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In Trump’s America dead people, illegal aliens and Martyn Martin Bradbury won’t be able to vote

We highlighted last election how Martyn Bradbury appeared on the electoral roll twice, once as Martyn Bradbury and once as Martin Bradbury making it possible for him to vote twice. President Trump has decided to crack down on voter fraud which is timely since ex-President Obama in an interview before the election encouraged families that contained illegal aliens to vote. While he did make it clear that only the members of the family who were citizens could legally vote he also explained that they didn’t need to fear that voting would make it possible for immigration authorities to track a person down and come for the ” undocumented” members of the person’s family.

After playing a clip of the interview late last week,?Cavuto brought on former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for a?follow-up discussion.

“I can?t believe that I heard what I heard!” said the FBN host. “It was very clear that the question that was being asked was about?illegals?voting and them being afraid they might be reported to Border Security.”

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Serious Voter fraud revealed in Australia

We revealed on Whaleoil that “extreme left wing, hate speech blogger, ” Martyn Bradbury (or as we like to call him Martyn Martin ) was enrolled to vote twice at the last election. One enrollment was for Martin Bradbury and the other for Martyn Bradbury. For the two enrollments to occur two separate forms had to be filled out and individually mailed in so it cannot be dismissed as someone else’s mistake. We have no evidence that he actually used this ” error ” to vote twice but simply brought to the public’s attention that the potential for voter fraud was there because of the double enrollment.

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One voter: 16,472 votes

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Flag referendum double votes referred to police


Some people have voted twice, even though they may not have.

Seven cases of people voting twice in the flag referendum have been referred to the police by the Electoral Commission.

The cases of apparent dual voting are offences under the Flag Referendums Act and carry a maximum penalty of two years’ imprisonment or a $40,000 fine.

The commission said it could not say where the alleged dual votes were cast from, or if any of them were connected. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: The Oregonian. Disciples garland Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's Rolls-Royce with flowers during the daily driveby, a ritual at the commune. He occassionally stopped to speak with disciples or hand out gifts. Amassing a fleet of 74 luxury cars, makes perfect sense to the disciples of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Indian mystic who takes daily drives around the 64,229-acre Oregon ranch bought by his followers in 1981.

Photo: The Oregonian.?Disciples garland Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s Rolls-Royce with flowers during the daily drive by, a ritual at the commune. He occasionally stopped to speak with disciples or hand out gifts.?A fleet of 93 luxury cars, makes perfect sense to the disciples of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Indian mystic who takes daily drives around the 64,229-acre Oregon ranch bought by his followers in 1981.

A Strange but True Tale of Voter Fraud

and Bioterrorism

The 1984 Rajneeshee attack, which poisoned hundreds of Oregonians, shows how hard it is to steal an election?even with millions of dollars and a dedicated group.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, widely known as the “sex guru,” fled India in 1981 and came to settle on a ranch in central Oregon, where he and his followers established the illegal city of Rajneeshpuram. In their effort to preserve the city, the Rajneeshees attempted during the 1984 election to take control of the Wasco County government by poisoning two county commissioners and over 700 potential voters in The Dalles, the county seat, with salmonella–the first act of bio-terrorism in U.S. history.

Armed to the teeth with semiautomatic weapons, they threatened to defend the city to the death against any governmental intrusion, and hatched a plot to assassinate a U.S attorney. When the commune finally imploded and authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered that the Rajneesh nurse who had cultivated salmonella bacteria in the commune’s biological warfare laboratory was also trying to cultivate a live AIDS virus–which deranged group leaders clearly hoped to unleash on the rest on the world.

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What is Daljit Singh up to these days?

Well, it appears he is helping a Labour MP and a Labour candidate visit the Takanini Gurudwara.

Daljit SIngh, Michael Wood and Rajen Prasad

Rajen Prasad and Michael Wood visited the temple on the invitation of Mr Daljit Singh who is currently facing charges of fraudulently enrolling voters in the recent Local Body elections. He was also pictured as one of Len Brown’s loyal supporters. I notice that Labour isn’t calling for a speedy resolution for this candidate for his pending court case.

The case which has serious implications for local democracy is still in the courts yet Labour MPs are visiting the temple and associating with this man. ?A shameful exercise indeed for Labour’s rising star, Michael Wood, not only to visit the temple along with Rajen Prasad but to promote Daljit Singh further by presenting him a memento.

From wanting to ban penis lollies in Botany to now being associated with an alleged vote rigger, Michael Wood is certainly working his way into the cheating ethos that besets the Labour party.

Using Barfoot and Thompson listings for dodgy registrations

With the naming of a Labour candidate, Daljit Singh, for charges of voter fraud and forgery, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at his listings.

I don’t think Barfoot and Thompson are going to be very happy with their star (for all the wrong reasons) salesman at Papatoetoe Branch.

One of the addresses under investigation for voter fraud also happens to be a listing of Daljit Singh’s. One wonders how many other Barfoot and Thompson listing across Auckland have likewise been used ?for voter fraud, in what appears to be a concerted effort, particularly in Papatoetoe to influence an election result.

40a Swaffield Road, Papatoetoe (Google Maps Streetview) and the same property from Barfoot and Thompson’s website. (Don’t expect this link to work for very long, screenshot below)

Barfoot and Thompson Listing used by Daljit Singh for Voter Fraud?

Barfoot and Thompson Listing used by Daljit Singh for Voter Fraud?

If one has, surely there are others?

The Police are going to be very busy now matching listings from Barfoot’s and anyone even remotely connected to Daljit Singh and his alleged dodgy voter registration?shenanigans.