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Vanguard Military School students Marching.
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From our post on Charter schools on Saturday:

Well Whale Oil did a story few weeks back about the Albany military prep school. I have been looking for apprentices for years for our business. We have been through a few.I

I employed one of the students in the story, Joshua. I will never go to a normal school to offer employment again. ? Read more »

Speaking of Charter Schools, Labour and the Greens want to shut this sort of success down

Fairfax reports:

Maori and Pasifika students at one of the nation’s first partnership schools have been congratulated on provisional NCEA results.

Maori students at Vanguard Military School achieved roll-based pass rates of 92.3 per cent at level 1, 90.5 per cent at level 2, and 100 per cent at level 3.

Pasifika students achieve 85.7 per cent, 100 per cent and 100 per cent respectively.

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Guest Post: The stories behind the numbers

Guest post: Nick Hyde CEO of Vanguard Military School

Releasing Vanguard Military School?s academic results to the public is a very rewarding part of my job.? For the third year in a row, Vanguard has produced outstanding NCEA results for its recruits and it is proving the value of having a partnership school as an option for parents and children in our education system.

However, numbers are not people, numbers are not names of family or loved ones so let me make this a little more personal.? This is the story behind many of those numbers.? The following are a few contributions from parents and recruits about the difference this school has made for them.

PHOTO provided – Whaleoil

After both her sons struggled to achieve NCEA, Shannyn Labuschagne enrolled them at Vanguard.? This has been their experience.

?Both of our sons attended Vanguard Military School after failing to achieve NCEA at mainstream public schools.? Neither of them had any real motivation about their futures, other than ?getting a job?.? Needless to say, they both finished Vanguard Military School having achieved NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Our eldest son has now been in the NZ Army for 2.5 years, and our younger son begins his BASIC Training for the NZ Army in February.

Vanguard is an amazing school that creates a structured environment for the children to learn in.? The camaraderie among students and teachers alike is fantastic.? The children feel like they are part of something and have a second family outside of their homes.

They encourage their students to be the best that they can be and to never give up.? They not only teach according to the NZQA standards, but the students also learn vital life skills?..important skills that are not taught enough to students these days.

I believe that all schools should follow the example that Vanguard has set with their students.? They are producing qualities in students that we need to see in adults in the future.

We are huge advocates for Vanguard Military School, and because of Vanguard, their dedicated and committed staff and their belief in their students, our boys have a great future ahead of them.?

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Maori and Pasifika students excel here but Labour don’t care

PHOTO-Vanguard facebook page

The Labour Party have made it very clear that Partnership schools will not be allowed to continue if they become the government. They are implacably opposed to them. Partnership schools were created in part to lift achievement for priority learners and Vanguard Military school which opened in 2014 has focused on lifting the achievement of Maori and Pasifika students. Their 2016 results clearly show that this focus is working as their students have achieved results significantly higher than the national average. If the Labour Party become the government they have said that they will shut down Partnership schools or force them to become state schools. They will do this even if the schools have results that are well above the National average and even if they are succeeding where many state schools are failing.

?Vanguard Military School ?/ Nat Average / % Above Nat Average

Maori Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 92.3% / 63.7% / up 28.6%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 73.5% / up 17%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 52.9% / up 47.1%

Maori Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 76% / up 24%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 83.9% / up 6.6%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 73.5% / up 26.5%

Pasifika Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 85.7% / 70.4% / up 15.3%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 77.6% / up 22.4%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 58.9% / up 41.1%

Pasifika Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 74.2% / up 25.8%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 81.7% / up 18.3%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 69.8% / up 30.2%

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Misleading Data used by Chris Hipkins for another hit on Charter Schools

I was disappointed but not surprised to see another attack on Vanguard military school yesterday by Chris Hipkins. I have written many articles about Charter schools as part of my investigative series and I have time and time again pointed out the truth and have shown that the critics were not comparing apples with apples.

Misleading data has again been used in order to try to make very successful schools look bad.

Labour Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins, who obtained the documents, said it showed charter schools have been “massively overstating” their pass rates when compared with the rest of the country’s schools.

…In one case a school reported a 93.3 per cent pass rate when the facts show only 6.7 per cent of leavers achieved NCEA Level 2.

-NZ Herald

Since Vanguard Military school was one of the charter schools smeared by the article I will use it as an example to show the problem with the data that Chris Hipkins has referred to.

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Why are Maori doing so well in Partnership schools compared to the National Average?

Image- NZ Herald

Official targets for Maori primary pupils are likely to be missed by as much as 20 per cent in some cases.

The Ministry of Education has published its four-year plan, including five indicators that it says provide a “litmus test” of its progress in lifting student achievement.

