Wall of Shame

Yet another Green Ban

Cat fur peltsWhat is it about the Greens that they want to control everything or ban it. Today the mad as a snake Sue Kedgely has announced she will be seeking yet another ban.

This time she wants to ban cat and dog fur from being imported into New Zealand. For some reason it is ok to import other but we get all squeamish when if comes to cat and dog fur.

It isn’t like we are importing cat and dog meat for local consumption…though I wonder what that would taste like. I’m told that dog is tasty.

Her logic, as usual, is impeccable in its absurdity;

Ms Kedgley said the European Union, Australia and the United States had all moved to prohibit imports of cat and dog fur.

“We need to do the same,” she said.

“Otherwise we will become a dumping ground for this unethical trade as markets are closed in other countries.”

Riiiight, so we will become a dumping ground for dead moggy rugs and dog mats will we? Apparently;

“Each year, more than two million cats and dogs are raised in appalling conditions and brutally slaughtered for their pelts,” she said.

“The fur is then used to make clothes, toys and trinkets. Dog pelts are even made into chew toys for dogs.”

She said there was no way for New Zealand consumers to be certain they were not buying products made from cat or dog fur.

“Most cat and dog fur is deliberately disguised and sold using false or incorrect labelling.

Ok, so let me get this straight….we will become a dumping ground for dog and cat pelts because of our huge clothing, toy and trinket factories just waiting to churn out this stuff?

Sue Kedgely is a screaming example of why Greens are economic numpties who must never get near the levers of power. She fails to understand that we don’t have any demand for the product therefore are nlikely to become a “dumping ground”.

Greens: The party of terrorists

The marginalisation of the Greens continues as the more bizarre pinko terrorist hugging numpties take over from the realg green members.

Yesterday we had Keith Locke was marching in support of the Hamas terror organisation and today, not content with hugging Palestinian terrorists he now wants to hug Taliban and Iraqi terrorists from Guantanomo Bay by re-homing them in New Zealand.

Luckily with a National government this is about as likely as history books finding that Pol Pot, another great terrorist that Keith Locke thought was the bees knees, was simply fertilising his countries farmland with available resources.

Still these twats need to be told loudly and long that New Zealanders repudiate their nonsense.

First they came for your…..

….tuck shop pies, then they came for your fizzy drinks, then fuel inefficient vehicles and all gaming machines in pubs and the GCSB and violent TV programmes until after 10 pm and feeding of antibiotics to animals that are not sick and companies that do not comply with a Code of Corporate Responsibility and ACC from investing in enterprises that provide products or services that significantly increase rates of injury or illness or otherwise have significant adverse social or environmental effects and commercial Genetic Engineering trials and field testing on production of GE food and imported GE food and Urban Sprawl and non citizens/residents from owning land and further corporate farming and the sale of high country farms to NZers who do not live in NZ at least 185 days a year and the transport by sea of farm animals, for more than 24 hours and crates for sows and battery cages for hens and factory farming of animals and the use of mechanically recovered meat in the food chain and the use of the ground-up remains of sheep and cows as stock feed and animal testing where animals suffer, even if of benefit to humans and cloning of animals and use of animals in GE and GE animal food and docking of dogs tails and intrusive animal experimentation as a teaching method in all educational institutions andn smacking and advertising during children’s programmes and alcohol advertising on TV and radio and coal mining and the export of indigenous logs and chips and the use of bio-accumulative and persistent poisons and the establishment of mustelid farms and new exploration, prospecting and mining on conservation land and reserves and mining activities when rare and endemic species are found to present on the mining site and the trading of conservation land for other land to facilitate extractive activities on and the further holding of marine mammals in captivity except as part of an approved threatened species recovery strategy and the direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals and sale of chips and lollies on school property and any additional use of coal for energy and fixed electricity charges and further large hydro plants and nuclear power and further thermal generation and private water management and imported vehicles over seven years old and the disposal of recyclable materials at landfills and the export of hazardous waste to non OECD countries and funding of health services by companies that sell unhealthy food (so McDonalds could not fund services for young cancer sufferers) and healthcare organizations from selling unhealthy food or drink and advertising of unhealthy food until after 8.30 pm and all food and drink advertisements on TV if they do not meet criteria for nutritious food and the use of antibiotics as sprays on crops and food irradiation within NZ and irradiated food imports and growth hormones for animals and crown agency investments in any entity that denies climate change and crown agency investments in any entity that is involved in tobacco and crown agency investments in any entity that is involved in environmentally damaging oil extraction or gold mining and non UN sanctioned military involvement (so China and Russia gets to veto all NZ engagements) and NZ from military treaties which are based on the right to self defence and NZers from serving as mercenaries and new casinos and existing casinos and promotion of Internet gambling and advertising of unhealthy food to children and cellphone towers within 300 metres of homes and new buildings that do not confirm to sustainable building principles and migrants who do not undertake Treaty of Waitangi education programmes and new prisons and semi-automatic weapons and genetic mixing between species and ocean mineral extractions within the EEZ and limited liability companies by making owners responsible for liability of products and funding of PTEs that compete with public tertiary institutes and the importation of goods and services that do not meet quality and environmental certification standards in production, lifecycle analysis, and eco-labelling and goods that do not meet quality and sustainability standards for goods which are produced and/or sold in Aotearoa/New Zealand and new urban highways or motorways and private toll roads and import of vehicles more than seven years old unless they meet emission standards and imported goods that do not meet standards for durability and ease of recycling and landfills and new houses without water saving measures and programmes on TVNZ with gratuitous violence and now they are coming for your………

