Prime Minister, there’s a call for you, it’s a guy called Darryl Kerrigan

Bill English thinks he can talk Donald Trump back into the TPP:

Engaging help from larger economies in Asia to try and change the trade direction and policy of the United States is a focus for the Government, the Prime Minister says.

Speaking at a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise breakfast ahead of the final day’s play at?the New Zealand Open, Prime Minister?Bill English?told about 80 mostly Asian business delegates?the Government was “aiming to have discussions” with larger economies countries like China,?about how best to?”change their [US] mind on the?direction” of their trade policy. ? Read more »

Was this McCully’s pay off for stabbing Israel in the back?

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

On Christmas Eve last year, Murray McCully signed up New Zealand to support despots, dictators and terrorists against the only democratic nation in the Middle East.

Now it appears we can get a glimpse of what he was angling for:

The resumption of trade ties with Iran appears closer following the signing of a new deal with the Iranian government.

The signing of a meat arrangement means sheep and beef exports to Iran can now resume. Steps are underway to develop Kiwifruit exports as well.

The Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, is calling the agreement, “a crucial step for New Zealand meat companies as they look to re-enter the Iranian market.”

Trade had previously curtailed because of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.

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“Na?ve Kiwi optimism” a hallmark of Bill English’s leadership

Prime Minister Bill English has cited “na?ve Kiwi optimism” as a driving factor in a New Zealand-led campaign to keep the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) alive.

English’s effort to keep the TPP in play will be centre-stage when he meets Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Queenstown tomorrow.

“One particular area we will be focused on this weekend starting when PM Malcolm Turnbull turns up from Australia is trade,” English told a BusinessNZ gathering this week. “The US has pulled out of TPP and we are going to see if we can work with others to create a coalition to proceed with it even if the US isn’t in it. ” Read more »


New Zealand continues to strengthen deals with the Middle East

If you were hoping for National to make friends and trade with “people like us”, the news continues to be bad.

Trade Minister Todd McClay today welcomed the inaugural daily flight of Qatar Airways direct Auckland – Doha service at Auckland International Airport saying the world’s longest flight was set to boost New Zealand trade and tourism. Read more »


Uh oh. TPP gone, but bipartisan deal with USA to replace it

US President Donald Trump has indicated that the 11 other countries of the TPP – including New Zealand – will be approached to negotiate a one on one deal with the United States.

Earlier today President Donald Trump signed an executive order to the Trade Representative (trade minister) to give notice to the other 11 countries, and the depositary of the agreement – New Zealand – that the US withdraws as a signatory and from the negotiating process.

The order instructs officials “to begin pursuing, wherever possible, bilateral trade negotiations to promote American industry, protect American workers, and raise American wages.” Read more »

TPP will live under Key. China or Russia might step up

John Key is a deal maker. He will try and keep the TPP alive as free trade really is the key to growing our economy.

Prime Minister John Key is still clinging onto hope that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will come into existence.

But if it doesn’t back-up plans are already being considered.

Mr Key said in Auckland on Wednesday that the 12-nation trade agreement is still a long way from being restarted, but he believes the US will be a “massive beneficiary” and that President-elect Donald Trump could be convinced of its benefits.

“Quite quickly people are going to come at him with a stream of advice and I think that advice will be quite consistent with the advice that drove President Obama to want to be a big part of TPP, and that is US leadership in the region and US companies having access and better access into the fast growing Asian markets,” he said. ? Read more »

NZ/UK trade agreement: first in, best dressed

As predicted, Todd McClay is in action immediately seeking to talk trade with UK and EU ministers.

Trade Minister Todd McClay is seeking meetings about Brexit with his counterparts from the European Union and Britain at a G20 trade ministers meeting in China to which New Zealand has been invited.

He said he wanted to discuss New Zealand’s best way forward in light of Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

“In the meantime, it is important for exporters to be assured that our economic relationship with the UK and Europe will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

“Even before Friday’s referendum, we had sought assurances from UK and EU officials that the rules around New Zealand access would not change until they have negotiated new ones with us,” he said.

“We have received those assurances.” ? Read more »

Little: “Labour will defy the TPPA”

Andrew Little over the weekend spent some time at Labour’s Region 2 conference at Waihi.

During his stay he was filmed by a member talking about the TPPA and changing the government.

To rounds of applause he declared “We don’t have to defy the TPPA. But we will. Labour will defy the TPPA!” Then a bit more quietly amidst the claps he adds “…. If that is what we have to do.

What Andrew “8.9%” Little is saying is that he will threaten our trade relationships and economy because the TPPA doesn’t let him act in an arbitrary and discriminatory way towards foreigners [with chinky sounding names]. ? Read more »

Government to add TPP legislation to political bonfire

The weapons-grade wailing from the left-wing will continue unabated as John Key announces that TPP enabling legislation will be introduced to the House.

New Zealand will make another step towards progressing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) when legislation is introduced in Parliament next week.

The law changes are required to bring New Zealand’s domestic rules into line with the 12-nation trade agreement.

Legislation will be tabled in Parliament on Monday, and is expected to get its first reading on May 12.

A select committee completed nationwide hearings on the TPP yesterday, and will produce a report to Parliament tomorrow. ? Read more »


Labour?s new Trade Spokesperson will need to have a split personality to be business-friendly and anti-TPP

Labour have painted themselves into a corner and the person tasked with trying to step across the deep red paint is David Clark.

Unfortunately the man is an idiot.

He spoke to Richard Harman from Politik about his need to speak in tongues,

Labour?s new trade spokesperson knows he has to walk a very narrow line if he wants to carry out the party?s anti-TPP policies without alienating the business community at the same time as he avoids splitting the centre left political block.

David Clark understands it won?t be easy.

Of course it won’t be easy. It is nigh on impossible after the political gymnastics performed by his idiot leader. You simply can’t say you have bottom lines, have those bottom lines all met, then say you still don’t support it…and then say you won’t pull us out of the deal. There is a word that can’t be said in parliament but can be said on blogs….hypocrisy. Business really hates hypocrisy.

For a start he realises Labour could easily be held hostage by some of the extremists on the anti-TPP side.

?I?ve seen the Government actually trying to position us as being alongside the more extreme elements but that?s politics and that?s what they will try and do,? he says.

?Part of it is incumbent on me as the spokesman and us generally to do our homework; to make sure we are familiar with the deal, the ins and outs and then to be presenting the alternatives.?

He?s emphatic that Labour is a free market party.

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