UNSC Resolution 2334

Not just our readers have noticed Bill English hiding behind Murray McCully’s skirt

Shalom Kiwi writes

In the last days of 2016, an open letter was sent to Prime Minister Bill English, signed by 28 organisations and 858 Jewish and non-Jewish Kiwis, condemning New Zealand?s decision to co-sponsor and vote for the biased anti-Israel United Nations Security Council resolution 2334. The same letter also attracted over 2,500 online signatures.

After nearly a month, the Prime Minister?s office responded to the letter and, in an email, a correspondence manager wrote:

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Bill English, to acknowledge your email of 29 December 2016 concerning your letter from 28 representative Jewish and non-Jewish organisations with over 800 supporting individual signatures on the UNSC resolution on Israel. Please be assured your comments have been noted.

We are forwarding a copy of your correspondence to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Murray McCully, for his consideration.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.?Office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand

So don’t feel too bad readers. ?Clearly, your single email hardly stood out if the Government isn’t even going to deal with?28 organisations and 858 Jewish and non-Jewish Kiwis approaching it as one. ? Read more »

Still think you did the right thing Murray?

And Prime Minister Bill English can’t even say if Israel will answer the phone if we call. ?Has no idea of our diplomatic status. ?Which isn’t much of a surprise when both ambassadors have been punted.

Murray’s brain fart has put us on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of our allies, and the wrong side of decency. Read more »

In defence of our Prime Minister

Guest post

I have had several discourses lately in the comments section on WO with Wayne Mapp ? we seldom agree on anything but I am glad he is here and offering his opinions. Unfortunately it is not often that we get a visitor from the left who is willing to civilly debate the issues! I think that Wayne epitomises the Red-Blue left leaning faction that covers a lot of National MP?s. They have become for want of a better analogy, NZ?s beltway elites who stick to their own circles, inter marry, go to the same elite schools and live in ?gated? communities. They have little idea of how the common man/women of NZ lives, and care even less!

What, you say, has this got to do with defending our PM?

Well, it?s about ignorance. If the only information you receive is from tainted sources, how can you make rational decisions?

In my opinion Bill English, a career bureaucrat and observant Roman Catholic has his upbringing and career choices holding him back from access to the necessary information to make rational decisions. Read more »

New Zealand are “useful idiots”. Well, Murray is at least

UN Security Council Resolution 2334 will inflict serious and enduring damage to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people. It brands Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people, a ?flagrant? violator of international law, fueling the movement to isolate it and turn it into a pariah among nations. As such it will promote the growing anti-Semitism around the world. It may even invite or be used to justify horrific terrorist attacks of the sort we have seen in Jerusalem this month. But those are not the primary reasons the President should have vetoed it.

The United States should not surprise (some have used the term ?ambush?) a close ally and friend in an important forum like the UN Security Council, as it seems clear was done in this case. But that also is not the main reason he should have vetoed it.

The American president should not base critical foreign policy decisions on personal animus, as it appears he did here. But that too is not the most important reason he should have vetoed it.

The decision was not only highly inappropriate for a ?lame duck? president, designed to make it more difficult for the incoming administration to pursue its foreign-policy goals, but there can be little doubt that he knew his action was antithetical to the bipartisan views of the majority of the American people. In other words, his action was deeply undemocratic. But even that, although more than cause enough, is not the main reason he should have vetoed it.

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Dear Graham

via email

Todd Muller responds

From: Office of Todd Muller MP <[email protected]>
Date: 1 February 2017 at 3:16:58 PM NZDT
To: “‘[email protected]'”
Subject: FW: UN resolution 2334

Good afternoon Graham,

On behalf of Todd, please see below: Read more »

Dear Shane

via email?

Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 9:08 PM
Subject: RE: Happy New Year | Job creation, infrastructure and social services | Campaign 2017
To: “Dr Shane Reti, MP for Whangarei” <[email protected]>

Hi Shane,

I’m not one to normally reply, in fact this is the first time I’ve written to an MP, but I think it might be useful to get some feedback from one of your constituents, especially given John Key has stepped down and Bill English has taken over.

