The left’s reaction to Trump is totalitarian in its instincts

Journalist Melanie Phillips talks about the totalitarian opposition to Donald Trump, whom the left both here in New Zealand and abroad?routinely describe as “fascist” and like Hitler. Phillips points out that fascism, in fact, is daily exhibited by the left, not by Trump or his supporters.

Phillips says that the hysterical reaction against President Trump is totalitarian in its instincts and incites hatred, paranoia and aggression. Ultimately it?s not about president Trump at all but about the protesters themselves.

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Islam is a ?criminal? ideology says Czech lawyer, activist and politician Kl?ra Samkov?


Czech lawyer, activist and politician Kl?ra Samkov?

So many of the voices speaking up against the ideology of Islam are women. I suspect it is naked self interest behind their stance as it is certainly what motivates me. The thought of my grand daughters living under Sharia law turns my stomach.

Not only are women speaking up about the dangers of the ideology of Islam they are also prepared to be brutally honest in their assessments. They are not concerned about being politically correct and are not afraid to offend anyone.

Islam is not a single religion but is divided into different sects. This means that we cannot generalise and say that all Muslims are this or all Muslims think that. I am happy to acknowledge this as my visit to the Ahmadiyya mosque showed me how different sects can be.However it is also a?totalitarian system of governance?and while the way Sharia law is enforced may differ between Islamic countries,I oppose it vehemently in all its many forms.

Even in its mildest forms, all Muslims acknowledge as a prophet a man who is the total opposite in words and deeds from the Christian Jesus. Whether or not you are religious, few would deny that Jesus was a good man who helped people and did not hurt them. In contrast Muhammad spread his teachings by the sword,he tortured and he stole, he took sex slaves and he married a six year old.

Islam is a ?criminal? ideology which deserves to be ranked with ?Nazism, fascism and communism?, is??incompatible with the principles of European law? and, like its totalitarian predecessors, must inevitably be defeated.

So argues Czech lawyer, activist and politician?Kl?ra Samkov? in a hard hitting lecture she delivered earlier this week in the Czech Parliament to an audience including (some rather bemused) ambassadors from Muslim countries ? including the Turkish ambassador who, with several others, walked out half way through.
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A gripping true story of Socialism in action


People forget that Hitler’s party was the?National Socialist German Workers? Party. His party was a true socialist party. It provided free healthcare,equal rights for women, employment, soup kitchens for the poor and hungry, law and order and nationalised secular education. Sunday became National Youth day and the youth were given two hours of political indoctrination every week and then were rewarded with sports for the rest of the day.It was compulsory and parents were punished if they did not send their children.

Later it became compulsory for young men and women to work in the labor corps for one year.With the mothers out working, the state took over childcare. Tax rates went up to 80% of income.Child care and education were free.High Schools were taken over by the government and agencies were created to monitor business including farmers.The State was controlling everything. Free enterprise was abolished.

Disabled adults were taken away from their families by the government on a pretext and the families were then informed that they had all died. Next came gun registration which was quickly followed by the government demanding that gun owners all surrender their guns to the state.

?By this time there was no freedom of speech. Anyone who spoke out against the government was taken away. It only took five years for Socialism to transform into?Totalitarianism.

I love history because I choose to learn from it. Can you see any of the above happening right now in the West? I can see the appeal. Being looked after by the State sounds great but when you hand over control for your life to a government, you are handing over your freedom.

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Publisher hacked to death due to “hate speech”

So. ?Let’s say someone doesn’t like the way your doctrine thinks and acts?about things and writes about it. ?How should you react?

You could start a petition to get the Human Rights Commission to prosecute. ? Or start a huge Twitter-based drive to boycott everyone associated with that person.

What else could happen?

A publisher of a slain online critic of religious militancy has been hacked to death in the Bangladesh capital, police said, hours after similar attacks on two secular writers and another publisher in the majority-Muslim country.

Faysal Arefin published books by Avijit Roy, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin who was killed by Islamists militants in the same way in February.

Arefin was hacked to death with sharp weapons in his office on the second floor of a crowded market in the capital, police said.

Militants have targeted secularist writers in Bangladesh in recent years, as the government has cracked down on Islamist groups seeking to turn the South Asian nation of 160 million people into a sharia-based state.

Four secular bloggers have been hacked to death this year for writing critically about Islamist militancy.

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What does Islam have in common with progressive leftism?

Have you ever wondered why so many ‘ liberal’ leftists are supporters of or apologists for Islam?

Islam is a religion and political force that stands for everything that the liberal left do not. It advocates the death penalty for gays, it subjugates women, it supports pedophilia with its ‘ cultural ‘ acceptance of child brides. It advocates for Sharia law and a world wide caliphate and it teaches that Muslims are superior human beings.

Despite this, if you criticise Islam by suggesting that it is the antithesis of Western democratic and equal rights values, progressive leftists will call you intolerant and racist. Recently Dr Ben Carson in America has been vilified by the leftist press and the political and academic establishment for saying as much.

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Compare and contrast – Kim Dotcom

In the interview with Kim Dotcom on Q+A he said this when asked about his political ideology:

I’m neither left or right, I’m commonsense. I would say I’m up…you know.


We are new, you know, we are fresh. We are about common sense. You know some of the left have good ideas, some of the right have good ideas and you know we need to find the right mix.


Well because I don’t sit anywhere politically and the Internet party doesn’t sit anywhere politically.


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