transgender bathrooms

Appease one “it” and next you diminish a “she”

As a society, we really have to think through the true cost of appeasing the most exotic of human needs at the inconvenience of others.

When did the rights of an “it” outweigh the rights of a “she”? ? Because that’s what this world is coming to.

A Kiwi teenager has spoken out about her school’s decision to allow a transgender student to use the girls’ bathrooms, saying it was made without consultation and her rights were overlooked.

In a video titled Ask Me First About School Toilet Privacy: Laura the girl, known only as Laura, says the management’s decision to allow a transgender teenager, who was born male but identifies as female, to attend the all-girls’ school last year shocked her.

School leadership initially told the transgender student she could use the gender-neutral toilets, but she successfully campaigned to access the girls’ halfway through the school year.

Laura said it was then that she spoke up to the school’s management, voicing her concerns for her and other students’ safety.

“And at that point I was like ‘No this isn’t right’,” she says in the video.

“As a girl I feel uncomfortable with a guy being in the same toilets [as me]. There are already gender-neutral toilets in the school.

And that’s a good point. ?By pandering to one individual that has boy parts but deeply believes in his/her heart that she’s a girl, it interfered with the natural rights of all natural born girls. ?In short, it makes no bloody sense! ? Read more »

Employee tells man to get out of women’s restroom and gets fired

Transgender bathrooms continue to cause problems. ?In New York an employee of Macys,?Javier Chavez, was recently fired ?even though he was prepared to enforce the policy once he had been made aware of it. ?At the time of the incident he did not know that there had been a change in bathroom policy.

Macy?s department store has fired a Catholic employee because he questioned their transgender bathroom policy, even though he says he told his employer he would enforce the policy.

Back in May, Javier Chavez, a?senior store detective at Macy?s Flushing, New York, location got a phone call about a male accessing the ladies room along with a female.

A female customer and her daughter were afraid to enter the restroom due the male?s presence there, and a security guard reporting to Chavez directed the man to leave and use the men?s room. The man left, claiming to be a female, before then complaining to the store officials about being asked to leave.

Chavez was later informed by a Macy?s assistant store manager that certain males can use the ladies restroom, something he had not been made aware of prior to the incident. Then an assistant security manager told Chavez that transgender individuals can use the bathroom of their choosing.

Chavez responded that he had just become aware of the policy. He said it was contrary to his religion and the Bible, but said that even so, he would enforce Macy?s policy.

?Macy?s would not leave this alone,? Catholic League President Bill Donohue stated, ?and this is where it crossed the line.? Read more »

I wonder if he said he was transgender?

Men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms but according to Obama if they identify as a woman they do. In a non Obama world this man would have been kicked out of the woman’s bathroom before he had the opportunity to do what he did to a little girl. In today’s world any woman who told him to leave would be called a bigot as his get out of jail free card is to claim that he identifies as a woman.

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