Wendy Petrie

TVNZ Gets a dose of the Pallywood blues

Missiles, rockets… all the same right? Just minor details for a newsreader, no real need for specifics when reading an auto queue right? Wrong. ?Right on queue our very own One News breathlessly repeats dramatised footage and incorrect details of the conflict in Gaza instead of digging deep and doing their own spade work to bring you the best and unbiased news.

Repeater news is always a problem for both the news networks, and the people that view their stories. A: because the networks look silly when they get holes picked in their shameless parroting, and B: because the average Joe Bloggs gets fed a steaming pile of processed rye grass and is none the wiser when taking everything at face value. Blood sells, and the details that stick in peoples minds are the blood, trauma, the raw emotion and the outrage of such visually dramatic footage in front of their very eyes. What people miss are the less significantly obvious but no less important details that really do piece together what is going on. Quite often a story is delivered surrounded by commentary that doesn’t quite match what is visually captured.

Last night One News ran a story on the conflict in Gaza and Israel, more specifically “children hit by missiles in a playground“, unfortunately Wendy Petrie‘s repeating didn’t quite match the story by a foreign journalist that was reporting the story. As the reporter stated the attack was by rockets not missiles, and therein lies the crucial point of difference. Read more »

Privatising Protection and The Economics of Female Genital Mutilation

One thing for sure that can be said about the Labour candidates for selection in Mt Albert is that they sure are right-wing. Phil Goff is moving fast to stamp his authority on the party and this is a good thing really too see Labour moving rapidly to the right.

DPF has released the second document that we discovered about Privatising Protection. A document written while David Shearer was working for Phil Goff. In it he sggests that;

When people in the world’s conflict zones need protecting, it is the United Nations which is most frequently charged with ‘doing something’. Often short of soldiers, it should be given another option, to call on professional military companies to provide human security – for a fee.

The idea is not without merit and it is admirable that Phil Goff has personally selected a candidate of such high calibre and with clear right-wing credentials. The only thing that nags at the back of my mind is perhaps David Shearer is an ACT Party sleeper agent coming active for a reverse takeover of Labour.

Another candidate with apparent good right-wing credentials has been revealed by Dave at Big News who says;

the candidate who is named after a Christian radio station: Rhema Vaithianathan. She’s written a journal on the Economics of Female Genital Cutting which you can download here. In the article she argues that female genital cutting is a pre-marital investment associated with better marital outcomes. Which has got to be good for social and economic policy.

Outstanding. I don’t know what is more embarrassing for Phil Goff. Forgeting the name of your ally or having potential candidates that advocate for the privatisation of the army and the employment of mercenaries for peacekeeping and another than has studied the Ecomonics of Female Genital Mutilation.