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Woman politicians without children don’t make the grade

Kiwiblog comments

You can tell how worried Labour are that they will lose Hutt South, by how nasty Trevor Mallard is getting on Twitter about Chris Bishop. But his latest tweet was a step too far, and saw him delete it and apologise for it.

…Trevor is saying that you are privileged if you don?t have kids. As one tweeter responded, that means he is accusing Helen Clark of having been privileged for not having kids. Read more »

Ratbag fishing companies attempting to dodge the law

Just before the 2014 election Trevor Mallard did something unexpected and sat down with National to work out how to push through the ban on Foreign Charter Vessels fishing in NZ waters for NZ owned companies with NZ fishing quotas.

This meant that the law passed through after being delayed, much to the dismay of certain fisheries companies who had been using foreign charter vessels with cheap foreign labour to fish for NZ fish.

Now NZ First MP Richard Prosser is claiming that there are some ratbags in the industry trying to make it impossible to employ NZers on fishing boats, so they can import their own labour.

It is unacceptable that foreign-owned and controlled companies with New Zealand flagged vessels fishing in New Zealand waters are favouring foreign crews ahead of New Zealanders, says New Zealand First Fisheries Spokesperson Richard Prosser. ? Read more »

Doesn’t want to ban something? Can’t be a Green MP then

Trevor Mallard wants Rodeos tidied up, but not banned

The Mataura Rodeo and the Southland Rodeo will be held this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

“Some people think it [rodeo] should be banned,” Mallard said.

“My view is there is things we can do without, that are undoubtedly cruel.”

Mallard listed flank straps, electronic prods, twisting tails and rope burn as ways to distress the animals, which he believed were unnecessary.

If those things were removed, then rodeo would be okay, he said.

However, he was not in favour of banning rodeos, he said.

As he shouldn’t be. ?With the exception of perhaps one or two people who will clearly exit the rodeo circuit or improve their behaviour, rodeos are less stressful for animals than being sent off to the works. ? Read more »


Wrecked him? Damn near killed him


I always suspected Trevor Mallard liked it up him.

Parliament’s new security bollards have claimed their latest victim – Labour MP and Assistant Speaker Trevor Mallard and his red Ford Mondeo.

He had just left Parliament’s underground carpark and the bollards had automatically retracted into the ground when he drove over them. ? Read more »

Trotter thinks Labour wants to lose Hutt South

On the weekend Labour HQ overrode the wishes of their electorate and selected Virginia Anderson over popular local identity Campbell Barry. He reminisces about the days he was earnestly campaigning for Jim Anderton’s New Labour Party.

Canvassing Dunedin?s working-class streets I was taken to task on doorstep-after-doorstep by a succession of narrow-eyed matrons as suspicious of my rounded middle-class vowels as they were contemptuous of the NLPs affirmative action policy.

?I don?t agree with quotas?, I was told over and over again. ?You should pick the best person for the job.? With impressive prescience, these hard-bitten mothers and grandmothers demanded to know what the NLP would do ?if your quota isn?t filled and you?ve got to choose between a really good man and an unsuitable woman? Are you really going to tell the best man to bugger off? Because if you are ? then you needn?t bother coming around here asking for my vote.?

While Virginia Anderson is a good Labour candidate the party has made a mistake in Hutt South, and Chris Trotter thinks so too and for those same reasons he learned on the doorsteps of Dunedin. ? Read more »

Trevor Mallard reacts under pressure

As reported on Whaleoil, Chris Bishop is contesting Hutt South against Trevor Mallard and is doing so well that Trevor’s return to parliament next year is hardly a certainty.

A journo was rating various political figures’ Twitter habits and found that Bishop was one of the more entertaining, informing and effective communicators.

As part of that article, the journo reported Bishop’s tweet proving the NZ Labour party had petulantly blocked him, petulantly, from following their Twitter feed.

I know – it already sounds like lemon-sucking sore losers acting like kids. But, Trevor Mallard manages to up the ante:

Mallard Read more »

Is Mallard rooted? Part II

Who is taking who for a walk?

His own dog doesn’t even like him

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar gives some very high praise to Chris Bishop.

I am not sure I can recall a more active local MP than Chris Bishop. Every week his newsletter is full of the numerous activities he is doing around the electorate ranging from lobbying the Council on parking, to setting up youth awards, promoting businesses, supporting community groups etc.

There is no one in the National party with the institutional intelligence of Farrar, or the massive array of informal contacts throughout the party. For him to say this about Bishop means a lot, and is a very clear hint that Farrar, New Zealand?s best poller and predictor, is thinking that Bishop has an exceptionally good chance of winning the seat off Mallard.

If Chris can win Hutt South he will have confirmed his already-stellar parliamentary reputation.


– Kiwiblog

Is Mallard rooted?


The consensus candidate for the best new National backbencher, Chris Bishop, is doing the hard yards in Hutt South against Labour party veteran Trevor Mallard. Bishop has had a very, very impressive start to his parliamentary career, but winning in parliament is no substitute for proving you are actually electable.

Prime Minister John Key visited Wainuiomata ?recently to open an office for? National List ?MP ?Chris Bishop.

The Hutt South electorate has never been held by National, nor were the electorates of Pencarrow or Petone that preceded it before MMP. Read more »

Labour’s List Problem

David Farrar had a very good post yesterday at Kiwiblog about Labour’s list problem.

In 2014 Labour got only five List MPs. Andrew Little only got in on?special votes.

They are polling well below the level they were at three years ago. They normally lose support once an election campaign starts as minor parties get more attention. And already Winston is picking up support at their expense.

So at this stage it would be a brave person to predict they will lift their party vote from 2014, and hence their total number of MPs from 32.

Read more »

Disgusting defamatory smear on John Key via Twitter from Trevor Mallard

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.35.56 PM

Yesterday at 2:34pm Trevor Mallard made a tweet that didn’t just accuse John Key of being associated with?tax evasion, it actually stated he was involved.

I have a screenshot, but the tweet has since been deleted, and I’m not going to repeat what it said.

Suffice to say it was highly defamatory and you would think that an Assistant Speaker of the House would know better than to use Twitter from inside the house to defame the Prime Minister.

But deleting the text doesn’t make the defamation any less.

Worse still he tweeted that during Question Time.

Recently the Privileges Committee issued recommendations on the use of social media by members during parliament.

We believe that our examination of this question of privilege provides a timely opportunity to remind members and others of some existing and relevant parliamentary rules and practices, as well as some significant issues that should be borne in mind when using social media. We recommend that these various rules and practices be compiled to form standalone guidance to be issued by the Speaker (Appendix C). In particular, we wish to clarify any misconception about comments made by members on social media, including comments made from the Chamber. Such comments are not part of parliamentary proceedings, nor are they published under the authority of the House. Therefore, they may not be protected by parliamentary privilege. Members should be aware that anything said on social media is potentially actionable in court. Members should also be careful not to disclose confidential select committee proceedings or reports through any means, including social media. The House may treat any such breach of confidentiality as a contempt. Another potential contempt that may be committed through social media is an adverse reflection on the character or conduct of a member (including the Speaker).

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