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H2 is going too

Haere ra Helen and HeatherGood luck to Helen Clark who leaves New Zealand today to head the United Nations Development Programme, though it is the UNDP that might need the luck. By all accounts it needs some strong management and leadership. First task might… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good riddance should be Audrey Young’s epithet to Helen Clark not Good Luck. As an added bonus Heather Simpson is going with Helen to New York.

Excellent to mendacious, manipulative bitches gone in one go.

Random Rude Questions

  1. Peter and Helen, Peter and Chris, and….Darren Hughes?
  2. Is it just plain weird?
  3. Do we really care where Helen is?
  4. By the way where in the world is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemployed of no fixed abode?
  5. Do we care about him either?
  6. Why is it always the Cooks?
  7. I wonder what Ron Mark is up to?
  8. Didn’t we use to hang pirates?
  9. Should we start doing it again?
  10. Doesn’t Mike Williams have the hide of a Rhino and the manners of a pig?
  11. Why hasn’t he resigned yet?
  12. Why hasn’t he been fired?
  13. Did this guy pay his dealer?
  14. Do you think he will now?

Student Allowance – A Cynical Bribe

Labour’s election bribe to middle and upper income kids with their universal student allowance has flopped. Voters aren’t as dumb as Helen and Michael would like them to be.

The Stuff online survey shows a resounding rejection of this bribe.

Labour stuffed

Helen Clark disgusts me

My Mate Skippy

Apology to Vietnam veterans for unfair post-war treatmentThe Government will publicly apologise to Vietnam War veterans and their families, recognising the servicemen were not treated fairly when they returned from war.
The apology, which will be made in Parliament on Wednesday, was…
[NZ Politics]

Last night on TV, Tim Shadbolt “proudly” walking with the protesters and police at Bastion Point.

This wanker was also the same “proud” protester that spat in the face of my mate as he stood on parade.

My mate though said that he fought in Vietnam so that wankers like Tim Shadbolt can spit in the faces of soldiers. Nevertheless in any culture spitting is the ultimate in insults.

I expect Helen will grovel eloquently as Kevin Rudd has in his apologies to the aborigines. On Holmes this morning she has been “banging on” about the Labour Government brought the troops back from Vietnam.

So they’re the good guys is the inference.

This sickened me for a number of reasons. The first being that this disingenuous bitch was front and centre chucking paint and spitting at these brave men as part of the communist funded Progressive Youth Movement along with Phil Goff, who ironically is now our Defence Minister. The second and most important reason that helen Clark sickens me is that she is now using the apology for political gain. Yes that’s right she the paint thrower and spitter on soldiers is making political gain from the apology for how badly treated they were treated.

Not only that, she lied. That’s right she lied about who brought the troops home. They left Vietnam in 1971, Whiskey Three Company went in November 1970, the SAS Troop and 161 Battery followed in February and May 1971 respectively, and Victor Six Company and the tri-service medical team left with the 1st Australian Task Force in December 1971, ending New Zealand’s combat involvement in the Vietnam War. Norman Kirks government wasn’t elected until 1972 and the only troops left in Vietnam at that stage were training teams and the New Zealand headquarters in Saigon. For her to say that the Labour government brought the troops home is disingenuous at the very least, more accurately it was an outrght lie, and she knows it.

Did they get so badly treated because “they lost the war”? No because when they returned the war was all but over, the North had been beaten and the peace treaty was signed. The North invaded again and broke the peace treaty once the majority of US and allied troops withdrew and the South Vietnamese army succumbed without the steel of those allied troops.

Why was this country so proud to uphold a despotic regime? Best ask Phil and Helen and Tim and Keith.

It’s all very sad for the Vietnam Vets and I’m saddened for them.

Helen acts like African Dictator

Sideswipe: Tuesday – 17 Jul 2007 – Sideswipe – New Zealand Herald

As if her speeding through the countryside in a cavalcade wasn’t a bad look Helen has now resorted to making herself look even worse. Check out this story in Sideswipe today.
[quote]A reader writes: “On Friday 13 I was parked in Birdwood Cres, Parnell, talking to a friend. At 10.45am a large white limousine swept up and parked, angled across the road. Out hopped a large lady driver who opened the rear left door and returned to stand at attention by the driver’s door. No one was in the rear of the car but a large collection of dry cleaning or clothing purchases were hanging on the rear hook. Immediately afterwards another large silver car screeched to a halt at an even worse traffic-blocking angle behind the limo and out charged two dark-suited and sunglassed young men. One raced to station himself by the opened rear door of the limo and the other ran over and positioned himself by the entrance to Jane Daniels – an upmarket purveyor of ladies’ frocks. A serious shopping expedition was under way by someone who thought themselves very important. I wanted to leave, but was totally blocked by this VIP gathering. The men in dark glasses ignored my protestations until suddenly, from the frock shop, emerged our fearless leader Helen with no parcels but dressed in her signatory red and black. She swanned into the limo, which was still blocking the street, and after both cars executed a series of complicated, rapid reverse manoeuvres, raced off. I know we are no longer allowed to make fun of our politicians but this was ridiculous. Who the hell does she think she is?”[/quote]

In case you hadn’t realised, Helen thinks she our Benevolent Dear Leader, President for Life.

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Yesterday was National Coming Out Day

Aparrently yesterday was National Coming Out Day.

Did domeone forget to tell Helen, Peter and Judith?