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chair-copyBill Comeans was Murdered 36 years ago, But he’s Tweeting From Beyond the Grave

On Jan. 7, 2014, the 34th anniversary of his murder, Bill Comeans inexplicably sent a tweet.

Bill Comeans was murdered 34 years ago when he was 14 ? and his Twitter account won?t let you forget it.

His family?created the account, @BillComeans, on Jan. 7 to bring attention back to the unsolved mystery in Ohio. His killer was never found.

One of Comeans? first tweets ? and dozens more afterward ? described his murder in the first person, as if he were still alive.

On Jan. 7, 1980, a few days before his 15th birthday, Bill Comeans left his house in New Rome, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, to pick up his sister Kathleen from a birthday party next door. When he arrived at the party, she told him she didn?t want to leave yet, so he stopped at home to help his father work on a car in the garage before leaving again.

A few hours later, Comeans hadn?t returned home, so his father and brother went looking for him. At around 9pm, they found him a few blocks away from the house, in a snowy ditch by the railroad tracks. He had been strangled by his own winter scarf.

Despite his brother?s attempts to resuscitate him, Bill Comeans was pronounced dead at the hospital two hours later. An autopsy later concluded he had died of ?cardiopulmonary arrest? due to ?compression of the neck.? His killer was never found.

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