Lawrence Yule selected as Nat candidate for Tukituki

Lawrence Yule won the National selection last night for Tukituki.

Not that HB Today seems totally sure of themselves.

Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule is believed to have won selection for the National Party tonight. ? Read more »

Homewrecker wants more homes

Labour candidate Anna Lorck with John Key

Anna ?Marge? Lorck, Labour?s home wrecker candidate in Tukituki is campaigning for more homes.

At a time when we should be leading on the home front, it is unacceptable that Hastings and Tukituki are being left behind.

Are you serious Marge? ? Read more »

Prosecute the polluting councils

Simon Lusk, with Bruce and Mabo who seem disinterested with all the fuss of photos when they'd rather be hunting

Simon Lusk, with Bruce and Mabo who seem disinterested with all the fuss of photos when they’d rather be hunting

Councils are supposed to uphold by-laws and they do against their own ratepayers.

Recently we say a farmer prosecuted for polluting a stream because of his ham-fisted method of willow tree extraction. Farmers and businesses are regularly prosecuted as well by councils when unauthorised or exceesive discharges are made into stream and rivers.

But what do you do when the polluter is the council, and the Regional Council above them refuses to prosecute them.

That is what is happening in the Hawkes Bay where the Central Hawkes Bay District Council is continually breaching sewage discharge permits and has been for more than 10 years.

If it was a farmer they would have been hauled before the courts and prosecuted and fined massive amounts of money…but not this crowd.

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council could face private prosecution of its members over failures of its wastewater system.

The council is in breach of discharge consents which have been in place just three months.

The possibility of the prosecutions has been raised by Friends of the Tukituki spokesman and political campaigner Simon Lusk, who told Radio New Zealand if the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council would not prosecute, then the group would look at prosecuting CHB councillors and Regional Council staff, Mr Lusk says, are “failing to uphold their statutory obligations”.

CHB Mayor Peter Butler said “they” had threatened the council with prosecution before, and council chief executive John Freeman said he received a letter from the group last month. “My understanding is you can’t prosecute against individuals on the council,” Mr Freeman said. He said the two councils and the Friends of the Tukituki “all want the same outcome” – to ensure the river is free of any unwanted discharge.

“Any prosecution would be a distraction and a waste of time and money which would be better spent ensuring it [the system] is up and running properly,” Mr Freeman said. Regional council staff have decided against prosecuting the council despite six breaches of the discharge consents since they came into effect in October.

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Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson Fights the Labour Party

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The Chairman of the extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson, has started a donnybrook with the Labour Party.

The Chairman has sledged Labour?s Water spokesperson Meka Whaitiri hard for asking sensible decisions about the dodgy socialist dam.

All Whaitiri has done is called for a stocktake to see whether the project is still viable, and Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson, instead of working with Labour, has given Whaitiri a big serve.

However, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chairman Fenton Wilson said the council was still waiting to see if the planned consents will go forward.

The board of inquiry is likely to reconvene next month.

He added Ms Whaitiri’s claims for an “urgent stocktake” sounded like “political posturing” and said she appeared “six months behind” in the project’s timeline.

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Minor Losers, Ctd – Anna “Marge” Lorck

Labour?s home wrecker candidate for Tukituki, Anna ?Marge? Lorck is another minor loser in our list from the past year.

She reckoned she was going to win by 10,000 but turned out to be a terrible candidate and created bad press just about everywhere she went. As far as bloggers go Marge is a dream candidate as she gives us so many free hits. She has to be the worst candidate in New Zealand outside of Colin Craig, beating even the truly dreadful Sue Moroney who didn?t manage to create anywhere near as much negative press.

I?took a strong position on Anna ?Marge? Lorck from the very beginning.

There are two groups of people who should not be allowed to?hold public office, wife beaters and women who break up?marriages.

The tipline has?been running hot about what an awful woman Lorck is, and how?she ruined her business partner?s marriage stealing him from?his heavily pregnant wife.

Personal ethics should be the starting point to any?political career, not an afterthought that is glossed over.

Lorck should be outed as having appalling personal ethics,?and Labour voters in Tukituki should give their party vote?to Labour and their electorate vote to another candidate to?send a message that homewreckers shouldn?t run for?parliament.

I?called out Marge for not disclosing here political affiliations when she wrote an op-ed in the paper. Fairfax withdrew the article.

This is pretty shameless stuff going on here. More fool Fairfax for falling for it.

There should however be a disclaimer telling readers that she is the Labour candidate for Tukituki.

UPDATE: Fairfax have withdrawn the article. ?

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Socialist Ratbag Should Put his own money in his dodgy Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Chairman Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is so wedded to his socialist dam he has written a snarky and unpleasant attack on a fellow councillor.

As chairman of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) I was interested to read my fellow Councillor Peter Beaven’s Talking Point on Monday where he still seems confused about the realities of the Ruataniwha proposal.

Well Chairman ?Jong-Un? Wilson, maybe he is confused but he is not as confused and deluded as a man who has promoted an extremely dodgy dam using science whose proponent admitted was not fit for purpose in a Board of Inquiry.

And he is probably not as confused as a man who has refused to listen to alternative views saying that turning the Tukituki Toxic is not permissible in law.? Read more »

Stop pouring crap into our rivers

I really wish councils would get their act together and stop people from pouring crap into our rivers.

This time however I’m not getting up farmers, rather the townies and their council who want to keep pouring crap into the?Tukituki rover.

Interestingly it is the same river the Hawkes Bay Regional Council wants to turn toxic with their dodgy socialist dam at Ruataniwha.

A report has raised “serious concerns” with the new $6 million wastewater plant in Central Hawke’s Bay.

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council study showed despite a recent upgrade that harmful bacteria and wastewater were being released into the Tukituki River at unacceptable levels.

Resource consents regulating the discharge of wastewater from the plants were changed on October 1, requiring a significantly higher standard of wastewater.

Prior to the change, the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council decided to construct floating wetlands to meet the new treatment standards.

The wetlands were constructed last year at Waipawa in July and in Waipukurau in September. ? Read more »

Labour’s home wrecker candidate rinsed in gay ute country

Anna ?Marge? Lorck got soundly beaten in gay ute country, with Craig Foss winning on the night by 5800 votes.

The tip line has been running hot with more Marge stories, and how she is graceless and undignified in the campaign.

Tukituki Read more »

Labour’s home-wrecker candidate pinches handicapped carparks

Home-wrecker and now handicapped car-parking stealer, Anna Lorck

Home-wrecker and now handicapped car-parking stealer, Anna Lorck

Labour’s home-wrecker candidate for Tukituki, Anna Lorck, is not only shameless with the married blokes, rude at candidates meetings, but now she has been sprung pinching handicapped car-parking spots.

Labour candidate Anna Lorck has apologised profusely for parking her branded vehicle in a mobility car park in Hastings.

Lorck’s SUV was seen parked in the designated car park outside the Ellwood Function Centre, where she was attending a meeting of farmers. ?? Read more »

Cruel Press in Gay Ute Country


The Hawkes Bay Today obviously doesn?t really like Anna ?Marge? Lorck, Labour?s home-wrecking candidate in Gay Ute Country.

Ms Lorck is running on a regional development ticket. She is trying to harness sentiments that central Government has neglected the provinces. The former journalist and PR lady has branded herself a “vociferous campaigner for regional New Zealanders”. Her speech calls, repeatedly, for “a regional plan”. It is shameless, emotionally charged, manic, a little mad even. If there wasn’t an election on, this kind of behaviour would warrant a sectioning.

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