Todd McClay

As Great Britain disconnects from Europe it turns back to the Commonwealth

New Zealand, 2006


New Zealand Trade Minister Todd McClay … has been at the first Commonwealth Trade Ministers meeting in London, where he had a bilateral meeting with British Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox and Minister for Trade Policy Lord Price.

Mr McClay has released a video in the wake of the meeting and tweeted “pleased to confirm with @LiamFoxMP NZ along with Australia will be first counties to get FTA with UK following Brexit”. Read more »


While the EU is falling apart, we want a free trade agreement with them

Trade Minister Todd McClay and European Union Trade Commissioner Cecelia Malmstr?m have agreed the completion of joint scoping discussions towards an EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement (FTA) following a meeting in Brussels today.

After almost 2 years of discussion, reaching this significant milestone means the FTA process now enters a new phase, where the Commission and New Zealand will seek respective mandates to commence negotiations.

“Today?s meeting was an important demonstration of our commitment to launch negotiations as soon as possible in 2017,” Mr McClay says.

“New Zealand and the EU both recognise there are substantial benefits to be gained from free trade, and we are now one step closer to a high-quality, comprehensive FTA that can deliver great outcomes for our citizens.” Read more »


Re-shuffle day, let’s see if Bill has changed

Bill English says he is a changed man. Today is re-shuffle day and many people who backed him will be sitting waiting for a call from the boss.

Fortunately, he has made some good moves in frightening off some dead shits. So he has room to play with.

For me, there are three things that will signal that Bill English is a changed man as he says he is.

If McCully isn’t signalled to be gone in short order nothing has changed. There are better more capable and not as risky options for him to use in Foreign Affairs and Trade. Mark Mitchell, Jonathan Coleman and Todd McClay can all step into his role or shuffle them around between them. That is my first indicator that Bill English has changed.? ? Read more »

I wonder if Lizzie Marvelly and Labour are going to be upset over Hadyn Marriner’s rape jokes?

Lizzie Marvelly is a national anthem singer, veteran whinger and ideal Labour candidate for Rotorua. Haydn Marriner is chair of the Labour Rotorua LEC.

Lizzie Marvelly is absolutely disgusted at Paul Henry’s appreciation of a woman’s breasts. Meanwhile, Haydn Marriner is making rape jokes online.

unnamed-5 Read more »

Journalist doesn’t know how politics works

Jonathan Milne is usually better than this, but he is displaying a distinct lack of knowledge?about how politics actually works. His is an academic, rather than a realistic view.

As a senior member of the Media party he goes on a major rant about the quality of our politicians, deciding that they are a pack of ratbags, especially Todd McClay

He’ll be gone soon ? it seems likely he’ll quit the race before the voters throw him out. McClay too has a short and uncelebrated political career left ahead of him with few friends left willing to protect him in the National Party hierarchy.

There is one major problem with this analysis, and one dopey?journalists often make. ? Read more »

Labour candidate takes cheap shot, prepares to jump electorates

Things are getting interesting in Rotorua.

The Labour Party candidate there, Tamati Coffey, has been busy over the last week getting ready to jump to the Waiariki Electorate (a Maori seat). First he announced he had become an accredited living wage employer, now he is flinging mud at local MP, Todd McClay.

It all started with a major Rotorua employer announcing it was closing. Lumbercube employs approximately 80 people and says the closure is ?due to challenges in becoming commercially operational?. Fairly vanilla stuff. Lumbercube is a private company and has faced some difficulties since opening last year.

Nevertheless it is a major employer so there has been political point scoring. This was in the Daily Post yesterday:

Labour spokesman Tamati Coffey has condemned the “rather relaxed” approach he believes Rotorua MP Todd McClay has taken over the Lumbercube mill closure.

This is funny. Todd McClay has spent a lot of time with mill management over the last four months. For Tamati this is the next passing car to bark at. He hasn’t even been to the mill before.

Mr Coffey has since told the Rotorua Daily Post losing so many jobs was devastating for Rotorua families, the community and the economy.

Mr Coffey said in his opinion Mr McClay seemed “rather relaxed” about it and this rubbed “salt into the wound”.

“Offering up Work and Income as a solution isn’t aspirational and certainly isn’t the brighter future National promised when they were elected,” he said.

“The workers have to be priority number one. Saying Work and Income is the sole solution is just not good enough. If we can’t make primary processing work in Rotorua with vast forests on our doorstep, then forestry is in real trouble,” Mr Coffey said.

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NZ/UK trade agreement: first in, best dressed

As predicted, Todd McClay is in action immediately seeking to talk trade with UK and EU ministers.

Trade Minister Todd McClay is seeking meetings about Brexit with his counterparts from the European Union and Britain at a G20 trade ministers meeting in China to which New Zealand has been invited.

He said he wanted to discuss New Zealand’s best way forward in light of Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

“In the meantime, it is important for exporters to be assured that our economic relationship with the UK and Europe will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

“Even before Friday’s referendum, we had sought assurances from UK and EU officials that the rules around New Zealand access would not change until they have negotiated new ones with us,” he said.

“We have received those assurances.” ? Read more »

TPP legislation passes first reading

The TPP legislation has passed its first reading in parliament yesterday:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation has passed its first hurdle with support from National, Act, United Future – and one Labour MP.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Amendment Bill will now be considered by the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Committee, after passing its first reading 62 to 59.

It was opposed by Labour, the Green Party, New Zealand First and the Maori Party. However, Labour MP Phil Goff voted for the TPP.

In January, Labour leader Andrew Little gave Mr Goff special dispensation to do so, because during Mr Goff’s time as trade minister he started the negotiations for the agreement’s predecessor. ?? Read more »

Labour Rotorua digs in heels

Todd McClay could be in for a long wait if he expects an apology from Labour Rotorua for the unsubstantiated slur on the Minister’s character.

Steam N Mud reports Labour Rotorua’s latest response to the furore over their comments:

?We love that you?ve covered the story, but we don?t have anything further to add to our Facebook post,? Mr Marriner said.

?As Labour Rotorua we have no comment, I have no comment and Tamati is comment free on the post. Hope that?s okay. We just don?t have more to add.? ??

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Media party in lockstep with Labour as they continue the Key smear

You know when John Key pastes Andrew Little in the house, the story is well down the hour and they lead with something else…like Leicester City winning the Premier League wogball.

They still rolled out Patrick Gower to try to shock-horror his way though a pretty lame attempt by Little and James Shaw to continue the smear.

Prime Minister John Key has denied in parliament that he had anything to do with IRD’s decision not to review foreign trust rules.

Mr Key faced a grilling at question time today over an issue that’s been festering since early last week when it was revealed his personal lawyer, Ken Whitney, used his name when he lobbied against tightening the rules.

Mr Little asked Mr Key about people close to him receiving “special treatment” and Mr Key denied that.

He said Mr Whitney and a group of trust lawyers met Mr McClay to discuss their concerns, which was standard procedure.

“They didn’t get special treatment. They were entitled to raise their concerns,” he said. ? Read more »