So, what about all those fake male champions?

For this week?s article and as a follow up to last week?s?article I?ve decided to attempt?to answer the following questions:

Where are all the fake men wanting to compete in men’s sports?

Are fake women in reality just average male athletes competing as women so that they can be winners?

On the male to female side there’s our very own Laurel Hubbard. He has had a mediocre career although he did set some junior records all the way back in 1998. Then after a bit of gender reassignment and competing as a woman, he managed to get himself ranked as number one in the 2017 World Masters Games, 2017 Commonwealth Championships, 2017 Oceanic Championships, and number two at the 2017 World Championships.

Not that changing his gender had anything to do with his new found success of course.

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The school where some students are more equal than others

These days we are told to “tolerate” all kind of things. We live in an equal society yet we are forced to tolerate inequality for politically correct reasons which are actually racist. The politically correct do not hold certain cultures to the same standards as our western culture. In a nutshell, they expect less of them which is an inherently racist viewpoint. They do not value equality under the law and demand exceptions for those they consider incapable of functioning as our equals.

Now our world has regressed to the point where biological boys and girls are being told that their rights are not as equal as the rights of boys and girls who are transgender.

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Why Transgender not gay?

This video gives a very interesting insight into the mind of one transgender student. He used to think that he was gay and he didn’t like being gay because being gay meant that he was bullied and made to feel not normal. In contrast, he now thinks that by being transgender he is now normal and accepted so it is so much better than being gay. Even his mother said that he is not a gay boy who is attracted to boys he is a heterosexual girl who is attracted to boys.

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Can’t remember the snowflakes complaining about this outrage in Saudi Arabia

I doubt there will be a UN Resolution over this appalling crime in Saudi Arabia.

Two transgender Pakistanis were reportedly packed into sacks and thrashed to death with sticks by police in Saudi Arabia.

The pair from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan, were arrested in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for cross-dressing in public.

It is a punishable offence in the kingdom for a man to imitate a woman and officers arrested 35 people in a raid on a guest house.

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An insight into having a child that wants to be transgender

West Auckland boy Ben, 11, is a female-to-male trans boy who socially transitioned when he was six years old.

When I visited his home in Glen Eden, he was enjoying a hot afternoon shooting hoops in his driveway and kicking around a ball on the lawn. But unlike many of his friends at intermediate, he has a lot of decisions to make about the medical side of transitioning to male.

With puberty just around the corner, Ben has recently made the decision to start taking puberty-blocking hormones.

Accompanied by his mother Rebecca, every three months Ben takes the bus to a clinic where he gets an injection that stops him developing the physical characteristics associated with adult women.

“If I want to be myself [a male] there’s nothing else I could choose to do. I’ve already made my decision, no matter what, I’m going to stay who I am.” Read more »

Monty Python predicted today’s political and social environment

At the time, they produced this as comedy.

Who could have believed it would turn into reality? ? We find ourselves debating the provision of toilets for men still men but who want to be women and feel they have rights to be among women and not doing so is to be disrespectful of their life choices.

Back then I could laugh about it. ?Who knew it would turn into a tragedy?

Appease one “it” and next you diminish a “she”

As a society, we really have to think through the true cost of appeasing the most exotic of human needs at the inconvenience of others.

When did the rights of an “it” outweigh the rights of a “she”? ? Because that’s what this world is coming to.

A Kiwi teenager has spoken out about her school’s decision to allow a transgender student to use the girls’ bathrooms, saying it was made without consultation and her rights were overlooked.

In a video titled Ask Me First About School Toilet Privacy: Laura the girl, known only as Laura, says the management’s decision to allow a transgender teenager, who was born male but identifies as female, to attend the all-girls’ school last year shocked her.

School leadership initially told the transgender student she could use the gender-neutral toilets, but she successfully campaigned to access the girls’ halfway through the school year.

Laura said it was then that she spoke up to the school’s management, voicing her concerns for her and other students’ safety.

“And at that point I was like ‘No this isn’t right’,” she says in the video.

“As a girl I feel uncomfortable with a guy being in the same toilets [as me]. There are already gender-neutral toilets in the school.

And that’s a good point. ?By pandering to one individual that has boy parts but deeply believes in his/her heart that she’s a girl, it interfered with the natural rights of all natural born girls. ?In short, it makes no bloody sense! ? Read more »

Transgender Mania is a sign of cultural collapse


I’m sorry, these are called facts


Gender Identity Disorder and Anorexia are both mental illnesses related to body image

A person with Anorexia does not view their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

A person with Anorexia does not view their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

Our society recognises that Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness. We treat sufferers with compassion and we try to help them to gain weight and to see their body through realistic eyes. We don’t tell them that they are fat and are right to starve themselves. We don’t say that that they if they identify with being fat that we will accept their delusion. We don’t tell people that they should be accepting of anorexics’?belief that they are fat. We don’t tolerate Anorexics doing themselves harm by starving themselves. No, we tell them that they are emaciated and we help them.

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