Twitter knows what you’re up to @dpfdpf

Facebook and Twitter have scarily good matching algorithms. ?They know when you’ve been in contact with other people in some way, and often suggest these people must therefore be your friends.

I think it’s time David Farrar comes clean about his work for Dotcom with regards to the Internet Party.

It’s right here, in black and white (and some colour)

via Twitter

via Twitter

Of course, we already know the fitness and lifestyle blogger is a raging pinko, but to go as far as ?consulting for Kim Dotcom…

…et tu, Brute?

You can expect a mandatory appearance at the next VRWC disciplinary tribunal… to confirm your lifetime ban for consorting with the enemy

Minutes: VRWC Post-Wong Special Meeting

The VRWC has met in the wake of Pansy Wong’s silly stuff-up and we note also that ex-member David P. Farrar has been busily pushing those who are on his payroll.

Well, we need some serious steel moving forward so we have had a virtual whiteboard session, here are the Post-it notes just in from the secretary.

There is ?a real opportunity to make some positive changes with the portfolios. So, here are the rough notes.

VRWC Cabinet suggestions 1

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 1

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 2

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 2

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 2

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 3

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 4

VRWC Cabinet Suggestions 4

There that just about does it, there was some considerable discussion around the future of FIGJAM in National. There was a close run ballot but the proposal to send him to Labour was defeated by one vote (Cactus Kate, on the basis that we may become liable for the return fee when they work out he is best suited to singing Kum-bay-yah to homeless gypsy kiddy-fiddlers with name suppression).

VRWC Announcement – New Member and Associate nominations

Cactus Kate accused me of stealing the story in advance and so without further ado I will.

She posted two quotes from bloggers about the farcical ETS scheme that Nick Smith is foisting upon us all through the house at the moment.

She challenges readers through her incredibly delaye moderated comments system to:

Without cheating tell us:
a) the bloggers
b) their political spectrum

Well since I am stealing the story as egged on by Cactus I can reveal to you that the first quote in defence of the poor long suffering taxpayer was from Bomber at Tumeke and the second quote defending the troughing of Farmers and the reintroduction of Muldoonist subsidies was none other David P. Farrar.

Amzazing isn’t it. Bomber is having an epiphany and DPF is showing why we tossed his sorry pinko ass from the VRWC.

Accordingly I have an announcement to make on behalf of the VRWC.

Bomber Bradbury is hereby nominated for full membership into the VRWC to fill the vacancy left by the dumping of the aforementioned pinko DPF. Votes please in the comments. The VRWC Legal counsel and offshore representative will make the final decision.

We also announce that we are creating an Associate Status and that we have one nomination for a place as an Associate member of the VRWC.

That nomination is for Rocky at The Standard aka Rochelle Rees. She is nominated for 4 reasons;

  1. Her outstanding post in defence of private property rights on the Foreshore and Seabed issue.
  2. Her equally outstanding post on the faux outrage over Honest Hone’s comments recently.
  3. She is only Standard poster who has her name known (apart from Lynn, the guy with the girls name)
  4. She will criticise Labour

Feel free to comment extensively in support or otherwise of these nominations.


Maori Party celebrates fifth birthday

Maori Party celebrates fifth birthdayCelebrating the fifth birthday of the Maori Party, co-leader Tariana Turia said Maori must continue to restore themselves “instead of being paralysed by the state-created dependency” [TVNZ News Politics]

Kia huritau ki a koe to the Maori Party. Kia Kaha!


Turia exits Parliament in disgust over Labour attempts to stall Super City law

Turia exits Parliament in disgust over Labour attempts to stall Super City lawLabour’s stalling tactics on bills to set up the new Auckland Super City council have gone too far and are wasting taxpayers’ money, says Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia. Mrs Turia left the debating chamber in anger yesterday… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour are burning a considerable amount of bridges right now with their silly continuation of their filibuster. Apart from the fact that they are wasting an enourmous amount of taxpayers money, burning cash at a rate of something approaching $7,000,000 per day they will ultimately fail and then all we as taxpayers will have for the efforts is a fucking big bill to pay.

Obviously Labour thinks opposing the Super City bill is a far more important issue than ramming antidemocratic anti-freedom of speech laws through under urgency in their time in government. I say this because so far they have spent far more time opposing the SUper City Bill than they did putting through the hated and now defunct Electoral Finance Act.

The media and then the public will turn on this blatent waste of public funds to prop up the ego of a failing leader and a hopeless candidate in Mt Albert. Phil Goff’s leadership is clearly on the line and David Shearer is at huge risk in Mt Albert if this strategy fails.

Finally someone who sees sense with Fiji

Bainimarama deserves hearing, Turia saysMaori Party co-leader Tariana Turia wants to send a delegation to Fiji to meet military Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, saying she believes he has good intentions in proposing electoral reform and deserves a hearing. She has… [NZ Herald Politics]

Tariana Turia continues to impress me and today her calls for a delegation to go and talk with Commodore Bainimarama rather than wagging fingers is the first sensible thing I have seen out of this government or the last on Fiji.

Of course it should be noted that a Maori caused this whole problem in the first place. Sir Paul Reeves was one of the authros of the appallingly written racist constitution that is the source of most of the issues.

