Western Guard

The anti-fascist groups in Auckland must be thrilled

It is tough being an anti-fascist these days. It is hard to get respect for the war on Nazis when New Zealand lacks any clear targets for your violent rhetoric. The recent Anti-Nazi rally in Auckland was a big flop thanks to both the rain and a distinct lack of Nazis to bash.

To be fair anti-fascists did manage to?label a European Culture group at Auckland University fascists and white supremacists on the most flimsy of evidence and they did manage to close them down with death threats and threats of violence. But what do you do when you are all about fighting Nazis and there are none to be fought? Luckily for the Auckland anti-fascist group out of nowhere, an enemy appeared for them to fight and conveniently posted their White supremacist posters all over Auckland University (co-incidentally the anti-fascist group’s favourite hunting ground.)

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