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UK muscles up against UN over Israel as well

The UK has muscled up against the UN over Israel as well now.

The push back is harsh, Breitbart reports:

As long as?Israel remains a standing agenda item at the United Nations and??Syria?s regime butchers and murders its people on a daily basis? the UK will vote down any attempt to debate the future of the Jewish State.

This warning was made on Friday at the 31st session?of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) by the UK mission in Geneva. It came as the UNHCR debated?Israel?s conduct in the occupied Syrian and Palestinian territories.

In its history, the UNHCR?has condemned Israel more often than any other of the 192 UN states. Comparative totals after Friday?s session in Geneva?tell the story: Israel ? 78 resolutions and decisions, Syria ? 29, North Korea ? 9, and Iran ? 6. As for Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China, there?s nothing at all.

While it made clear its ?serious concerns about the growth in illegal demolitions and settlement activity? and said the UK stood ?shoulder to shoulder with the international community? in support of a two-state solution, the UK mission?added the council?s ?unacceptable pattern of bias? as evidenced by the sheer number of motions condemning the Jewish state would only make the goal harder to achieve.

The statement continued:

?The trend of Israeli conduct in the occupied Palestinian territories over the past year has been negative.

?But we must also recognise the continuing terrorism, incitement and violence that Israel faces. Renewed Hamas efforts to rebuild their tunnels are a grave concern. The scourge of anti-Semitic incitement and glorification of terrorism continue.

?And yet neither ?terrorism? nor ?incitement? were a focus of this week?s council discussions and resolutions. This is not acceptable.?

The mission also questioned why Israel was still a standing agenda item while ?Syria?s regime butchers and murders its people on a daily basis?.

Friday?s vote marked a reversal of previous UK efforts to isolate Israel from the international community.

Good to see that the UK and the USA are using veto powers now for what they were intended…to stop bullying against small nations by vested interests.


– Breitbart

Nikki Haley: ?The Days of Israel-Bashing are Over?

Nikki Haley spoke at the AIPAC conference about the changes she is overseeing at the United Nations.

Truth Revolt reports:

As the new United Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley made it clear during her talk at AIPAC that there?s a new sheriff in town and she wears high heels.

Sitting down with former Defense Department official Dan Senor, Haley said she is ready to ?change the culture of the UN.? Here?s how she suggests doing so:

?The United States tells them what we?re not going to put up with. We start to change the culture to what we should be talking about, and then, we actually act on what we say.

?I wear heels. It?s not for a fashion statement; it?s because if I see something wrong, we?re going to kick them every single time.? ? Read more »

More information on McCully’s betrayal of Israel

More information is coming out via non-traditional media about the utter betrayal of Israel by Murray McCully, Bill English and the National party.

Media reported in the most gushing way possible, by Audrey Young and Richard Harman, about the back-slapping that went on after we stabbed Israel. Now more details from the same address to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs have emerged that have been ignored by New Zealand media more intent on the back-slapping than the devious nature by which McCully achieved his trophy “peace in our time” resolution.

Shalom.Kiwi reveals the utter contempt for our rules, laws and processes that McCully has shown.

Questions about New Zealand?s involvement in the passing of the Resolution were raised this week by Winston Peters in parliament. Peters asked Gerry Brownlee, standing in for the Foreign Minister, whether the resolution had been put before cabinet. Brownlee obfuscated for five minutes or more and failed to answer the question, but he gave the impression that it did not go to cabinet, as procedure demands.

While it?s still something of a mystery how much the New Zealand government knew about the genesis and passing of Resolution 2334, a talk on 9 March 2017 by Gerard van Bohemen to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs shed light on some diplomatic maneuverings on this issue and showed how New Zealand was a driving force behind the anti-Israel resolution.

From the start of New Zealand?s term on the Council, Foreign Minister McCully made it clear that he wanted to have a resolution on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, as van Bohemen explained:

This was Mr McCully?s test to me. He said, if the Security Council is going to mean anything, surely it can table some action on one of the world?s most intractable long-standing conflicts, surely it can say something, even a little something on the Middle East.? ? ? –Gerard van Bohemen ? Read more »

Palestinian despot and Murray McCully – two peas in a pod

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Yesterday in Ramallah, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (12 years into his four year term) linked global terror to the lack of resolution on the ?Palestinian question?.

?The world is completely convinced that neither could the events taking place around us and across the world nor the issue of terrorism can be handled without solving the Palestinian question,? ? said Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas

That is, the Palestinians believe that global terror (not even Middle Eastern terror, let alone just West Bank and Gaza terror) is solely the result of the perpetuation of the Israel/Palestinian conflict or the lack of resolution to ?the Palestinian question?. ? Read more »

What really went on as NZ betrayed Israel

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

What really went on when New Zealand betrayed Israel?

