leave their collar open to say ” Hey, look, no tie I’m just like you. ”


Some wear a plaid shirt to say? “Hey I’m just a working class stiff ”

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 10.13.40 AM


This guy however channeled Tim Shadbolt and his concrete mixer.

He rolled up his sleeves ( physically not metaphorically ) and grabbed a wheelbarrow full of manure and …

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101 ways for councils to save ratepayers money

While most lobby groups just grumble and moan, the Taxpayers? Union has gone over the head of?Local Government New Zealand?and put together a report on how the local government sector can save ratepayer money. It?s based largely on the suggestions of the nation?s mayors and highlights efforts by some councils.


The?Taxpayers? Union?has today published a new report?by Jono Brown that?suggest ways local councils can save money and reduce the rates burden on New Zealanders.?Rate Saver Report: 101 Ways to Save Money in Local Government?is a?guide for local authorities on how they can cut waste, save money, reduce bureaucracy and ultimately lower rates. The report adopts?many suggestions made by the country?s mayors, and is based on similar reports published in the United Kingdom.


Ray Wallace, Mayor of Lower Hutt, says in a foreword to the report:

“I urge local government people to take these suggestions as a challenge. If you do not like them, come up with some better ones.”

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A Bloody good Mayor

Given all the problems with the crazy cat lady down in Invercargill at the moment, maybe Tim Shadbolt could learn a thing or too from a Melbourne Mayor??Fiona McAllister who imposed a 24 hour cat ban with the Yarra Ranges councils zone.


A few people were rather upset though as you’d expect, but if every other animal is required to be contained then why not cats? Why should someone else put with someone elses pet on their property?

A Melbourne council’s decision to ban roaming cats from its streets has been met with a fierce backlash, pet owners branding the decision ”cruel” and ”unjust”.
The Yarra Ranges council last week voted for a new policy to require cats to be confined to their owners’ property at all times. The move was supported in a 234-person online poll.
But since the announcement hundreds of other residents have complained they were not consulted and have dubbed the council ”a bunch of cat-haters”.
A change.org petition calling for the permanent curfew to be abolished has received almost 900 signatures in four days, dwarfing the council’s original poll. Montrose video producer Peter Brewer began the campaign after reading about the curfew for the first time in The Age.

Before the vote, proposed changes to cat and dog regulations were advertised on the council’s website, community newspaper, social media and articles in the local paper.
But Mr Brewer said it was clear the message had not been received by many. He said it was ridiculous a law could be introduced after a poll of 234 people, in a municipality of 145,000.
His two cats are allowed to wander during the day, wearing their bells and a collar, before they are locked inside at night. ”I don’t know how we are going to keep cats inside that have been outside all their life,” Mr Brewer said.
The council’s planning, building and health director, Andrew Paxton, said since the vote 40 letters opposing the curfew and 14 letters supporting the policy had been received.
It is also understood one councillor has since written to the change.org petition saying they did not support the curfew, but believed the council was committed to it and ”won’t abolish it soon”.
In the meantime angry residents, including Nathan Rees, have taken to the council’s Facebook page telling the council to ”get a grip”. ”Good luck with the 24-hour cat prison,” Mr Rees wrote. ”How about I lock up your children in my laundry all day?”

Cat owner Sandy Lee is concerned cats could be abandoned as the result of the policy and complained about the cost of installing outdoor enclosures.
”As a renter, we can’t just install outside enclosures, apart from the fact that it costs thousands people like me don’t have,” she said.

Oh well, who’s problem is that? Get rid of the cat, problem solved.

Montrose retiree Ray Huxley is upset he did not get to have his say before the policy was passed. His family had adopted an ”interloper” cat who likes to wander outside.
The council said there would be no financial assistance to help low-income residents construct outdoor enclosures.
”However, some cat owners have been successfully confining their cats to their properties without enclosures,” Mr Paxton said. – The Age Victoria

Pity we don’t impose the same thing here and punish those people that think it is their god given right to own dozens of cats roaming the neighbourhood squirting and crapping everywhere.


Dunedin Mayor squeamish about gas exploration

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull is angling for Southland person of the Year, with a massive boost expected from gas exploration in the South and the 11,000 jobs expected as well Cull gets all sooky over climate change.

The Herald reports:

The report was prepared in March 2012 for the Ministry of Economic Development, but had not previously been seen by Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull.

