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Whaleoil helps out Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission has established a new e-newsletter and they want help in naming it. I thought I would help out by promoting their little competition. The winner gets $100.

My suggestion if the newsletter is for retards is – The Standard.

Bad Moon Rising

A little video to celebrate Annette's stupidity. Thanks to Stan Blanch for the caricature.

Oh and watch out for 21 February, stay indoors that is the next full moon.

Top Brass spend up at Police

Hey big spenders – no wonder the police are called the bill – 20 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The Police top brass has been spending up large, on overseas tip, booze, swanky hotels, trinkets, Furnishings????, and bizarrely $1045 to Briscoes… the hell do you spend $1045 at Briscoes.
[quote]Figures released to the Herald on Sunday under the Official Information Act show that in the year to October 31, $2.4 million was charged to police-issued credit cards. Most of the 653 Westpac Mastercards had a $2000 credit limit; seven had a $20,000 limit.

White, who led the so-called terror raids in October, was the top spender, booking up $25,217 on his credit card – around $5000 more than Broad, who spent a total of $20,436.

For White, that included stays at the luxury 391-room Conrad Hotel in Bangkok, Nadi’s Tanoa International Hotel and Singapore’s Shangri La.

White also spent around $7000 on hotel stays in Wellington, nearly $4000 on “official” greenstone gifts at Taonga Pounamu – and one credit card statement mentions a “cash advance fee”, despite police protocols prohibiting such withdrawals.[/quote]

It seems that the top brass spends more time overseas than they do here.

Assistant Commissioners Jon White, Grant Nicholls and Gavin Jones ran up credit card bills of more than $40,000 on overseas accommodation, meals and other miscellaneous expenditure. And that doesn’t include their flights!!!

The Police Union boss Greg O’Connor even confirms that we essentially have part-time top brass at the cops by being quoted saying “These are guys who spend half their lives overseas. Of course they are going to have big bills.”

O’Connor reckons criticism is small minded… he would be screaming from the roof tops if a different Government was in charge.

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We may as well disband the Police

I don't know why we don't bother having a Police farce force. they don't bother to prosecute prima facie criminals, its too hard to open the boot of a car, have unresolved employment issues outstanding for three years and ticking, and now they won't enforce court orders.

Is it any wonder that wonder women question the effectiveness of protection orders and confidence in the Police is at an all time low?

From the Herald on the 7th September.

[quote]Police are trying to calm tensions after James Takamore's wife, Denise Clarke, was granted the legal right to have his body returned to her.

Speaking at the marae, Mr Te Rupe said anyone who tried to uplift Mr Takamore's remains would meet resistance. "They'll have a fight on their hands," he vowed."[/quote]

At this stage the local police were saying they would try to "negotiate" a peaceful resolution to the standoff, an admirable stance to try and avoid any violence, but why negotiate? They have a court order to enforce. Go in and dig the body up and take it back to Christchurch and arrest and charge anyone who gets in the way. Quite simple really.

This was on mentioned on DPFs' blog, at the time with a resulting ton of comments.

In Todays' Herald.
[quote]Eastern Bay of Plenty police would refuse to exhume James Takamore's body if asked to enforce the exhumation permit obtained by his partner, a police source says.

The source said officers in the eastern Bay would refuse to exhume his remains because they did not want to be "the meat in the sandwich. At the end of the day, most of us would actually refuse on cultural grounds.[/quote]

Ok, so now we have the situation where there is obviously an impasse and the body can't be exhumed without some sort of confrontation, So, rather than enforce a court order the local police just refuse to do it. The judge in Christchurch should charge the police with contempt of court then order the Army to protect the soft-cock Police to enforce the court order

If this case isn't pursued and the court order isn't enforced it will be a watershed, and arguably the end of the Police farce force because a precedent will have be set allowing bullshit made-up "cultural practices" to be outside the law. WTF is up with our police farce force, allowing themeselves to be cowed by threats of violence???

I think we need to re-think our Police farce force, I think we need to put Sheriff Joe on the case as well as Corrections.

"Baton Boy" set to face 6 charges

Rickards set to face six charges – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Clint “Baton” Rickards is possibly up on 6 Police internal charges for serious misconduct. These charges will effectively end his career as a Policeman.

The charges relate to;

  • Rickards’ admission in court he had sex with Louise Nicholas, two counts.
  • comments he made outside the High Court at Auckland where he described the police investigation as “a shambles” – and gave his support to convicted rapists and jailbirds Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum. Two counts.
  • Rickards’ admission he had what he said was consensual sex with another woman. Two counts.

If the charges are laid and the internal hearing finds him guilty Rickards will be out on his ear.

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111 system fails again

‘I tried 111 15 times’, says home invasion victim – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Once again the 111 system is under the spotlight after a victim of a vicious home invasion tried ringing 111 fifteen times over 20 minutes in an attempt to get some help.

Police headquarters spokesman Michael Player said an inquiry had been launched into the matter. He said a technical malfunction of the magnitude described would be extremely unusual and police would examine the automatic record of events to establish what had happened.

The automated service is run for police under contract by Telecom. Company spokesman Mark Watts said the company was “very concerned” about the situation described by Gundy and would work with police to find what might have gone wrong.

I wonder if anyone will go for a skate on this one, or will “a computer cock-up” be blamed?

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Spitting and cursing is out, but a gang banging S&M session is ok

[quote] And in other news, I see a proposed code of conduct ignores sexual practices (and the Police are excluded from said code for good measure).

Maori could be extinct

Apparently it isn't eating like a pig that will make Maori extinct, rather it will be the evil disease Diabetes.

[quote]Maori males are 6? times more likely and Maori females 10 times more likely to die from diabetes than non-Polynesian people, while Pacific peoples are five times more likely to die from diagnosed diabetes than non-Polynesians.[/quote]

I wonder what comes first eating like a pig or dying like one.?