Turia also alluded to our hypocrisy in dealing with Fiji when we go and seek FTA’s with China, Thailand etc.

She later told the Herald: “We have felt that there may be a better way forward. I know from people in Fiji who have spoken to me in the last year that [Commodore Bainimarama’s] intention was good. So we’ve got ourselves all locked up in this notion of democracy but we don’t expect it of other trading partners.”

Good stuff Tariana, good stuff. Finally we have someone prepared to look at a different way foraward with Fiji.

Meanwhile Fiji has laid the blame for unreasonable deadlines firmly at the doors of Australia and New Zealand. We can and should be doing more to assist Fiji in its return to democracy. Sanctions and boycotts are spectacularly unsuccessful everywhere they are used so another way should be found.

Turia waves stick at Labour over tactics

Turia waves stick at Labour over tacticsMaori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says any Labour attempts to undermine her party’s vote by painting it as a National Party ally during the campaign could jeopardise post-election discussions with Labour. The Maori Party will… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Labour Party has long taken Maori for granted and they like to threaten and posture over where the Maori Party should go after the election.

For the life of me I cannot work out why after insult after insult labour still expects the Maori Party to support them. Perhaps that is another of the stories that Helen has to believe in like fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Quite simply the maori party exists for Maori. Not for national, not for Labour, not for anyone other than Maori. their role is to secure the best deal for Maori under ANY government.

Turia made some interesting comments;

She said National’s history with Maori “was not all bad” and included major initiatives such as kohanga reo, kura kaupapa, whare wananga, and in health and social services.

“National don’t go out like Labour do and say, ‘We’ve done this for you and that for you,’ because, basically they don’t want the rednecks in their party to know what they’ve done for us.

So Labour go out and say, ‘We’ve done this for you, and that for you,’ and that’s why our people actually think Labour’s given them everything. They really think everything they’ve got has been through Labour.”

Indeed, seems those fellas in teh maori party know exactly what is what.

Undeclared donation 'a mistake'

Undeclared donation ‘a mistake’ says NZ First MPNew Zealand First’s failure to declare a reported $50,0000 has been labelled a mistake by one of its MPs. It follows reports The Spencer Trust paid the party the money before the 2005 election. National is questioning whether… [NZ Herald Politics]

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has now got his MP’s lying their asses off for him. Peter Brown was put up to try to farcically explain that it was all a mistake. Except they got all of their fact wrong as DPF helpfully points out.

The MSM still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that it is impossible for a cheque from Sir Robert to have shown up on the Spencer Trust documents as displayed.

Newsflash Winston, you are a liar, and we all know it.

Yellow Peril!!!!, and they are all coming to live next to Peter

Peter Brown fears influx of Chinese workers – Newstalk ZB

Peter Brown just can’t shut his trap. Tell you what Peter, i would far rather have a 1000 chinese migrants than one more whinging fucking pom like you.

Firther I concur with the good folk at The Hive and Keeping Stock that if NZ First doesn’t support this deal, Winston Peters should either resign (the honourable thing to do) or be fired.

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Double Trouble for Winston First

Bill Ralston: Evil ethnic rice ball of doomWith boring predictability, New Zealand First has again played the race card. Presumably because it wouldn’t look too good for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to be attacking Asian immigration when we are about to sign a free-trade… [NZ Politics]

There is double trouble for Winston First’s racist out-pourings of last week the first is from Bill Ralston.

With boring predictability, New Zealand First has again played the race card. Presumably because it wouldn’t look too good for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to be attacking Asian immigration when we are about to sign a free-trade agreement with China, deputy leader Peter Brown must have been delegated the task to try to kick-start the party’s flagging poll ratings this election year.

Matt McCarten joins in with an even harsher comment on the complete unsuitability of Winston for the job of foreign minister.

Even if we ignore NZ First’s financial shenanigans, the latest political cynicism from Peters should have all of us choking. All this term, he has been sucking up to George Bush for a free-trade deal with the US. Bush has no chance of giving Peters what he wants. Therefore, our foreign ministry, which Peters nominally leads, has been negotiating with the Chinese, and our free-trade agreement will be signed off next week.

Peters, as our top foreign representative, can’t be seen to be playing politics in that role. But he knows a good election scab when he sees one. While Peters has to be silent, he has had his loyal deputy, Peter Brown, launch an anti-Asian diatribe.

There is no other purpose to an Asian fear-mongering campaign than to build support for the election. The hypocrisy is so blatant that neither of them recognises the irony of Brown, an immigrant, parroting this old, anti-immigration line. It was laughable to see Brown, a list MP, claiming he hasn’t bludged off New Zealand taxpayers like other immigrants allegedly have. I would be amused to hear Brown justify his taxpayer-funded salary of $150,000 as a list MP with no constituency or job description. His base salary is 10 times the dole.

It seems desperate times call for desperate measures. But it’s time to see this latest outburst for what it is: a cynical tactic that manipulates our prejudice and bigotry to ensure NZ First keeps its place at the public trough. Hopefully no one falls for it.

What remains unsaid by anyone though is the tacit approval of his comments by Clark who has remained strangely silent on the issue. Imagine if it had been John Key who had said what Brown said, every man and his dog would have baying for his blood and the client-blogs would have screamed the loudest.