Treaty of Waitangi

The irrelevance of the Magna Carta

Andrew Little’s arrogance got the better of himself once again during question 9 in the House, 8 August 2018.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: Quote.

Does he stand by his statements on the bill in Parliament last night that the Bill of Rights was?and I quote directly?”a pretty nasty device” and “There wasn’t anything particularly noble about [it]”, given the fact that it is the founding principle of free elections of MPs, free speech of MPs, and Parliament’s exclusive right to pass laws and impose taxes?? End of quote.


All those principles are incredibly important and highly valued; just as the principles contained in the Magna Carta requiring open trials, the right to hear your accuser, and all those sorts of things, but bearing in mind that the Magna Carta was a document to entrench the power of aristocrats at the expense of peasants and poor people. We should continue to take the true historical context of these founding documents into account, and we should not be afraid to criticise the historical relevance of those documents. End of quote.

Andrew studied Law at Victoria University but obviously slept through a number of lectures if he honestly thinks that the Magna Carta was a document to entrench the power of aristocrats at the expense of peasants and poor people. Quote.

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It is this sort of stupidity that costs governments votes

Apparently, a river now has the same status as a person…and this was from the National government.

The Whanganui River has been given the legal status of a person under a treaty settlement bill that’s just been passed by parliament.

It’s believed to be a world first.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson says Whanganui Iwi has fought for recognition of its relationship with the river since the 1870s.

The iwi recognises the river, Te Awa Tupua, as part of the living mountains and the sea. ? Read more »

Winston speaks out on so-called Treaty principles

If you are wanting to stop the Treaty gravy train then it looks like that only a vote for Winston is the way to do it.

He’s dead right in that the things Maori want to improve their lives are the SAME as everyone else.

Those are the right words that most of us want to hear. ? Read more »

Quick, erect a gibbet, this man speaks apostasy

NBR reports on a man who speaks evil apostasy. Watch as other media attempt to destroy him for his words of unspeakable evil.

A New Zealand academic of Maori, Irish and French descent believes the pendulum has swung too far in redressing Maori grievances.

A New Zealand academic of Maori, Irish and French descent believes the pendulum has swung too far in redressing Maori grievances.

Dr Brian McDonnell, a senior lecturer in film studies at Massey University, says New Zealand?s ?polite middle ground has become too fawning and the government too accommodating to the shrill cries of extremists?.

He told NBR ONLINE: ?Maori people have certainly been marginalised in the past and there are specific wrongs to be righted, but it?s time to draw back to the centre.

?In an effort to be nice you can be seen as a soft touch, so who can blame Maori groups for asking for the stars when the government and the Auckland Council seem ready to grant power and funds while ignoring democratic processes.

?It has been the move to enshrine the Treaty of Waitangi in a written or more formalised constitution that I feel should be the ‘bridge too far’ for well-meaning, reasonable, moderate people, both Maori and Pakeha, to say ‘enough’.

?I would certainly place myself among their number and for me it is not Maori bashing to say so.

?I am part-Maori and I want success for all Maori people, but I think dependence on a Treaty-burdened constitution will not help Maori, as its advocates claim.?

Dr McDonnell believes such a constitution will trap Maori in a ?suffocating self-definition as in need of special pleading and a special status?.

?True equality comes with being treated as responsible adults who shoulder responsibilities as well as crying out for rights.

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Thieving Maori ratbag jailed for two and half years

For years this case was kept secret, and then name suppression expired.

Now Sir Ngatata Love has been jailed for being a thieving ratbag.

Former Treaty of Waitangi claims negotiator Ngatata Love has been sentenced to two years and six months in prison after being convicted of taking a secret payment of $1.5 million while chairman of the Wellington Tenths Trust.

At the High Court in Wellington, Justice Graham Lang said the maximum penalty for the charge was seven years’ imprisonment?and an appropriate starting point would be four years nine months. Had Love been the sole offender, the judge said he would have accepted a starting point of five-to-five-and-a-half years?but lowered it because of Lorraine Skiffington’s involvement.