To be frank, after many years of support (including being a financial member) of the national party, I am not likely to give my party vote to National again this year. It’s been a few years in the making, but I’ve been growing increasingly unhappy with how far left of centre National has gone. In particular leaving middle class welfare Working for Families and interest free student loans untouched. These were nothing short of political bribes by a Labour Govt. bereft of ideas and desperate to cling to power – they have no place in our society and should have been well and truly phased out by now. Read more »

Dear Todd

via email

Good afternoon Todd,

I have not received an answer to my recent email in respect of the above apart from the “I’m out of the office response standard email”.

The thrust of my email was that I am seriously disappointed in the National Governments sponsoring of this resolution putting NZ alongside appalling failed states such as Venezuela and Senegal.

Why is your government supporting the enemies of Israel for the first time ever? Israel [is] the only democracy in the ME, this kind of support is what I would expect from the far left Green Party and Labour.

I look forward to your response. Read more »

Dear Bill and Paula

via email

Good evening,

I copy you on the email I sent tonight to Bill English, Paula Bennett, David Seymour and Winston Peters.

I am pissed off that Bill and Paula are being so stupid as to ignore legitimate questions from voters.

You are authorised to use his as you see fit.


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The Power of Influence

Guest post


The Israeli Question

The first I heard about UN Resolution 2334 was when Cam described Murray McCully as a ?sneaky little weasel? and I had to read on to find out why. But Israel is not exactly high on my agenda, so I read the article and thought little more of it.

But more articles followed, and as I started to read the comments, I began to see that there was quite a lot of support for Israel ? so much so that people said they would change their vote over it.

Really? So you are going to trash your own country over this? How petulant!

But the issue wasn?t going to go away, so I decided that I needed to read up a bit on the subject, and try to understand why people were so hot under the collar about it.

Most articles I read ? and I had to head to the foreign press to do so ? were in support of the Resolution. I read that Israel building settlements had been the reason why the peace process broke down in 2014.

Well, McCully is right then, if that is the case ? isn?t he? Good on New Zealand for standing up. The 2 nation solution is the best for peace in the region ? and Resolution 2334 supports that.

Articles continued to be posted on WO, and I kept reading. Other viewpoints were presented. I used to be sympathetic towards the Palestinians, but their terrorist actions changed my view some time ago ? even though the media seem to support Palestine no matter what they do. But Israel is the stronger party in this dispute ? and there are times when they do seem to use that strength to crush the Palestinians.

So, I came to the conclusion that both parties are as bad as each other, and there will never be peace in the region, no matter what happens. ? Read more »

Dear Jamie

via email

From: Stephen?xxxxx
Sent: Sunday, 1 January 2017 11:41 a.m.
To: Botany MP
Subject: UN resolution,

Dear Jamie,

First of all let me wish you and your family the very best of the New Year.

Secondly I wish to state that I am a ” true and loyal” National; supporter and this is the first time I have ever felt the need to convey my feelings directly to a Member of Parliament. ( I did however email the PM a couple of days ago , again a first, asking the same question and received the standard automated response )

What has got me ” fuming” is the recent UN Israeli resolution sponsored and pushed through by Murray McCully…….

I am so hoping this is just. an MP gone rogue and is not the ” True” National Parties stance on this…….. but if it is then ” fine” as I will make my voting decision based on this information.

What I am really looking for is some communication and direction from the Prime Minister over this…….. the silence is “deafening” and is really causing me to make assumptions that may in fact be well wide of the mark….

I realise John Key has gone but I don’t believe he would have let this ” fester” and would have made a statement….. ( even if he was holidaying in Dipton )

I really want Bill to step up to the mark, show some real leadership in first first real test…..and tell me what the hell is going on…..

kind regards

And the reply ? Read more »