Does Nicky tell the truth when he is in court? Or in his books?

Over the past couple of days we have seen Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson admit they got the location wrong.

They insist everything else is correct though. We shouldn’t worry that despite claiming they fact checked and double checked and cross referenced everything, they still got the location of the village wrong.

It matters not that in every single book he’s written there have been material mistruths, there were multiple ones in Dirty Politics.

However, now a number of people are raising some rather pertinent questions about the veracity of anything Nicky Hager says.

Jim Rose has revealed via an Official Information Act request that Nicky Hager never put his rather serious allegations to the Ministry of Defence, the Minister or indeed the Army or the NZSAS themselves.

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DOC admits to substantial 1080 by-kill

Source/ Facebook

Source/ Facebook

Simply put, DOC rationalise continued 1080 use on the basis that it kills more pests than it does non-target species, and the resulting environment then encourages those species to recover ‘faster’.

New Zealand’s biggest pest poisoning programme killed 95 per cent of the rats it went after and more evidence shows forests are better off after 1080 drops, scientists say.

The New Zealand Ecological Society 2015 Conference is being held at the University of Canterbury this week and one focus is on the use and effects of 1080, or sodium fluoroacetate.

The toxin has been widely used for pest control in New Zealand since the 1950s – possums are a target because they spread tuberculosis – but critics say it kills more than just pests.

Last year the Department of Conservation carried out its largest poisoning operation, largely 1080 drops over 680,000 hectares, in response to a one-in-15-year beech mast season which would have fuelled a pest population explosion. Read more »


Conservation is all about killing things

The liberal elites think hunting is evil…because people like me kill things and eat them.

Despite these attitudes, they also agree with tonnes of 1080 being dumped into our forests, lakes and streams…in order to kill things. At least I am eating my kill.

The bottom line though is every=thing I shoot, kill, and eat is introduced and a pest…someone has to do it.

We all need to do our part.

New Yorker has an article about New Zealand and our desire to rid ourselves of these introduced pests.

In the days?perhaps weeks?it had spent in the trap, the stoat had lost most of its fur, so it looked as if it had been flayed. Its exposed skin was the deep, dull purple of a bruise, and it was coated in an oily sheen, like a sausage. Stoat traps are often baited with eggs, and this one contained an empty shell. Kevin Adshead, who had set the trap, poked at the stoat with a screwdriver. It writhed and squirmed, as if attempting to rise from the dead. Then it disgorged a column of maggots.

?Look at those teeth,? Adshead said, pointing with his screwdriver at the decomposing snout.

Adshead, who is sixty-four, lives about an hour north of Auckland. He and his wife, Gill, own a thirty-five-hundred-acre farm, where for many years they raised cows and sheep. About a decade ago, they decided they?d had enough of farming and left to do volunteer work in the Solomon Islands. When they returned, they began to look at the place differently. They noticed that many of the trees on the property, which should have been producing cascades of red flowers around Christmastime, instead were stripped bare. That was the work of brushtail possums. To save the trees, the Adsheads decided to eliminate the possums, a process that involved dosing them with cyanide.? Read more »

Miniature socialist weasels?

One of the gang of baby weasels discovered at a quarantine facility. Photo / Supplied

One of the gang of baby weasels discovered at a quarantine facility. Photo / Supplied

A “gang of baby weasels” have been discovered dead in a container.

For a moment there I thought that it was a tragedy for a bunch of Young Labour people travelling to the next labour leadership debate.

A gang of baby weasels has been discovered in a container of tyres recently arrived from Malaysia.

They were discovered at a transitional quarantine facility in Te Rapa, Hamilton, by a port worker last month. ? Read more »

World’s 7th best Mayor gives us a lesson in weasel words

Len Brown is, apparently, the world’s 7th top mayor, has given us a top-notch lesson in weasel words today, which probably goes a long to understanding just how he managed to get such a top placing.

Mr Brown said in a statement yesterday that legal costs had reduced since the 2010 amalgamation of councils. Prudent financial management across the Auckland Council organisation had also seen proposed rate increases fall for the third year in a row, the council’s international credit ratings upheld, and forecast savings and efficiencies of $1.7 billion across the 10 years of the current long-term plan.