At the primary school level, the official target is to have 85 per cent of Maori students at or above the national standard in reading, writing and mathematics next year.

The most recent Maori results available from 2014 show that will be missed by a considerable margin.

-A Newspaper

The National government set a very ambitious target for improving Maori achievement. While they are no where near ?achieving their goal of 85% in traditional state schools some Partnership schools are making significant progress. The Partnership schools of course are an Act Party initiative so it is Act that Maori can thank for the improvement. The Maori Party and the Maori community in fact are very supportive of Act’s initiative which is no surprise given the results.

Just look at the difference when you view Vanguard Military School’s results.

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Vanguard Military school hosts David Seymour’s big announcement

PHOTO-Vanguard FB page

PHOTO-Vanguard FB page

Yesterday I covered a story unknown to the MSM as Chris Hipkins did not invite them. In a historic move after years of turning down invitations, Chris Hipkins finally visited two charter schools; Vanguard Military School and South Auckland Middle School. We need wonder no more at the reason for his change of heart as yesterday David Seymour made a big announcement at Vanguard Military school, the day after Chris Hipkins visited it for the first time.

Now that Charter schools will once again be in the news, I think Chris Hipkins has decided to protect himself from the questions that have been asked of him repeatedly over the years.

” Have you visited a charter school Mr Hipkins? ”

” Why haven’t you ever visited a charter school Mr Hipkins?”

It really has been a bad look that as Labour’s spokesperson for education, he has criticised partnership schools for years despite never having set foot in one. Now with David Seymour’s big announcement it has become clear why the pressure was on for Mr Hipkins to quickly visit two schools.

The Government has announced seven new charter schools will open in 2018 and 2019.

The new schools will expand the flagship ACT policy that saw five schools open, mostly in Auckland and Northland in 2014 – one of which, in Whangaruru has since been closed by the Education Minister – and another four in 2015.

A third round of applications is currently underway and more schools are expected to open as a result early next year.

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Shhhhh don’t tell the Media, Chris Hipkins visits two Partnership Schools

Whaleoil has a scoop that you will not read anywhere else. I was contacted yesterday by two of the charter schools I visited to report the astonishing news that the Labour Party spokesperson for education Chris Hipkins, has finally visited them. Both Vanguard Military school and South Auckland Middle school were visited yesterday by Chris Hipkins.

Both schools have an open door policy to all politicians and a number have accepted their invitation.Chris Hipkins’ office originally made contact with Vanguard Military School on the 26th of April to try and visit on the 27th with just 24 hours notice.? This was in the second week of the school holidays and would have meant no students and no staff at the school. ?This offer was declined and his staff was asked to come back to the school with a more suitable date. When Mr Hipkins arrived at Vanguard he was on his own with no aides and no media.

Until yesterday Mr Hipkins was in the astonishing position of having never visited a partnership school despite consistently criticising them for years. I wonder if he told the students he met that his party intend to shut their schools down or force them to become State schools?Perhaps that harsh fact is the reason why he wanted to fly under the radar and the media were not invited?

Prior to actually setting foot in a charter school this is what Chris Hipkins has been saying about charter schools.

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Chris Hipkins wants to close down these two highly successful schools

Amateur photoshopping effort by Spanishbride

Amateur photoshopping effort by Spanishbride

Chris Hipkins and the Labour party want to close down every single charter school in New Zealand. This includes Auckland’s Vanguard Military school and South Auckland Middle school. These schools are not just bricks and mortar. This cold-blooded threat from Chris Hipkins’ bill is an attack on real people. For the students of these schools this threat of closure is frighteningly personal.

Chris Hipkins and Labour are not talking about closing down non-performing Charter schools. They are trying to shut down successful and popular Charter schools with waiting lists. These schools are wanted, appreciated and supported by the students and their families. Chris Hipkins’ bill is pure political point scoring; it has nothing to do with what is best for the students. The very students who are failing inside our State schools are being focused on by our Charter schools.

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The PPTA brings up an old chestnut so I give it a roast

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Tom Haig, on the PPTA blog, has brought up an old chestnut. The PPTA are fond of bringing up the same old chestnuts against charter schools. It is almost as if they have an approved list.

PPTA-approved charter school attack chestnuts:


  1. Students at risk because of non-registered teachers
  2. Charter schools get more money than State schools
  3. Charter schools steal students from other schools
  4. If you want to help the students who are falling through the cracks give more money to State schools
  5. It is privatisation by stealth
  6. They have higher expulsion rates than State schools.

Chestnuts one to four I have already covered in detail in previous posts. Today I have responded to number six by discussing one of the Charter schools they attacked: Vanguard Military School.

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