plastic shopping bags!!

Is there anything the Greens don’t want to ban?

Greens call for Foreshore Act to be scrapped

The marginalisation of the Labour Party continues today with the Greens coming out saying that the hated Foreshore and Seabed Act should be scrapped.

National opposed the bill at the time, saying that it gave too much control to Maori, a lacklustre approach that really should have focussed on property rights. United Future opposed it due to the removal of the public domain concept and ACT opposed it on the grounds of the legislation being retrospective, that it was a denial of property rights (in this case Maori property rights), and that it was an unwarranted incursion by the Crown into areas that were specifically Tikanga Maori. The Greens, took a position similar to that of the M?ori protesters, also voted against the bill, saying that it overrode M?ori rights and offered no guarantee that the land would not later be sold. Only ACT and the Greens have had a principled approach to this bill. The Maori Party of course was formed because Tariana Turia left Labour because of the bill.

Back then it was supported only by Labour, the Progressives, and New Zealand First.

With Labour thrown from office, Jim Anderton, discreditied and Winston First heaved from the parliament altogether then there is no party left with the will to retain this law.

Given that all of those parties with the exception of the Greens are now in government I tink it is safe to say that the life of the bill can be measured in months not years.

As an aside ,on 18 November 2004, Tim Selwyn put an axe through a window of the electorate office of Helen Clark, an act he described as a protest against Helen Clark’s handling of the issue.

Greens thaw toward National, willing to sit down and talk

Greens are WatermelonsGreens thaw toward National, willing to sit down and talkThe Green Party’s attitude to National is warming and it is now amenable to sitting down and talking if the chance arises [TVNZ News Politics]

It seems that the Greens are finally starting to wake up and are feeling like Nellie No-Mates.

All of a sudden tehy have declared that they too would like to have a chat with John Key and National. Now the Green part of me says sure thing but the anti-pinko part of me says sucks boo to you, they chose their bed, crapped in it and now they don’t like lying in the poo. Tough.

If the Greens were really Greens as in environmentalists rather than Pinko twats then they might find the doors opening rather than smacking them in the arse.


Greens all outraged over ad

The Greens are all outraged about ACT mocking their ad and have gone all legal.

However their ad far from being innovative and commended for their originality in political advertising, perhaps the Greens need to front up with the truth.

The below was an advertisement run by the Department of Education in 1988.
The similarity in concept–not to mention the identical slogan–is too striking to be pure coincidence. It is time for the Greens to come clean about the ideas for the ad. It may well mean that some royalty payments may be due to John Ansell if my research about the ad is correct.
1988 Education Department ad

ACT's message to Green voters

ACT has a message for the Greens. They aren’t happy about it, boo fucking hoo!



Just ban it

David Farrar has sifted through the Greens website and has found a substantial list of things they want to ban.

I think it might be simply easier to ban the Greens.

Think carefully before you vote as these folk will be part of the AXIS Hydra.


With friends like these….

The Greens must surely be considering their option regarding New Zealand First, but what about their options with Labour. Constantly shafted and taken advantage of because of their adherence to the more radical communist influences rather than the Green influences of the party.

Labour seems to wantonly attack them at every opportunity despite them being supposed leftist travelling mates. Witness this video of Sonny Thomas, the most hideous gay man on earth and Labour functionary attacking and slurring Green MP Sue Kedgley. He accuses her repeatedly of driving an SUV even after Kedgely denys it and then he accuses her of being a “Marsden Green”. For those who don’t know what that reference means it is because students at Samuel Marsden Collegiate wear green blasers with the inference being these people are green on the outside, tories on the inside. Nice!, attacked by your own mates.

I wonder when the Greens will finally show some integrity and make a stand.


Transport report calls for hike in driving costs

Transport report calls for hike in driving costsThe Green Party has urged the government to act on a new report which says it should increase the cost of driving in a bid to promote more efficient alternatives [TVNZ News Politics]

The Green Party has confirmed that they want us to pay and pay and pay in order to drive. The more we pay the better as far as they are concerned.

At least they are now coming clean as the high tax party. Their solution to everything is to either ban it or tax it. Perhaps they would be better to rename themselves the Tax and Ban Party.