A fantastic opportunity for the Opportunities Party on Trademe


Gareth Morgan’s party TOP (The Opportunities Party) missed out on the opportunity to secure all its possible Domain names but luckily someone secured them for them. On the advertisement it says,

Imagine the fun with these domains!” and somehow I don’t think the seller is directing that comment towards Gareth Morgan. Certainly, this trademe ad is a fantastic opportunity for Gareth Morgan to buy all the domains he needs for his new party this election. It is also an opportunity for someone to have a lot of fun. Imagine the opportunity for political mischief.

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If you need one reason not to vote for Gareth Morgan’s party – this is it

Gareth Morgan’s The Opportunities Party would ban subsidies on fossil fuels, increase the price of carbon and overhaul energy efficiency efforts under a climate change policy launched this evening.

The party argues that New Zealand needs a plan to get to zero-carbon economy by the middle of the century, at a time when the country still emits around 7.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person – much higher than the world average of 4.9 tonnes.

“Climate change isn’t going away, and New Zealand needs to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” said the party’s chief of staff, Geoff Simmons.

“Currently we don’t even have a plan.

“TOP’s plan is to have a proper price on carbon, one that reflects the challenge of meeting our 2030 and 2050 targets.”

Man-made climate change is one of the bigger scams foisted upon us by corrupt scientists and willing politicians. ?Nothing that has been predicted has come to pass. ?Nothing!

And on that basis, Gareth wants us all to chase pointless targets at a huge cost to our economy and personal wealth. ? Read more »

No bicameral Parliament for us, says Mr Speaker

Credit: Woolf Photography via

Speaker of the House David Carter is in?Australia on a little fact finding tour to discover why not to have a parliamentary system like they do.

Mr Carter and parliamentary clerk David Wilson are in Canberra this week and on Monday observed a Senate estimates hearing.

During the hearing Senate President Stephen Parry indicated an interest in New Zealand parliamentary reform.

“This could be the road back to them getting a bicameral system – let’s hope this works,” Senator Parry said. Read more »

Remarkable that an economist doesn’t believe in measuring progress

Economist Gareth Morgan’s political party has school testing in its sights, pledging to tackle New Zealand’s “obsession with ranking our children” by slashing the use of National Standards and the NCEA system.

Morgan’s The Opportunities Party has also pledged to introduce free, universal full-time early childhood education (ECE) in its newly released education policy.

While New Zealand had performed well in international education surveys, Morgan said the country had started to fall behind in recent years.

Oooooooooooh. Taking on the education unions. ?Good luck with that.

So, “the country had started to fall behind in recent years”. ?How do we know this? ?By measuring progress. ? Read more »


The Clown party makes amateur mistake

False advertising? Gareth Morgan isn’t even standing in Mt Albert

Gareth Morgan is a bigger political retard than another wealthy man who has poured millions into losing.

His latest escapade is eye-rolling stupidity, not even Michelle Boag could screw it up this large.

Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party (TOP) is offering free shuttle bus rides to Mt Albert voters, but Newshub can reveal it’s landed them with an official complaint.

Geoff Simmons is standing for TOP in the upcoming Mt Albert by-election, and ACT leader David Seymour says the shuttle service is a blatant attempt to win votes. ? Read more »

Immigrants should have Kiwi values

He is speaking of Kiwi values. ? What values? ?Whose values?

I don’t think I share any with this North Korean-loving, ?Hamas-hugging know-it-all.


Will Gareth Morgan apply the same standards to politics?

Gareth Morgan has published a passage about the TOP not being a one-man band on his new party?s website.

In reality our team is huge, because we have been drawing on the work of scientists and economists from New Zealand and abroad. Anyone who has followed my work will know that I take an evidence-based position on any issue. That means drawing together the academic and policy contributions of a great many professionals.

The litmus test of how serious Gareth Morgan is will be whether he takes the same approach to campaigning.

Will he take an evidence-based position on campaigning? ? Read more »

Gareth Morgan fails to convince Brian Rudman

Anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan is offering himself as Prince Charming to the moribund body politic. With one sloppy kiss, he’s offering to awake the New Zealand electorate from the decade-long deep sleep of the Key era.

Morgan is coy on his The Opportunities Party (TOP) policy, but in the past he has campaigned on everything from curfews on domestic cats to a capital income tax to whack the rich, and an end to “cheating” our way around greenhouse gas emission reductions.

“TOP is a rebellion against the politics of mediocrity, against the inertia of the Established parties,” says Morgan.

I suspect his biggest challenge will not be the inertia of Labour and National, but the inertia of the voters. He will also have an uphill struggle trying to engage voters in deep and meaningful discussion on such matters as the perils of climate change, and the finer points of taxation theory, in an era of tabloid journalism, and social media chit chat.

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Politics: Last week we got TOP, this week we get NAP

By-elections usually attract a bunch of single issue nutters, but this one has at least some appeal

Not A Party (NAP) announced today that it is entering the Mt Roskill by-election race.

Richard Goode will represent the party, in its first foray into electoral politics.

Goode said he was “chuffed” to be chosen to stand for Not A Party (NAP) in the seat made vacant by Phil Goff.

“Let?s keep the seat vacant,” says Goode. “Let?s make Mt. Roskill a politician-free zone, with the rest of New Zealand?s electoral map to follow suit at next year?s general election.”

Not A Party (NAP) is the forerunner of a new breed of post-democratic political party. The party advocates a peaceful transition to a free, peaceful and prosperous society based on voluntary cooperation. “Don?t look to politicians for answers, they don?t have any.” Read more »


Little may refuse, but Key is happy to talk about Catkiller Morgan

A new political party formed by millionaire economist and philanthropist Gareth Morgan is unlikely to win votes from National, Prime Minister John Key says.

On Friday Dr Morgan announced the formation of The Opportunities Party, saying its policies will promote fairness, reduced poverty, housing affordability, environmental sustainability and national pride.

“He’s very unlikely to win votes from us,” Mr Key told reporters on Saturday.

If he wins any votes it will be from Labour and the Greens, Mr Key said after the launch of National’s campaign for the Mt Roskill by-election.

The formation of the party showed Dr Morgan was “pretty dissatisfied” with what Labour and the Greens were saying and the way that they were performing, he said.

The Greens aren’t actually green. ?And Labour aren’t… what are they these days? ? Read more »