We’ve read what Richard Harman and Audrey Young got out of their chats with Gerard van Bohemen, now let’s look at a different perspective at what was said:

For many New Zealanders the anti-Israel UN Resolution 2334, co-sponsored by New Zealand on the Eve of Christmas 2016, came as a shock. It is one thing for a democratic nation to criticise another democratic nation for its policies. It is quite another to lead the charge on a resolution that was clearly seen, by Israel and many in New Zealand, as stabbing a friend in the back, acting contrary to those countries? shared values, and nothing but counter-productive virtue-signalling.

It was therefore an eye-opener to hear New Zealand?s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Gerard van Bohemen, reveal, in his 9 March 2017 address to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, how hard New Zealand pushed for the resolution and how the UN member states view such resolutions. The ambassador?s ?view from within? contained some surprising admissions. ? Read more »

US tells UN Human Rights Council to reform or they are gone

Another of Trump’s promises is coming to fruition.

The US has told the UN Human Rights Council to reform or they are gone…and presumably their funding goes too.

Foreign Policy reports:

Trump administration is threatening a withdrawal from the U.N. Human Rights Council if it does not undertake ?considerable reform,? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned a group of nine non-profit organizations in a letter this?week. ? Read more »

A good start for winding back the UN

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp and one particular swamp that needed draining was the one at Turtle Bay?and it’s adjunct in Geneva.

Yesterday the draining commenced.

President Trump’s administration confirmed it is reviewing the United States? participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council, warning Wednesday that it wants the international body to reform its agenda and end its ?obsession with Israel.?

Washington critics have argued that the Geneva-based council unfairly targets Israel over allegations of human rights violations and alleged war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ? Read more »

Was this McCully’s pay off for stabbing Israel in the back?

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

On Christmas Eve last year, Murray McCully signed up New Zealand to support despots, dictators and terrorists against the only democratic nation in the Middle East.

Now it appears we can get a glimpse of what he was angling for:

The resumption of trade ties with Iran appears closer following the signing of a new deal with the Iranian government.

The signing of a meat arrangement means sheep and beef exports to Iran can now resume. Steps are underway to develop Kiwifruit exports as well.

The Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, is calling the agreement, “a crucial step for New Zealand meat companies as they look to re-enter the Iranian market.”

Trade had previously curtailed because of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.

Read more »


Nikki Haley’s first press conference reveals the deceit of the UN

Watch this video to gain an understand how dysfunctional the UN Security Council and the General Assembly have become. Her press conference reveals just exactly the sort of subterfuge and ratbag behaviour that Murray McCully has been up to.

I doubt if our media would show this clip of the US Ambassador’s first press conference after her first UN Security Council meeting.

It gives you some idea of what Murray’s been up to at these meetings.

The first thing I want to do is talk about what we just saw in there. The Security Council just finished its regular monthly meeting on Middle East issues. It?s the first meeting like that that I?ve attended, and I have to say it was a bit strange. The Security Council is supposed to discuss how to maintain international peace and security. But at our meeting on the Middle East, the discussion was not about Hizballah?s illegal build-up of rockets in Lebanon. It was not about the money and weapons Iran provides to terrorists. It was not about how we defeat ISIS. It was not about how we hold Bashar al-Assad accountable for the slaughter of hundreds and thousands of civilians. No, instead, the meeting focused on criticizing Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that?s how the Council has operated, month after month, for decades. ? Read more »

Is it the final countdown for the United Nations?

UN Resolution 2334 started off a chain of events that may lead to the replacement of the United Nations with a new world body called?The Covenant of Democratic Nations.” The birth of the new movement to replace the UN was in reaction to the ambassadorial applause when the UN declared that Israel’s Jewish connection to the Western Wall was now to all intents and purposes illegal. It hardened the resolve of some key people and now concrete replacement action has begun. The idea is that CDN nations will stay as vestigial members in order to oversee the UN’s destruction in the same way?the League of Nations was dissolved after World War Two and replaced with the present UN.

It has started with a conversation of ideas proposing an official international conference which would carefully propound a multilaterally-signed diplomatic convention that would be ratified by countries as a binding treaty that would juridically forge the Covenant into operational reality. The entire process ? fraught with hazy puzzlements over a terrain of ?what ifs? ? would be limited to nations governed by democratic principles. Each member would or could defund the United Nations while it labored to construct a successor entity dedicated to world peace along democratic principles with equal respect for all people regardless of religion, gender, race, identity, or national origin, as well as formulating a mechanism to resolve disputes.

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