Yeah, because violence and vandalism is ok if you are a road maggot

To anyone else this looks like an incident of road rage, vandalism and violence…but because it was a chick on a bike it is ok?

A female cyclist exacted her revenge on a catcaller in a van who pestered her at a junction by chasing after him and ripping off his wing mirror.

The incident in central London was caught by a GoPro camera attached to the helmet of a nearby moped rider.

As the trio of vehicles all stop at a red light on a junction with Tottenham Court Road, one of the men inside the van can be heard asking: ‘Alright, want my number?’ ? Read more »


Freedom of Speech Under attack: In Australia it is now an offence to mock Islam

Before we look at what Australian activist?Blair Cottrell?did let’s have a look at some of our New Zealand activists and the offensive things they have done while pushing their agenda. The first one that springs to mind is the assault with a dildo on a New Zealand politician. ?The dildo was offensive and it was used to hit a politician. In contrast, Blair Cottrell did not physically assault anybody. Another New Zealand example is 50 activists who blocked a bank using sacks of coal and forced it to close down for the day preventing customers from doing their banking. Blair Cottrell did not close down the council building he was protesting in front of and he did not prevent anyone from entering the council building. Finally, do you remember the effigy of John Key that was burnt on a bonfire while people chanted “[email protected]#k John Key”? ?No one was charged with a criminal act when that was done. People called it freedom of speech and it was, whether we find it offensive or not.

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Boss Hogg and his vigilante arsehole mates need to pick on someone else


Outgoing Mayor and real Boss Hogg type character Alistair Sowman has unleashed a bunch of vigilante arseholes onto Marlborough.

They are searching for my source, the whistle-blower who busted Sowman’s Rosco P. Coltrane, John Leggett saying one thing in public and another behind closed doors.

Now their little witch hunt has escalated to violence.

A?councillor is outraged?about the?”defamatory” vandalism of her signs,?the latest in a spat about a?leaked recording which appeared on a right-wing blog.

Campaign signs belonging to Laressa Shenfield were vandalised between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Wallpaper was glued over the original?slogan, “Making a Difference”,?and was changed to “Making a recording”.

The vandalism?was?”malicious”, Shenfield said. ?? Read more »

Oopsie. Imagine if pakeha had done this?


Two senior iwi members have admitted to driving bulldozers through part of an historic Marlborough p? site to extend their vineyard.

Father and son duo Phillip and Haysley MacDonald, who own Te P? Family Vineyards Limited, claim they weren’t aware of the Heritage-listed site before they demolished it.

Apart from the fact they claim to have been connected to the land for 800 years, and the place is called Te Pa. Read more »

Hope Paula Bennett is proud as vigilantes damage private property


Really. ?A minister of the crown should not be creating the conditions for the public to feel confident enough to harass tourists and damage their hired vehicles. ?It’s shameful.

First it was the classification office and now it appears a West Coast vigilante has taken exception to Wicked Campers controversial slogans. Read more »

Come on Timaru, is this for real?


Eels are actually quite an interesting part of our culture. ?Lots of people have their eeling story. ?But nothing like this.

Police are investigating after eels were used in a bizarre attack on a Timaru property.

Sergeant Greg Sutherland, of Timaru, said police were called to a Collins St house about 11.20pm on Sunday and found several of the slimy creatures lying on the lawn. Read more »


They gave their lives so our feral offspring can vandalise their memorials

via Hawkes Bay Today

via Hawkes Bay Today

Just over a week ago Taradale RSA president Peter Grant proudly helped oversee the placing of 66 memorial crosses as part of the Spirit of Anzac celebrations, which were being staged at the Taradale War Memorial grounds.

Yesterday he was back at the site, but for all the wrong reasons.

Vandals had targeted the crosses which were set up as a Field of Remembrance for serviceman from the Taradale district who died at war.

“About half of them had been pulled out and left lying across the ground and several had the cross spars broken off – it is just so disappointing,” Mr Grant said.

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Hands up who wants to take public transport?

No matter how hard Auckland Council tries to peddle trains as a solution for all – they aren’t.

There are plenty of reasons why. For example most of Auckland is nowhere near a train line because there are only three strands. And the trains go to places that most Aucklanders don’t work.

But trains are also a transport mode used heavily by scumbags. Lowlife thieves, fare dodgers and vandals who graffiti the inside like it’s a dodgy toilet block.

That’s hardly a surprise and it says that the trains are totally unsafe places to be.

Auckland Transport and police are discussing possible live video feeds from the city’s new electric trains to combat soaring vandalism.

A monthly repair bill of about $50,000 is triggering a review of how on-board CCTV cameras can be used more effectively. ? Read more »

What sort of scumbag defaces a charity’s billboard to make a political point?


Key Derangement Syndrome is strong in the scumbag who defaced a charity’s billboard in order to make some sort of spurious political point.

A Heart Foundation billboard in Hamilton has been defaced in political protest.

The billboard aimed at raising awareness of heart disease as ‘New Zealand’s biggest killer’ was erected on Commerce St, Frankton in early February.

Yesterday the foundation was informed by a member of the public the blackened out image of a man representing the disease as a ‘serial killer’ had been replaced with a sketch of the Prime Minister John Key’s face.

Heart Foundation head of marketing Vanessa Winning said foundation employees and volunteers are upset the billboard has been used for political protest.

“It’s really disappointing that a charity is being targeted to score political points. I find it unthinkable that someone would vandalise our billboard, and consequently mock a seriously crippling disease, just to make a political statement.” ?? Read more »


This photo is one of 9 West Auckland hoarding sites I saw, and the picture is the same.

All / most other Party signs down, Green Party sign untouched.

Signs 3

The only logical explanation is a band of National voters trying to make the Greens look bad. ?Right? ? Read more »