Call to Hit and Run Driver

Wednesday – CALL 1:On Wednesday May 7th, Vaughan the announcer at The Edge was the victim of a hit and run accident.
He got the license plate of the offending vehicle and through some connections managed to get the phone number of the registered owner and the driver who ran him off the road then didn’t stick around.



Thursday – CALL 2: Wanting his apology for the near death experience that he had, Vaughan called the “Angry Samoan Hit and Run Driver” back again on Thursday for the apology he wants so badly. Listen to the call here…



Friday – CALL 3:
Being that it was the end of the week, Vaughan thought the Angry Samoan Driver might be handing out apologies like Santa hands out presents… Was he?




Is there a Doctor on board?

Recently on an international flight there was a medical emergency. The flight crew were coping but the passenger deteriorated quickly. A decision was made to seek medical assistance from the passengers and so a call was made on the aircraft’s intercom system. You know the call;

“Ladies and Gentlemen, could I have your attention please, If there is a Doctor on board this flight could they please make their whereabouts known to the crew, thank you”

The crew waiting for the usual way that passengers make their whereabouts known, the crew page button. There we no lights, they were in a quandary. The passenger wasn’t looking good and there appeared to be no doctor on board.

Then a small, ruddy faced, grey headed man appeared.

“I am a Doctor, how may I assist”

The crew quickly explained the situation to the ruddy faced, grey headed man who progressivly got first paler and then bright beetroot red, presumably with embarrassment. You see the good Doctor who voluntered to assit in the medical emergency was in fact a Doctor of Social and Economic History.

Before you scoff, this is a true story and happened just a short while ago.


Spotted on Auckland Motorway

This was spotted on an Auckland Motorway by an observant reader. The website he is directing us to is www.iceagenow.com

Global Warming is Bullshit

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More Hillary hilarity

More on Hillary’s hilarious hijinx in Bosnia. This woman has no shame, I love it!

Derek "Two Families" Fox

Fox break-up will be news to his current partnerA Maori Party candidate says her relationship with media industry stalwart Derek Fox ended because they are competing for the same nomination. But that will be news to his current partner.

Broadcaster Willie Jackson interviewed… [NZ Politics]

Oh no! Derek Fox has been running households….the man has a deathwish, two missus’, twice the suffering. I magine if it is now discovered he is running three or even four households….the man must have a standing order for Viagra with the local chemist.


Loser alert!

The Kiwi Party is having a conference , woohoo!!!….oh wait who are they?

Oh that's right the party that holds its executive meetings in a phone box, the party of Larry Baldock and Gordan Copeland.

Why Simon Barnett would agree to speak at a party conference run by Gordon Copeland I do not know. I would hope it's just to speak about the anti-smacking bill/referendum.

Oh and check out their logo…I wonder if any taxpayer funds we spent on that abortion. I wonder if the racing team might have a word to say about the slogan.



Bet on a Labour win

Bet on a Labour winA Christchurch punter has laid out $3000 on Labour to win the election at $2.60, Centrebet says. Political analyst Neil Evans said the bet would be worth $7800 and was "the first substantial support" for the Government. Centrebet… [NZ Politics]

Oh no…please protect me from ciggy packets

Cigarette shop displays too tempting, says study – 07 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

[quote]Seeing glossy shop displays of cigarette packets undermines people’s attempts to quit smoking, according to research completed for groups seeking to have the “advertising” banned.

The Massey University study confirms overseas findings on the effects of the “powerwall” of tobacco displays in dairies, some supermarkets and service stations.[/quote]

Ok first things first, it was from Massey University!!!!!

Second, complete bollocks. I have never been “triggered” into buying cigarettes by the display at the corner dairy.

HTFU is my advice to smokers in a trance marching toward the counter to order their chosen death-stick.

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C&R councillors cool on warming

C&R councillors cool on warmingA commitment to combat climate change has gone the same way as social housing and lost favour with the new Citizens & Ratepayers council.
City Vision leader Richard Northey says C&R leader David Hay has his head in the sand on…
[Auckland News]

Excellent, good stuff C&R. Put this socialist clap-trap to bed once and for all.

Global Warming, "Climate Change" and all the other bullshit names that the Chicken Little's come up with to make us quake in fear is nothing more than the biggest lie.

Al Gore, is nothing but proven liar, he won't even debate Viscount Monckton. The science is increasingly being proven to be anything other than what the Warmists claim is settled.

Ditch the policy. Good boys.?


First Cricket and now Lopez

Another dog-day afternoon for Nicky – 27 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news
The woman can't look after dogs. First she lost Cricket and now she has lost her replacement horse dog Lopez.

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