He told the ODT yesterday the report did not allay public concern about fossil fuels and climate change, but the economic benefits – if applied to Dunedin or Otago – would be ”more than significant”.

”It could be a game-changer in terms of the economy.” … ?? Read more »

Well Tim, they are dodgy

Tim Shadbolt is perplexed.

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has been named the most trusted politician in New Zealand.

And his humorous reaction to the news yesterday was perhaps one of the reasons why he topped the list.

“Oh my god, another cross to bear,” Shadbolt said when told a 2013 Readers Digest poll had named him the most trusted politician in the country. ? Read more »

The Internet Loves Tim Shadbolt, but can’t figure him out


Ah yes. ?Tim’s in a category all of his own. ?And they still love him down in Invercargill

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More than just good bacon

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has often been the butt of mockery and ridicule, but usually by people who live in a town/city with an even worse mayor (yes you, Len). But Tim has done some good things, not involving silly trainsets or making a fool of yourself at the 2011RWC: Read more »

65 and a dad again…not my cup of tea

? NZ Herald

Tim Shadbolt is a father again at age 65. Now I know why The Minger wasn’t door-stepping me…she was door stepping Tim Shadbolt:

He’s one of the country’s longest-serving mayors and now Tim Shadbolt could well be one of the nation’s oldest dads.

The Invercargill mayor, 65, became a father for the fourth time with the arrival 10 days ago of a boy to his partner of 19 years, Asha Dutt.

Dutt, understood to be in her mid-30s, and Shadbolt are not keen to talk about the baby’s arrival but the Herald on Sunday understands he is yet to be named.

Not keen to talk but the HoS goes right ahead.

Len Brown endorses Andrew Williams for Mayor

At the North Harbour Mayoral Debate this afternoon Len Brown endorsed Andrew Williams at least as his deputy.

Mike Hosking was chairing the meeting. Len Brown was sitting in the middle and flanked by Andrew Williams on his left and John Banks appropriately on his right.

They were answering questions, pretty much they were the standard and then Mike Hosking threw a curve ball.

He asked “If you were to die, who of the other two candidates would you want to be mayor instead?”

Andrew Williams answered first and was unequivical, given his prior arrangement with Len Brown. He wholeheartedly endorsed Len Brown.

Len Brown was second, and he dithered and prevaricated, complained that the question was tough and then finally when pressed endorsed Andrew Williams.

Make no mistake, Mike Hosking has finally flushed out the cosy deal between Andrew Williams and Len Brown. Len Brown now suggests that Andrew Williams would be a fine choice for when in the likely event he drops dead of a heart attack.

John Banks meanwhile?answered?a ridiculous question with an equally ridiculous answer, he said vote for Tim Shadbolt.

First Jesus and now Boris

Carolyne Meng-Yee, aka The Minger, has a truly cringe worthy article about the Mad Mayor of North Shore and his, apparently, even madder wife.

The wife of “leaky” North Shore mayor Andrew Williams intends to play a central role in his late charge for the Supercity mayoralty.

In a wide-ranging interview, Jane Williams, 52, spoke of her influence on her husband’s political career, and says she is fed up with criticism of her husband’s eccentric behaviour.

The couple, who were high school sweethearts, say they have put up with increasingly personal attacks since Williams was seen urinating against a tree after being caught short on a night out in Takapuna.

Jane said the criticism “wasn’t fair, it wasn’t justified”.

Finally we get to know who is the idiot behind the Clown of Campbell’s Bay. It’s his missus. Enabling behaviour anyone?

Williams, who once played the Artful Dodger in the musical Oliver, compared his eccentric leadership style to that of Tim Shadbolt and London mayor Boris Johnson.

“I hope in Auckland we want a colourful mayor who is out there leading the field, not a fence sitter.”

Looks like the piss-fairy has been visiting the Williams household again. If it wasn’t bad enough that Andrew Williams compared himself to Jesus he now has the audacity to continue the line that he is Auckland’s answer to Boris Johnson.

Worse though is the Mad Mayor’s Missus, who it appears has her trotters hands all ready to start scooping in the trough.

And she said a makeover could be “quite helpful” if Williams got elected to what would be the second most powerful job in the country.

She said: “At this time in life you need to make the most of your years. I am pretty casual about that sort of thing to be quite honest.”

Lord protect us from her and her mad, pissed husband.