“I don’t know what kind of influence she had?but the fact she must have had some influence is the only inference to be drawn after you led such a blameless life in the past. What you cannot escape is Ms Skiffington was not a trustee,” Justice Lang said.

“The most important factor is the fact that your offending involves a gross breach of trust,” the judge said. “The other trustees left it to you to deal solely with the developers. You took advantage of the trust they placed in you to acquire a very substantial sum of money.” ? Read more »

Riots predicted for Waitangi…again

The scribble-faces are agitating again:

Threats of riots and protests at Waitangi Day celebrations kept the Prime Minister away this year and the next anniversary is shaping up to be another battle.

Concerns over his safety and a “gagging order” preventing Key from speaking at Te Tii Marae meant he didn’t show up at Waitangi for the first time ever.

Ngapuhi elders and trustees in charge of organising the Waitangi Day celebrations met on Friday to discuss whether they would move all the events to the upper marae and drop the controversial Te Tii marae from the schedule in February.

However many of the “protagonists” didn’t show at the meeting so another one has been organised for the end of the month where it’s expected a vote will take place.

Key said on Monday that he was aware of meetings going on and Ngapuhi have “asked us for an indication at some point whether we intend to return to Waitangi ? we haven’t made that call yet”.

“At some point we’ll engage with them but it’s just a little bit too early at this stage.” ? Read more »

Labour to join Donald Trump in opposing free trade

Who would ever have thought that the Labour party would be on the same side as Donald Trump.

Well, they are, in announcing they will be going against their own history to vote against the TPP free trade agreement that will give access to millions of new customers to our exporters.

Labour has confirmed that it will vote against the TPP legislation the Government will introduce into Parliament next week.

Finance spokesperson, Grant Robertson, confirmed this to POLITIK last night.

However, the party may vote for some parts of the legislation when the original Omnibus Bill has to be split into parts during the Parliamentary process.

Nevertheless, the symbolism of the party voting against a trade agreement is huge. ?? Read more »

Bugger me with a wire brush: TPP doesn?t breach Treaty – Waitangi Tribunal

Well lookee here,?that’s another TPPA myth busted:

The Waitangi Tribunal have ruled?the?Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has not breached Treaty obligations.

However, the report raised a number of concerns, such as?misjudging?Maori interests and a lack of transparency on Maori advice.

New Zealand is one of 12 countries party to the free trade deal,?which the Government claims will?benefit the country by $2.7 billion a year by 2030.

The?Treaty of Waitangi clause in the agreement should “provide a reasonable degree of protection?to Maori interests”, the Tribunal said. ?? Read more »

Key slaps the begging bowls from Northland Maori over Kermadecs claim

John Key has politely told iwi to GFY over their claims on the Kermadecs.

A marine sanctuary will go ahead in the Kermadec Islands regardless of iwi opposition, Prime Minister John Key says.

Legislation which will establish New Zealand’s largest ocean sanctuary 1000km northeast of the North Island will be introduced in Parliament tomorrow. ?? Read more »

It was a sledge-fest and Little was exposed for his double-talk

John Key and Andrew Little went toe to toe in parliament yesterday but Andrew Little, as usual, was slaughtered.

He only had himself to blame for his forked tongue on the TPPA. Little said Labour opposed the deal, they went large on that stance and some MPs even marched in the protest. Phil Goff was given a dispensation but David Shearer was castigated for supporting the deal.

When pushed, though, we found out that Andrew Little was lying to the public over their opposition to the trade deal. When pushed he confirmed that Labour won’t use the exit provisions of the deal to remove New Zealand from the deal. Worse still, he has also said they won’t vote against the enabling legislation.

So when Andrew Little says he opposes something then it is probable he is lying to you as a voter. And when he says he supports something, then based on his positioning for opposing things, you really can’t believe him on that either.

Labour has misled the public over the TPPA; he has played one song for the hard left and quietly played another song for other voters.

Voters aren’t stupid, but Labour and Andrew Little have treated them as stupid. Voters will see this and they will remember.

Labour has lied from the get-go with their opposition. ? Read more »