Waitangi Day

Hone Harawira reminds Bill English to know his place

“The Prime Minister should always attend Treaty commemorations at Waitangi, and just like in 1840, that means accepting the good with the bad” said MANA Leader Hone Harawira.

“The Treaty of Waitangi is called that for the simple reason that it was signed at Waitangi, on the 6th of February 1840”

“The Treaty is known as the ?cornerstone of our constitution? and Waitangi is called the ?birthplace of the nation? for very good reason. Waitangi is where the chiefs gathered to discuss the Treaty, to hear the arguments of others and eventually to sign the document we now know as the Treaty of Waitangi, on 6 Feb 1840” Read more »

Deputy PM sore about not being asked to attend Te Tii

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett was at the [dawn] service on behalf of Prime Minister Bill English who chose to stay away from Waitangi this year and instead hosted his annual breakfast at Orakei in Auckland.

Speaking to media after the dawn service, Bennett said it was a “shame” English couldn’t be there, but he hadn’t made the decision “lightly”.

It’s the only decision Bill English made since he’s been back from holiday, and it’s the only one that’s been generally popular. Read more »

See, Bill, you just ruined it all by explaining

People, voters, were genuinely pleased when Bill English told Ngapuhi to go fly a kite.

Now he has ruined all that by explaining…apparently it is going to help Ngapuhi. He’s dictated his explanation to the ever present Audrey Young, who either seems to be the duty journalist or the go to person for Bill English.

Prime Minister Bill English believes his decision not to go to Waitangi this year will help the northern tribes of Nga Puhi to organise themselves for their Treaty of Waitangi negotiations.

He said that once the settlement – which could be worth over $200 million – was finalised, it could make a big difference to Waitangi Day in the north. ? Read more »

Media are sad at lack of “squeaky toy phallus” incident. So far!

They ACTUALLY reported that NOTHING happened. ?That’s how disappointed they are!

There has been no sequel to last year’s “dildo-gate” at Waitangi, with no sex toys flying through the air ahead of the weekend’s celebrations.

There was a heavy police and security presence at the Copthorne Hotel venue on Friday, likely as a result of last year’s protests where cabinet minister Steven Joyce was hit in the face with a sex toy during a media conference. Read more »

Te Tii marae want media to pay $10k for broadcasting rights

The taniwha placating business must be soft.

Waitangi’s Te Tii marae is attempting to sell exclusive broadcasting rights to media for $10,000 to cover this year’s Waitangi day celebrations.

The secretary of Waitangi Marae Mauri Komiti Tana Apiata says the tradition of media companies gifting a koha to the Marae has been scrapped, and replaced with a ‘coverage fee’.

It is believed Newshub was first approached, but Tana Apiata said the deal would be opened up to other broadcasters if Newshub declined.

1 NEWS and Newshub are refusing to pay for exclusive rights.

Ha. ?Imagine the precedent! ? Read more »

News behind the news: The Whaleoil Dildo analysis

A week ago, it wasn’t a word we felt uncomfortable saying in mixed company.? But suddenly, it’s gone mainstream.


This is actually quite a telling graph.? Back in the mid-2000s, there appears to be an unusually large interest in dildos.? This can be explained away by remembering the Internet was populated mostly by early adopters and tech geeks.? Mum and dad, and certainly nan and pop weren’t on the Internet yet.? This caused a disproportionate skewing of search results. Read more »


Rudman says anarchy reigns supreme on Te Tii Marae

John Key

… the annual hi-jinks at the Waitangi lower marae have become increasingly tiresome and John Key was right to call a halt last Saturday to the ritual humiliation of our PMs Ngapuhi see as their right.

The tribe’s inability to control their hot heads eventually wore Prime Minister Helen Clark down and she chose to go elsewhere to celebrate the national birthday. Read more »

Trotter still thinks the missing million are about to rise up

Chris Trotter is still mistaking a few rowdies blocking up the centre of Auckland for some sort of mass uprising against the evil government of John Key.

He would think that though, because he can’t count. He claims there were 30,000 protesters yet no media outlet – usually protest-friendly – has provided a figure above 10,000.

That aside, Chris Trotter falls into?the?trap of believing that one protest will mark the end of the most popular government in modern history.

The fear inspired in the political class by the clearly bi-cultural quality of the 4 February demonstration was expressed, at least initially, in the scornful depiction of the protesters as ignorant dupes of the usual ?commie? suspects. What those making fun of New Zealanders very real, if ill-expressed, anxieties about the TPPA simply ignored was the fact that in democratic societies most citizens take their cues from trusted cultural and/or political leaders, by whose deeper understanding of complex issues they are more than happy to be guided.

What fear? Any political movement that can’t even get basic facts right about their cause is ultimately doomed to fail. Many of the ferals marching couldn’t even tell you what the TPPA stood for let alone any of the agreement’s content. Few of them can actually get the surname of our Prime Minister right so it is doubly hard to take them seriously. ? Read more »


Media Party continues to push the Waitangi kerfuffle

The Media Party are trying really hard to push the idea that John Key broke his promise to go to Waitangi every year.

Prime Minister John Key denies he broke a long-standing promise by not attending events in Waitangi this year.

Mr Key chose to spend Waitangi Day in Auckland because he was concerned he would be blocked from discussing politics at Te Tii Marae in Waitangi.

When he was Leader of the Opposition, Mr Key said that he would go to Waitangi every year if he became Prime Minister.

He made the commitment in 2007 after Helen Clark stopped going to annual commemorations at Te Tii Marae. ? Read more »

Comment of the Day

Whaleoil stalwart Dave has done some “research”:

So, who was the winner of the Waitangi Day fiasco, was it John Key or Angry Andy Little? I decided to do some proper research, and see who won the Facebook popularity contest over John Key’ decision over not going to Waitingi for the abuse fest, the results are no surprise.

John Key post at the nines. 12,067likes, 1400 comments, 205 Shares.
Andrew Little. 516 likes, 40 comments, NO SHARES (I even picked his most popular post for Waitiangi weekend).

So, well done John, you catch more hearts and minds with positive fun photos than being a wet dreary angry man.

NB: No animals were harmed in this very unscientific research. Research was conducted just after midnight NZ time, key researcher required a large G&T to recover from the dreary FB page of Angry Andy.

Read more »