Look at that…the legal costs for Watercare are a massive $10,000 per day, but legal costs across all of the city are supposedly down…and his rates hikes are described as falling…I mean WTF!

How on earth can you describe rates increases of the maximum,?artificially?and arbitrarily set 10% falling.

Pure weasel words. It is time we had some weasel stomping.? Read more »


I don’t hold much faith in insurance companies, especially a certain life company in Carlton Gore Road.

Most insurance companies are weasels and yesterday that was proved out in the High Court.

The Government faces a potential bill of hundreds of million dollars more for the Christchurch earthquakes after a declaratory court judgement found in favour of insurers over the Earthquake Commission.

The judgement was sought to clarify whether the repeated Christchurch earthquakes ?would “reset” the amount of liability covered by the EQC.

The court found that the EQC’s $100,000 cap for buildings and $20,000 cover for contents was continuous cover, so it would be reinstated after each quake.

The court found that, with slight alteration to the wording, it favoured the? proposition that: “Neither the occurrence of, nor the making of a claim for an event of natural disaster damage, reduces the amount of cover available for a subsequent event of natural disaster damage at any time either prior to or on payment of a claim for the first event.”

But the EQC would be entitled, on payment of a claim, to an extra levy payment for the period between the first claim and the date the insurance policy expired.

If I was the government I’d teach these weasels a real good lesson by changing the legislation and placing some very tight controls on their industry. They take billions in premiums, and in the case of AMI they under cut the market, then along comes an event that they are supposed to cover and the pricks run off to the courts to avoid paying out. Weasels.

Catching Weasels

Nicola Vallance was the “face of DoC”. Her role at DoC was the national media adviser. What follows is an incredible 20 days that ended up with Forest and Bird uncovering complex details of National’s plans to investigate mining in DoC controlled lands. You join the dots and see if you end up where I do. Thankfully being a media and social media savvy whiz-kid Nicola left the trail for me to follow.

Feb22 1850: Nicola Vallance resigns from her beloved DoC job as national media advisor. (Original Tweet deleted)

Nicola Vallance resigns 22 February 2010

Feb23 1550: Re-tweets resignation

Nicola Vallance tweets resignation again

Nicola Vallance tweets resignation again

Feb24 1932: Tells John Campbell she has resigned from DoC

Mar5 0940: Signs contract with Forest and Bird

Mar9 09:19: Slags off Government and links to Greenpeace press release while on the public service payroll

Nicola Vallance slags off Government while on DoC Payroll

Nicola Vallance slags off Government while on DoC Payroll

Mar12: Nicola Vallance finishes up at DoC.

Nicola Vallance last day at DoC

Nicola Vallance last day at DoC

Mar13: Just a day after leaving DoC ODT is running a story about her.

Mar15: Forest and Bird “uncovers” Government mining plans. Their website actually released the details on Mar 14, just two days after Nicola Vallance left DoC.

Forest and Bird reveals Government mining plans | Forest and Bird

Of course they know, the former national media advisor of DoC now works for them.

Mar16 2022: Having a skite about ODT article about her leaving DoC. Boy they covered that real quick, she only left on the Friday and an article is all ready to go on Tuesday.

She had the weekend off and voila on her first day at Forest and Bird they miraculously “uncover” the governments mining plans. Well I wonder how they did that?

This is perhaps a case of joining dots, or circumstances matching rather too nicely but one can’t help but draw the conclusion that either the dots all line up or it is a total coincidence that the chain of events exactly match her leaving DoC. I am sure? she was a civil servant of the highest integrity though.

Fortunately too we know exactly how to handle the situation of a former civil servant working for any organisation in receipt of public monies. Pete Hodgson provided just such a template in March, 2000 when dealing with Kit Richards.

Forest and Bird is nothing short of a political lobby group and as such should not receive even one cent of government funding. (In 2009 they received more than $750,000 in Government Grants, according to their annual return registered at the Charities Commission)